Real estate niches | Your ideal customer profile {2019}

Real estate niches | Your ideal customer profile {2019}

Yes! Thank you, ok. You know I bought
this really awesome microphone and I have been using it very well and then on
Friday my computer completely died I was so sad all of the videos that I’ve
already recorded and put in iMovie ready to go computer so I had to take my
computer to the Apple store to get fixed I’m working off of my laptop means all
my equipment is funky so yay. Alex still out here and Mary thank you thank you
thank you okay so for those of you that have already taken my YouTube for Agents
course this is stuff that you probably already know but for everybody else who
has not done that welcome thank you very much for joining me. for those of you
that do not know me my name is Karin Carr. I am a Realtor in Savannah Georgia. I am
getting the majority of my business from my youtube channel I am all about
YouTube this is how I generate leads I do not call people for two hours a day I
do not do open houses I do not door knock I don’t call fizzbuzz and expireds
I don’t do all that stuff I don’t like it and quite frankly I don’t think that
people want to be cold called in this day and age nobody wants to get sales
calls so why would I do that I don’t want to do it they don’t want to get it
so I make a youtube video and they call me instead
every single person that I talk to that calls me from YouTube or sends me an
email from YouTube wants to talk to me so I’m gonna teach you a little bit
about finding your target audience finding your niche and then how to make
videos that will appeal to those people I think I’m just gonna leave this up on
the screen I hope it’s not in the way I’m just gonna leave it up in case
people doing late and then after a while I’ll get rid of it so cool cool cool
we’re gonna talk about how to identify your niche and then how to make videos
to attract those people so for those of you that have been in a real estate for
a while assuming that you’re not a brand new agent and that you haven’t closed
any deals yet I want you to think about the last the last year all the
transactions that you’ve closed in the last year who did you enjoy working with
the most think of the people that you had a really fun transit
when it was closed you felt like you were part of their family or you became
good friends with them and you’re hanging out with them now socially what
did those people have in common were they single moms
were they in the military were they empty nesters whose kids have all moved
out of the house and they’re downsizing where they’re just they’re like little
grandparents and you they’ve taken you under their wing and become part of
their family start to think if there was a theme going on where there were same
type of clients and you enjoyed working with those people
there is a popping sound though I the popping sound is everyone typing oh oh
God for those of us that are technology challenged I love that kind of stuff
okay so we’re thinking about who we’ve enjoyed working with when I moved to
Savannah and I was new here I decided that my niche was going to be military
my husband was in the Air Force for 10 or 12 years he loved it we were very
entrenched with going to the BX and shopping at the commissary and going to
the doctor at the military hospital on base all that kind of stuff I decided I
wanted to work with military people therefore I was going to make videos
speaking to that target audience now does that mean that you’re not going to
get other clients no this is the thing that’s so interesting I’ve heard it said
then the riches are in the niches you think that by making your target
audience very focused and narrow that you’re gonna alienate everyone else and
that’s just not true I attract tons of people with my YouTube channel that are
not in the military but by me making videos that where I’m speaking
specifically to those people I am very focused in what I’m talking
about I attract those people but then I
attract lots of other people too so let’s figure out what are some good
niches if you are a mom with small children and you’re active and
the mom groups on Facebook and you’re talking about cloth diapering and I
don’t know all that kind of stuff would you like working with other young
moms would you like working with that specific demographic let’s say that they
are they’re either first-time iers or maybe they bought a condo when they were
newlyweds and had no kids but now they have a dog and they’ve got two kids and
they want a house of the yard and they want to go live in the suburbs they want
to sell their condo and buy a house would that be a good niche for you heck
yeah to be a good niche for you if you really like there’s a guy in our group
that works with he calls it right sizing people that are not necessarily
downsizing although most of the time that’s probably the case but they’re
getting rid of the McMansion and they’re buying a property that is just big
enough for their needs they’re getting rid of all their crap
that we accumulate over the years and he is helping them to live within their
means and not try to keep up with the Joneses that’s Jeff Underwood by the way
who’s doing that niche and that’s a great niche because then you think okay
so now I know exactly who my audience is what sort of topics could I talk about
that will appeal to that person so the first thing to do is identify who is
