34 thoughts on “**RETIRE** IN 9 YEARS w/ Rental Property!

  1. Anybody watching, pay close attention to when you are saving what. It does not add up. You must have found a time machine as Day 1 and year one don't appear to have any time to go by and when year 2 in your video comes around the person already does the third time 20+ ka savings investment. What you try to describe with these nice numbers is ok, but faking it this way is not credible

  2. 9 years to retirement? 22 national debt, social security bubble, treasury bonds bubble, currency bubble, housing bubble, auto loan bubble, student debt bubble, commercial real estate bubble and much more. Companies have used 5 trillion to buy back their shares to make them look good on the stock markets that way they can keep sucking people in before in implodes. Real estate is at its peak just like in 2007. Next year they will drop the hammer but this time their is no bailouts, or stimulus. Bail-in laws take effect which means say goodbye to your retirements, savings, 401ks and safety deposits. You will get a nice little peace of paper that said IOU on it. Maybe they will give you some stock shares. LOL!! You cant see 9 years ahead and all I know is that the American economy is unsustainable. It's just a matter of time.

  3. What states are you investing in real estate? In my state you won’t find a 100 k “unit”, if “unit” equates to a single family home.

  4. so the property i buy first year, i still have to pay that off, which bank is giving loan for next year if your previous loan is not paid off?

  5. We invest in Michigan and 100k/unit is definitely realistic. Ignore the haters! Let them keep trying to invest in CA 🙂

  6. Great video. Thanks for the information. My wife and I have about 80K saved up and we’re planning to buy a duplex. Would you suggest saving a bit more and buying in cash or putting as little down as possible and taking out a mortgage? I’m from WI and know the properties under 100K that you’re talking about well. Just not sure of the best way to use our savings to get as many units as possible. Any input?

  7. Can I invest out of state even though I don't have yet my own house in California? Not looking to move out of California ever.

  8. Brother 20% roi? Putting 700k ? On 4million ? What about debt ? Whate your holding period? Whow keep your proforma ? No deprecation? I'm not hating but you give very vague information for uneducated market investors. Be more classy buddy. Keep investing in your b and c class market

  9. I've heard from several sources that it's not advised to buy rental properties far from your home. I'm near the Bay Area of California. The only way I'd make money is if I bought it outright with cash. The problem there is I would lose liquidity in trade for a projected income. One recession would be painful and expensive.

  10. These figures need to be bumped up for us Californians. We need to start this at approximately $80k. Then the same formula applies.
    You need a better marker, but good job. Midwest investors should definitely follow

  11. I've been in this type of business for 18 years in Los Angeles County. Not even worth my time to comment on this.

  12. Rental property only works when you have folks who can make the monthly payment. When the next recession hits, and it will, thanks to the FED, you better have some serious reserves at hand.

  13. $100, 000 Jajajaja this guy is crazy with that money you’re lucky if you buy a old Mobil home here in Cali, I just find out I wasted 10 minutes of my life watching this cheap video

  14. I can’t even w this video! First off if you miraculous find 100k property you’ll spend 100k more fixing it, and your rents would be low!! So you’ll make little to no money, and 20k what about escrow and who’s gonna give you a loan w zero left in the bank after spending you’re only 20k, you’re not gonna save enough to buy another property the next year, also your 5 unit is a commercial property and you’ll need more like 45% down lol sorry but what in the? Lol you should prob delete this

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