Real Engine in a Barbie Car!

Real Engine in a Barbie Car!

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Wow alright that’s about as hard as you can send it right there the other way all right well let’s call that a wrap and leave before we get arrested before we get arrested or die look if that rock hadn’t have been there look look at the rock look at that yeah that might have been a solid dead that’s that’s how you grind hard right there [Music] all that weight downhill upside down hit your helmet right about there get another bounce to land on your head on the railroad tracks I can’t believe I just saw that he might have made it all the way to the lake so I was gonna take a turn ski but that thing is unbelievably loud and so sketchy right now all the pedals stick there’s no traction for the steering so Ethan’s under steering like crazy almost pulled out into the road like almost is a light word we’re working out the kinks Ethan goes a little bit too hard on a daily basis how do you feel about you’re almost going into traffic and almost falling off the edge the traffic one was only mildly concerning there wasn’t going that fast going off the edge was a lot marking sting yeah I hit the brake and when you hit the brake it pretty much always just locks and stays locked so I was hoping to whip it the other direction but it’s pretty much uncontrollable with a 36 whipped it the wrong way almost I mean literally probably almost died by going over that backward would not I mean this wings dance not strong enough or high enough to be a rollcage oh speaking of the devil here comes a train on the tracks [Music]

100 thoughts on “Real Engine in a Barbie Car!

  1. Dude, that was sooooo close to dead… even scared the hell out of me!!
    You should take that rock home and worship it!

  2. Friends: how are u going to win with a pink car like that??? U will lose! 😂
    Me: *starts engine*
    Friends: 😮😟
    Me: *drives*
    Friends: we should’ve not been mean, but OMG

  3. I was bored at work where I'm not allowed to watch YouTube but I was reading the news and you guys were in a business insider article for this shit. Good job boys! Been a fan for a bit and good to see you gettin some recognition.

  4. Me and my friend are 13 and we startet projekt of mini ford pick up with powerfull atv engine and its so fucking loud and we will have homemade kits and body

  5. I’ll send u my address, I would like 6 of these, 3 of them black and the other 3 white. If you can, make on of them faster than the others, put a hoonigan sticker on that one. Gracias

  6. How long did it take for oil starvation to seize the big end on a sustained corner? Just curious 😉 But very cool all the same.

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