that that you like working with and it doesn’t even have to be as specific as
the type of buyer or seller they are it could be my kids do Taekwondo and I go
to all of the conferences I go to all of the meets and I am like huge into
Taekwondo and I want to work with other parents of Taekwondo kids it could be I
run marathons so don’t run marathons this is the extent of my exercise right
there but maybe you run marathons and you want to appeal to people that like
to run marathons so think about what you like to do in your personal life the
type of people that you like to work with try to put together a cohesive plan
of the type of person that is the anybody that wants to buy or sell in my
market too broad it is too broad if you want to
go after only listings and you don’t want any buyers at all that’s okay
you’re gonna make videos to talk to people that are selling their house
don’t talk about moving to Savannah because you’re gonna get a boatload of
buyer loads their buyer leaves if you do that if you only want listings then
you’re gonna make videos that appeal to sellers if you want to work with more
buyers or you want both like I worked on both so I make videos about selling and
about buying but I am really making the majority of my videos for people that
are relocating into my area and that’s what I have started specializing him
originally that was for military then it just became everybody that’s relocating
into the area and I started getting seller leads from that too even though I
was doing a lot of videos for buyers so it just goes to show you that even if
you make a very targeted niche it does not mean you will not get other business
so don’t be afraid that you’re gonna alienate everybody else if you figure
out who your perfect niche is if you are just joining me and you’re looking at
what that link is right there you need to click that link in order for you to
write a comment and be able to see your name otherwise I just get the little you
know the the gray head and I see your comment but I can’t see your name so if
you want me to know your name you got to click that link where it says you cannot
live that is that alrighty so we’ve talked about who were your favorite past
clients what did they have in common is that a viable market for you for
instance maybe you really enjoyed working with Millennials that are
first-time buyers but maybe you live in an area where every it’s a retirement
community I don’t know this is a stupid analogy but I’m just trying to think as
long as there is an appropriate pool of people to need your services that’s
great can you what sort of things would you talk about so let’s say we were
talking to the Millennials that not well they could be Millennials the people
that walk their condo and now they have a couple of kids and a dog and they want
a house the yard what sort of things would they
want to know well they’ll probably want to know do I have enough equity in my
property to sell it and have money for a down payment on the replacement property
how do I know when that is a good time if I want to keep that property and rent
it out and then buy a new house to live in what do I need to know about keeping
that as a rental you’ll start to gather a list of topics for videos of things
that that specific person would want to know and I’ve heard a lot of people say
this and so there’s got to be something to it write down like an actual person
like the couple’s names are Katie and Brian they have two children aged four
and six they live in a high-rise condo right now and they have a beagle they
want to move to the burbs where there’s a good school system for the kids
they’re afraid that they’re gonna take a loss if they sell the condo so they’re
gonna keep that as a rental property like you write a whole profile for this
person that you’re talking to and then when you do your videos imagine that you
were talking to Katie and Brian you’re not talking to a stadium full of people
you’re not talking to a huge conference room with 500 people in it you’re
talking to Katie and Brian not only will that make it easier for you when you’re
doing your video when you’re filming your video because it’s like I’m just
talking to my two clients in the conference room we’re just having a chat
over a cup of coffee making a plan versus I’m speaking in public with five
hundred people in the audience so I find that having a very specific ideal
customer avatar certainly helps with that as well the last part of this thing
is would you enjoy talking about those subjects so for example if you have been
thinking maybe my niche would be investors and here are all my video
topic ideas what is a cap rate does it matter if the cap rate is 4% or it’s 10%
and I’m looking at this property to buy does it matter to me what the cap rate
is is it better to buy and hold is it better to flip and you’re thinking of
all these topics but then you I think what I enjoy talking about this
stuff week after week if the answer is no then pick another niche because this
needs to be a topic that you’re gonna be passionate about so that when you’re
making these videos it’s fun and it comes across on camera if you’re talking
about like if I was talking about the cat right my eyes are rolled back in my
head and I’d fall asleep that does not interest me very much at all so is that
a topic that I want to talk about week after week after week no it is not so
that’s how we’re gonna identify our target audience our niche the things
