Real Estate YouTube Channels and How to Grow Them

Real Estate YouTube Channels and How to Grow Them

– Most of the Internet is video and there’s more video on YouTube than anywhere else on the planet. Let me show you real estate
agents and entrepreneur types why you need to be on YouTube and how you can generate business, that means make money
with your YouTube channel. Oh, and if you stick around
to the end of the video I’m gonna tell you a dirty
little secret about YouTube. – I must know. (upbeat music) – Hey I’m Trevor, Hollywood editor turned full-time real estate agent. Go ahead and subscribe
right now and tap the bell so you don’t miss out on future content so you can learn how to make
money with your YouTube channel and with your videos on Facebook. Like for example, one of
my students Rich Brecklin, the other day he posted
a video on Facebook, he got 37,000 views on Facebook in a week and the next day he was
showing a house to a buyer who he’s working with right now. This stuff works. So, subscribe. First, let’s talk about why
you need to be on YouTube if you are a business owner and especially a real estate agent. You might be thinking, Trevor all the people that
buy houses, all the old people they’re on Facebook. And dude Facebook is a killer platform. I’m on there every day. The guy I just mentioned Rich Brecklin, he’s killing it on Facebook and YouTube. You may be on both channels but here’s something
that you may not know, Facebook is not a search engine. You post a video on Facebook
and it’s gonna generate leads and business for
you for a week or two very max usually just a couple days but YouTube is a search engine. The second largest search engine on earth owned by numero uno, that’s right Google. If you can please the Google gods you’re gonna have a lot of business. Let me show you something. If you open up a private
window and incognito window in your browser and you go to YouTube and you type in simi real
estate market update, about 26 of the top 40
search results are me, stuff from my channel. And the only actual channel that’s found in the search result is mine, Jones Home Collective
that’s around number 40 when I first did this search. Channels can be found when
you search in YouTube as well. You want your channel to be dialed in so you are the person that is found when people are searching
for real estate and homes and related items in your market. Unlike Facebook YouTube truly is – The gift that keeps on
giving the whole year. – When you post a video on
YouTube you get views today, you get views in a year. And if it’s a searchable video, something people are actually looking for then provides value five years from now you
can still be getting views on that video. Views are great but what do views do? They establish you as the local authority and they get you more sales, more business so the work you do today isn’t wasted but it keeps on giving you value. You become almost like a local celebrity. Wouldn’t you want to be that guy? Speaking of if you wanna become that guy, I’ve got a free one-hour
webinar for real estate agents about growing your business with video. How you can make six figures
as a real estate agent without making cold calls. Go ahead and click that link
below to check it out for free. The bottom line is this, with a dialed in YouTube
real estate channel you can be generating business
and leads in your sleep and YouTube is free. But how do you do it? I mean there’s a lot of people that have set up YouTube channels that don’t do anything for them cause they’re doing it wrong. It takes a little bit of effort. Let me show you what to do. First of all, you actually
need a YouTube channel. Most agents probably don’t
even have a YouTube channel so just get one. You’re be light years ahead
of most of your competition. If you don’t know how to
set up a YouTube channel, the very basics basics
I’ve got a video on that right up there, check it out. You should probably watch that first. It’ll get you started including how to create a Gmail account and go from ground zero. If you know nothing you’re
very beginner beginner, check that video out. As you guys know, I’m
kind of a YouTube freak. I love to learn and YouTube
is my favorite school. According to my iPhone I was on YouTube for over six hours last week. How long did you spend
on YouTube last week? Go ahead and post that in the
comments below, I’m curious. Once you have created a channel you want to dial it in for
success so it is discoverable just like videos and playlists are. There are several places
you can make that happen. Do this and you will be light
years ahead of the competition cause most people don’t do it
at all or they do it wrong. When somebody lands on your channel they should immediately
know within like two seconds that this is the channel that’s
gonna answer my questions. This is where I wanna be. And it all starts with your channel art. That’s the banner at the
top of your YouTube channel. If you’re brand new to this, you may not realize this
but your YouTube channel is gonna be viewed on
many different devices. Whether it’s an iPhone
or a Samsung or a tablet or a laptop, desktop, also you can watch
