Research Your Investment Property Goldmine Area In 60 Seconds | Buy To Let UK Tips

Research Your Investment Property Goldmine Area In 60 Seconds | Buy To Let UK Tips

If you’re looking to buy an investment property,
let me give you a really quick and easy way that you can determine supply and demand regardless
of whether you’re looking to flip the property or rent it out for the long term. Hi there, my name’s Tony Law from Your First
Four Houses. My challenge is all about helping you get to investment property number four
as quickly as possible and hopefully before you go grey like me. Let me jump onto Right
Move and let me show you exactly how you can determine supply or demand regardless of whether
you’re buying or renting. Let’s suppose we want to compare three different
towns that are close to each other, Yoville, Salisbury and Weymouth. We’d start by going
on to Right Move and these are properties that we’re going to buy and flip, for example.
We would type in the first one which is Yoville in Somerset and click on search. Now we’re
going to make these all three bedroom properties that we’re looking for and we’re going to
tick houses as well. Then we click on find properties. You can see here we got 67 properties
that are available and on the market to potentially buy today. We go into that in the available box and then
we go back and we’re now going to click on the filters and we’re going to click on include
under offers sold subject to contract. You can see that the number now changes to 160
and so we’re going to enter that below. That then gives us a percentage return, 41.8%.
How we’ve got that is we’ve taken the number of available properties, 67, we divided that
by 160 and then we multiplied the result by 100 and that gives us a percentage return
of 41.8%. Let’s just quickly do these other two properties … so there we go. Although there may be lots
of other factors, clearly Salisbury is where there’s a better percentage ratio for us.
I’d suggest that buying a three bedroom house in Salisbury is probably going to move quicker
than buying a three bedroom house in Weymouth. Please don’t forget this works regardless
of whether you’re buying or renting the property. You’d still work the numbers in exactly the
same way. Crucially, please don’t forget, that this supply or demand is actually just
one measure of whether you should be looking to invest in the area. There’s obviously a
whole wealth of different things that you should really be considering. Obviously supply
or demand is going to be one of the big ones. I really hope that you found that helpful.
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Four Houses. I really hope you enjoyed this one and I’ll look forward to seeing you in
the next video. Thank you.

17 thoughts on “Research Your Investment Property Goldmine Area In 60 Seconds | Buy To Let UK Tips

  1. Excellent presentation, very clear and simple instructions and your videos are motivating me in my quest to becoming a property investor, one day! Thank you ever so much! Keep em coming!!

  2. So simple and followed up with your "Is this a good place to invest" video you've just made my initial area research easy and very quick. As this is cyberspace sadly I can only offer you a virtual 🍻… cheers

  3. Hi Tony, Hope that you're well. I was watching this video again and wondered if the same type of calculation could be adjusted slightly to know the rental demands in a particular area???

  4. Hi Tony, your videos are great, would be good if you could explain why salisbury would be the best place to buy with more details.
    many thanks.

  5. Nice, breezy video, with clear content. Yeah, obviously, ease of access might be another consideration, or if you were doing R2R, you may want to look for 4/5 bedroomed houses, rather than 3B houses. Thanks for the vid !

  6. Thanks Tony, if I were to calculate the ratio for rental how would I get access for properties that's been let out on Right move please?

  7. Hi Tony. Thank you So much for the knowledge. It's very helpful. Is this calculation applicable in other Real Estate markets like for e.g Africa?

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