that we’re going to talk about and if you don’t like those subjects go back
and pick a different niche and then the beauty of this is that we don’t all have
to have the same niche so I’ve got lots of people in my market in Savannah that
I am teaching this to and we all have different niches one person targets
luxury listings I’m targeting people relocating into the area most likely
that are in the military you might be talking to young moms and somebody else
might be talking to motorcycle riders I mean we can all have a very different
niche and we will appeal to different people and that’s okay because when you
make a great YouTube video is every single person that watches it going to
love your personality and want to work with you no that’s okay by being focused
like this we can repel the people that we would not mesh with
and that’s just as important in my opinion as attracting the people that
you do want to work with it’s also repelling the people that you don’t
there are certain types of people that I don’t want to work with and so if I put
my personality out there and I talk about the things that I am interested in
if they don’t like me and they don’t gel with my personality by they’re gone
that’s awesome I’m not going to end up working with somebody that I can’t stand
and you know those people your phone rings what do you kind of repel those people
out of the gate by being yourself on camera awesome so some sample niches
down cisors military Millennials first-time buyers move up buyers what
about the whole like zero waste zero footprint green home thing smart home
technology I mean you can figure out what stuff you really like talking about
and then make videos on that subject so now how to get those people to find your
videos I’ve done a bunch of webinars on this but in a nutshell you’re gonna
start with a hook so if your video is let me think of what a good video would
be okay the the people that have the condo that want to buy a new house the
the idea for the video is how do I know if I have enough equity in my property
to sell it so now we’re gonna go on to Google and do some internet research you
can open up Google and type into the search bar how do I know if I have
enough equity to sell Google is going to drop down a list of ten suggested
searches and it’s autosuggest feature it has a name I can’t remember what it is
it might be out a suggest feature and look at what they’re saying
these are all searches that were done in Google by people in the last 30 days so
you can see exactly what people are typing into the search bar then there’s
a tool that you can download for free called keywords anyway everywhere
keywords everywhere which is a free plug-in to your browser I know it works
on Chrome and Firefox I think it might work on one other browser as well but
you’re gonna type plug that in and then when I type that in in Google it’s gonna
show me how many monthly searches are am I getting for that exact phrase and how
hard how much competition is there so on a scale of one to a hundred it’s
actually point zero one to point 99 or it might be one point zero zero what
competition I am looking for anything that I would consider to be low
competition so probably 35 and below but the lower the number the better so if
the competition score is 0.08 that’s a great score that means on a scale of 1
to 100 it gets an 8 as far as how hard it will be to rank for that search
phrase so type in your search idea and if you come back with there’s only 12
searches a month being done and the competition is 0.9 t8 okay how else
could I phrase that besides how do I know if I have enough equity how about
do I have enough equity selling your house with equity selling your house
without equity you’re gonna just start trying to come up with variations of
that phrase and eventually you’ll find one that seems to be the clear winner
it’s gonna get a few hundred searches a month you don’t want something that gets
too many if it gets ten thousand searches a month unless you’ve got three
thousand subscribers on your YouTube channel you do not have enough authority
with your YouTube channel to be able to rank for that keyword yet you want
something that gets a reasonable amount of searches but not too much because
where is the best place to hide a dead body on the second page of Google or on
the second page of YouTube because nobody will scroll that far right you’ve
got to be showing up in the top ten results if you want to be pulling in
viewers to your channel so you need to find something that gets a reasonable
amount of search volume but very low competition the lower the better once
you’ve got some Authority on your channel like my channel now has got some
Authority you know I’ve got a bunch of yous I’ve got 1,700 subscribers I’ve got 3,600 hours of watch time on my channel
I have some authority with YouTube so now I could go after a keyword that gets
10,000 searches a month or where the competition is point 75 but when your
channel is new you can’t do that because if you can if you don’t rank no one will
ever see the video so the whole point is to get something that’ll rank
I’d rather rank in the top 3 certain 3 results for something that only gets a
hundred searches a month then search you know number 72
which no one will ever ever see for something that gives a million searches
a month I totally have not been looking at the