YouTube on your television and the channel art’s gonna look different on each of those devices. So, you have to make sure that
it looks good on every device and that our templates
that help you do that, plus I talked about that a little bit in that prior video I mentioned. Much more importantly than that however it is that your channel
art conveys exactly what your channel is about. So, people know, oh this is
the channel that gives me all the information I need to know about living in this community. This guy is the local
expert on this stuff. So, you need to really figure out what your value proposition is. There’s entire courses you
could take about determining what your value proposition is but if you’re a real estate agent you got thousands of other
agents probably in your market that are competition. Why should they use you
instead of somebody else? Your channel needs to portray that. Here’s the channel art for this channel which is for realtors. I tried to make really clear
that by watching this channel you’ll learn to create better videos so you can sell more houses. Pretty crystal clear, I think. You wanna do that for
your real estate channel so people know exactly
what they’re getting when they’re on your channel. You’ve gotta figure out what’s
your value proposition is, what sets you apart from everybody else, what your expert in. Maybe your the luxury real estate agent or maybe you’re the one
with horse properties or mountain properties
or maybe you’re catering as one of my students in
my class recently mentioned to older couples that are scaling down. Maybe you’re the agent for millennials, maybe you’re the agent that
is all over video like me and you deliver value because
you’re all over social media and get their household
faster than anybody else. You’ve gotta figure out
what that is for you and make that super clear
in your channel art. You of course also wanna make
sure that your channel art contains your logo and your branding. The next section you wanna
dial in is the about section. This section gives you a paragraph or two to convey exactly why
people should use you just like your channel art does but this time you gotta use
words and especially keywords that people in your market
might be searching for. Keep it genuine, speak like you would talk
to a human not to a computer but you want to actually do
a little keyword research and figure out what are people
in your market searching for and put those words in your about section. That helps your channel get found as well. Don’t skip that cause everybody else does. Don’t skip it. Next, you want a sweet profile picture. That’s this picture right here. And my wife tells me I
need to replace this one. She was a photographer
before she was a realtor and I still don’t have a great photo that I should put there. Lila hook me up man take, can you do anything with this? Your profile picture needs
to be a picture of you, a tight photograph of your face. My mom hates it when I talk with my hands but I’m Italian, partially and so is she. She talks with hands too. Should I stop? Should I just put on my lap? Sorry, if you’ve ever heard of the book Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon there’s a link for it
down there, you should, it talks about these seven
elements of a successful company and one of them is having a leader. If you’re a real estate
agent, you’re that leader and people wanna see your face. It should be a smiley happy face that people wanna be friends with. People look at that and go, that’s somebody I wanna be friends with not like, that’s an ax murderer. You want that the happy friendly face, Don’t get too cool because you know depending on her demographic but smiley happy face, dial it in, put in a killer, may be killer’s a wrong word, a friendly, tight, happy profile picture. By the way you should use
the same profile picture on every social media platform whether it’s on Instagram,
Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ doesn’t exist, Facebook,
everywhere else, Pinterest, it should be the same profile picture so people know when
they land on your stuff it’s all consistently
branded with the same photo, the same colors, the same logo. Next, you wanna dial in your playlists. Playlists are simply
lists of related videos put maybe five or seven
videos in each category. Once you get them cranking,
you might have categories about the cost of living in your area or the best things about your area or your favorite restaurants in an area. You can create playlists about anything. Did you know that you can
title and tag your playlists with searchable keywords? Do some keyword research and
title and tag your playlists so that they are found
in the search result. Remember I said earlier that
videos, channels and playlists are all discoverable on YouTube. So, take the time to do this right guys nobody else I promise you like nobody else in your market that’s a real
estate agent is doing this. One thing you really wanna
dial in is your branding, the look and feel so when somebody lands
on your YouTube channel they land on a video,
they see a thumbnail, they immediately know
that, oh that’s Trevor. It’s gotta scream Trevor. Like on this channel