comments so I’m gonna have to go through these after we start getting through
this hey Michelle hey Callen so number one you gotta have your keyword research
done ahead of time before you ever press the record button okay a lot of people
record the video and then they try to go figure out what their keywords should be
you need to do your keyword research up front and then record your video because
then you know exactly what to say in your video you’re gonna say that keyword
in your video not three different variations of the keyword but the exact
keyword and for those of you who’s not familiar with how the key word thing
works the key word is not a word it is the phrase so how to sell my house is a
keyword house is also a keyword but that’s far too broad right we need to
find how to sell my house when I have equity that is called a keyword it’s
basically the search phrase that they’re typing into the Google search bar or the
YouTube search bar and I do kind of use those interchangeably because YouTube is
owned by Google so if you do a search in YouTube sorry if you do a search in
Google your YouTube videos can show up on the first page of Google results
because the two are so interlinked through ownership and whatnot so we’re
gonna do a hook then you want to have a little bit of visual branding whether
that’s your logo or your brokerages logo or the two side-by-side or like a five
second clip of videos like a little video montage of videos that you’ve done
very brief but something that’s gonna play on every single video so when
people see it they’re like oh yeah I’ve seen that girl before I know who that is
and it just kind of reinforces your brand in their mind then you’re gonna
introduce yourself very briefly hey everyone my name is Karen I am a realtor
in Savannah Georgia that’s it we’re not telling them how you’re a top producer
and you’ve won all these awards and I’m a CDP and a GRI and all
kind of crap they don’t care they don’t even know what those things are anyway
go out there and survey 500 people ask them 1 2 GRI is if they’re not a real
estate agent they’re not gonna be able to tell you what that is so don’t be
bragging about yourself just introduce yourself briefly so that they know why
you have the authority to be talking about this subject and where you’re
located because if I’m watching you and you rock but you’re in Los Angeles and I
live in Manitoba that’s not gonna help you very much so let’s tell them where
you are located so that if they’re located in your market they know you’re
local and that you’re available to help them so we did the hook we did the intro
we did the the animated intro and the speaking intro and now you’re gonna
start talking about your topic of the day how do I know if I have enough
equity to be able to sell my house everything that we’ve done up till now
it really only takes like 20 seconds it’s not a long time 20 or 30 seconds if
you are at the two-minute mark and you have not yet started talking about your
topic cut it out okay that might fly with a Facebook live that
does not fly on YouTube when somebody is on YouTube and they’re looking for a
video to watch and you just start rambling for a minute they’re gone they
are not gonna stick around and watch that video you need to get to the topic
of the day quickly so we’re not we’re not biessing we’re not trying to make it
last as long as possible we’re not trying to stall while people come on
like on a Facebook live we want to get to the heart of the matter very quickly
then at the end we want to have some sort of call to action and not hey if
you know anyone looking to buy or sell here’s my phone number call me okay not
that on youtube people don’t like to be sold they want you to help them and give
them the information that they’re looking for without being a pushy
salesperson so what is a good call to action how about something like so now
you know how to determine whether or not you have the equity to sell your house
if you are wondering if you need to do a short sale I did a video once before
right here you should click it and watch that video so now you’re doing a couple
of things you are encouraging them to stay on your channel longer which means
more watch time for you and YouTube likes that so now
they’re gonna push your videos up higher in the search results because people are
staying on the platform but it also gives you more face time with that
prospect the more videos of yours that they watch the more they feel that they
know like and trust you and that’s when they email you they call you they send
you a text message they send you a Facebook message that’s when they reach
out to you and they become in actual lead for you the more videos of yours
that they watch the better of a lead magnet that will be and then maybe every
fourth or fifth video you will drive them to your website or you will drive
them to a Facebook group that you’ve created like if your niche is like
sellers in this one particular town you might say hey I created a free Facebook
group all about living in Savanna quarters I can’t think of a name go join
that free Facebook group and maybe you drive them to go there and join and this
is a really cool trick that somebody said when they request to join the
Facebook group you can ask them questions so do you live in this
neighborhood now do you own or rent put in your email address and I will send
you some sort of free guide or send you free coupons or something so if you get
them to put in their email address now you have their name and their email and
you can put them on your in your database so that’s cool too so don’t do
that every single time because if on every video you drive people away from
the YouTube platform you too doesn’t like that it’s the same as the Facebook
algorithm they all want to keep each other keep people on their own platform
they only do that sporadically but it is definitely a good way to capture some
information so whenever I do a video for sellers I always offer something at the
end like do you need to find out what your home is worth or do you need my
guide for how to stage on a budget or do you need my guide on how to get your
house ready for the photographer when he’s coming to take the pictures they
have to click on the link they go to my website they
their contact information in order to download what it is I’m giving them and
then I get a lead hey you got a new lead from your website so and so wants a home
valuation and when I call them hey this is Karen with some Georgia Post homes in
Savannah I just got your request they say oh my gosh this is so cool I feel
like I know you already because they’ve watched a ton of your videos so you will
rarely get people that put in phony information if you are offering
something of value in a way that is not pushy at all because then they want the
information and they would be excited to call you in or have you call them
because they kind of feel like you’re a little local celebrity and those sort of
lead magnets have worked really really well for me I have one on my website I
think if somehow to like the VA buyers guide how to buy a home with your VA
entitlement nothing has had like 48 downloads so they work very very well
and when the people put in their contact information you just call them or you’d
have your administrative assistant call them or whatever and they’re excited to
talk to you so I’m gonna go through and see what questions I have got this font
is so small dude so I’m gonna go past all the people who said no sound no
sound yes we had sound okay cool the popping sound is everyone typing that’s
so funny Carter is here Tommy is here hello let’s
see do you have a sweet spot of an amount of search volume and amount of
competition yes I wish I knew who asked that question but you did not click the
link below so I do not know who asked that question for a brand new YouTube
channel I’m thinking if it got less than two or three hundred searches a month
and the competent the competition score was less than 0.3 oh I think that would
be good now that’s a very small amount of monthly search volume but you’re a
brand new channel or maybe you’ve got a channel that has for listing tours and
that’s all you’ve ever really done so it’s okay to go after something with a
small search volume in the beginning once you kind of get the
now you’ve got two three months of videos on your YouTube channel you can
start going things that are a little more competitive maybe it gets 300
searches a month I try to never choose something that gets more than 0.50 for
the competition score I want to give myself the opportunity to rank for this
and I don’t want to just rank on page one I want to rank like in the top three
spots so the lower the competition the easier it will be for you to rank on
that I try to stay below okay so like I said my channel has some authority now
but still I try to stay below two thousand searches a month whenever
possible and I find if it gets 700 searches a month that’s 700 people that
are being exposed to your content that’s awesome
if you are using the – buddy plug-in for your channel and I love me some tube
buddy but I think that their keyword research tool is not really made for
small business owners like us because they think anything that gets less than
a million searches a month is a bad keyword and it’s not worth going after
and that’s just not true we’re not selling our services to people all over
the world you know seventy five or a hundred people a month who are searching
for buying a home in Blandford crossing those are highly highly targeted
prospects and even though it’s a smaller search volume if there’s little
competition you’re gonna be able to rank for that very very quickly so that’s my
personal opinion on that were 40 seconds I’d never wait for that yeah so I guess
you were probably talking about the introduction and all that kind of stuff
if it takes that long they are out of there they don’t want to listen to you
just brag about yourself and how great you are who’s got time for that
how to tag properly for a local market ain’t Mary thank you for asking that
so the tags that I like to use are specific to the video if I’m doing a
property not a property a community tour like my neighborhood is called Blandford
Crossing if I said hey everyone who were here at
for crossing today let’s go check it out and I drive around the neighborhood and
I take lots of video and I take lots of pictures and I say the average home
price is and it takes this long to sell and you know hear what the typical homes
look like and here’s what the pool looks like and the the pond and are you
allowed to swim in the pond and fish in the pond and bowed in the pond and
you’re answering all those kinds of questions that people would have about
that community I would tag it things like Blandford crossing Blanchard
Crossing Rincon Georgia Blandford crossing in Rincon and all the