I’ve tried to do that. I’ve got that purple pink
kind of feel going on. I’ve got the same kind
of thumbnails going on. I use the same font. These are things you want
to have very consistent on your YouTube channel and across all of your
social media platforms. If you’re not good at the kind of stuff, it’s worth having somebody on fiver or up worker somewhere else help you out if you’re not great at design. For me, I actually had somebody design five thumbnail templates for me that I kind of rotate through
now and I just tweak them out. That’s super helpful for
me to stay consistent and keep my thumbnails up to snuff. Having your YouTube channel
dialed in with all the steps I just mentioned is huge but
it’s not gonna matter at all if you don’t put out awesome content. Here’s an entire playlist on
how to create better content. Super important, I suggest
you watch all of those and dial in your videos
so they’re watchable. I mentioned this a little bit before but the most important thing you should do before creating any video
is doing keyword research. You can use tools like Keywords
Everywhere and TubeBuddy, there’s links for those below that’ll help you choose keywords that people are actually searching for. Not gonna cover that in this video but that’s something you
wanna get really good at. Last week I put a video
out on exploiting YouTube and specifically in that video I talked about the YouTube algorithm and how much thumbnails
and titles have to do with making your channel grow. Getting people to click
on your videos is massive. You need to watch that video right now and make sure that your
thumbnails and titles are completely dialed in because if people see your thumbnails and they’re not clicking on them, your channel’s not gonna grow. You can have the best video in the world but if they’re not clicking on it, nobody’s nobody’s gonna
know it’s a good video. So, you’ve gotta dial it in. So, watch that video up there as soon as you’re done with this one. And what’s that dirty little secret I promised at the beginning of this video? You don’t need 100,000,000
subscribers like – Peter Pan – To completely crush it in real estate. You’re a local realtor. I just picked up a commission
check literally today for $22,000 for one sale. I didn’t need 1,000,000
views on my YouTube channel to get that just needed one. So, if you’re putting out
videos and you’re frustrated, like Trevor I’m getting like
five or ten view on my videos. I mean A, in the beginning
that’s all you’re gonna get and B, it only takes one to sell a house and have a killer commission check so don’t get frustrated. You’re not trying to have
a massive YouTube channel. You don’t need that to completely
annihilate the competition which I know that your goal, it’s to have a successful career. I’ll say more PC in real estate. You just gotta put out
consistent regular great content and people will see you
as a local celebrity, they will see you as a local expert and they will say, hey bro. Come list my house. I probably shouldn’t say this next part. It’s not PC and my wife gets mad when I go a little bit unfiltered but if you’re a brand
new real estate agent, you may not realize that most real estate agents kind of suck. They don’t give great service, they stick a sign on the
ground when they get a listing, take some iPhone photos, price it too high and just wait for it to sell. If you give incredible service
you’re going to stand out way above everybody else
and have more business than you know what to do with. You’re gonna have the six
and seven figure business just by putting in
solid consistent effort, giving awesome service,
thinking of your client first instead of yourself and putting out sweet video content is just gonna be fuel for the fire. You’ll have more business
than you know what to do with because really you have no competition. For more free YouTube tutorials hit that playlist right there, go ahead and subscribe
so you don’t miss out on future content and go ahead and smash that like button because it’s really
good for my self-esteem and I’m really kind of shy. And also I got a question. How much do you wanna
earn in the next 12 months as a real estate agent? What do you want your GCI to be? You go ahead and post that
in the comments below. I can’t out wait to see the
stories you have to share.

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  1. Another awesome video! How are you doing keyword research for your area? Or I guess a better question would be how do you know what people are searching for in your area? Keep up the great content!👊

  2. Hey Trevor 👋Apparently, I watch Youtube on my Mac (not my phone), unlike our 5 year old, so I can't tell you how much time I spent here last week, but I will tell you I plan on making $350,000 next year (2020). Slainte! ☘️

  3. Trevor you are a PRO! Hollywood editor turned Real Estate agent! You're awesome. I think too many real estate agents don't use the power of Youtube. The Google Gods 😂 Great tips on setting up a channel. Ahhhh yeah how do people not get this branding thing?? Love this video Trevor!

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