kind of variations of what people are googling when they’re looking for
information on that exact subdivision then after I’ve done all of those and
maybe that’s only three four keywords then I would do like towns specific or
parish or county or whatever you call the areas where you happen to live so
then I would I’d start very narrow and then I’d go a little bit broader and
then I might even end up with like Savannah Georgia real estate as a tag
toward the end but I’m going to use very specific tags because I want the tags to
support the topic of the video I was having this conversation with somebody
this morning if I’m making a video about moving to Savannah one of my tags is not
going to be how to stage your home because that’s a seller tag and I’m
making a video for buyers so the tags are going to be specific to the video
and then at the very very end I always tag my name and my channel name because
now I’m kind of linking them all together if I have a whole bunch of
videos that all have Georgia coast homes as a tag then they start to show up for
each other and suggested search and that’s when somebody does a search on
YouTube and every single video that shows up is one of yours and I think
holy cow this person’s the only realtor in town and you’re like well yes that’s
exactly right so somebody said you were so awesome thank you as always awesome
do you produce your own guides I usually do there are a few guides that I have
where like I got them for free with the come
host my website or you can get it from it’s not it’s
probably where you download a generic one and then you open it in
canva and you put your own logo and your own contact information and it’s stuff
like that for me like one of my good lead magnets is I made a relocation
guide to Savannah I went to the Chamber of Commerce and I looked at their
relocation guide it’s a hundred and ten pages long and ninety of them are
advertisements for real estate broker questions so there’s like twelve pages
of actual content in the relocation guide so I went over to canva and I
opened up a new template and they have something I don’t think it’s called
relocation guide but it’s called brochure or something like that and I
made my own relocation guide of what would you want to know if you were
moving here and of course it has my logo and my contact information in the footer
on every single page then I downloaded it as a PDF I uploaded it to my website
and I password-protected it so now when they’re watching my video if it’s like
click here to get your free relocation guide when they go over there to get it
they got to put in their information so they don’t have to be fancy I did a home
inspection checklist that was literally a Word document that I printed as a PDF
it has no formatting whatsoever except my logo on the first page in the last
page it doesn’t have to be fancy or beautiful as long as it has good
information in it let’s see that link can’t be clicked well no because it’s on
unless you have a tablet on Facebook you’ll have to type it in yourself sorry
about that do you use tags for your YouTube channel
or only for each video I do have default channel tags and there are things like
Savannah Realtors Savannah Georgia real estate my name stuff like that and every
time I upload a video it depends on where you upload it from if I upload it
like if I’m in my video editing software and I download it to my desktop and
and I upload it into YouTube it does not auto populate that you know it Auto
populates the channel tags if I upload it directly from iMovie it does not auto
populate the channel tags or do I have that backwards I’m not looking at it so
I can’t remember so you can have your channel tags as a default in every
single video that you upload if you want to I honestly do tags that are specific
to the video and then tag myself and tag my channel at the end so I hope that
that was helpful as I said I do teach a course called YouTube for agents that
anybody wants information on that just go to I also
recently did a webinar that was similar to this but went a little bit more
in-depth with the hook and the intro and all that kind of stuff and I will find
the replay link and I will put it in the comments down there. If you ever have 45
minutes that you want to spend and go through that webinar you are free to do
that but thank you for attending and please post your questions in this group
everybody in here is super super helpful I try to answer as many of the questions
as I can but now that we’ve got 400 members in this group I just simply
can’t do it every time I open Facebook it’s like you
have 57 notifications and it’s just so hard to keep up with but please when you
have a question post them in the group if I don’t answer it lots of other
people will step in and do that – Mary you’re the best so thank you everybody
hope that was helpful and go make some videos

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  2. I feel like people preach cold calling and door knocking as a deterrent for the potential competition of new agents. I've only seen one other video that states them as outdated methods and I couldn't agree more. There's nothing I hate more than being approached out of the blue by sales people in person or on the phone. The thought that that's what the job revolves around really threw me because it's not something I'm willing to do.

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