– The real estate company
did not ask for a permit. – There is nothing left.
Park Baron is now anything but a park. – A new owner came and took
possession of the building. They were breaking locks for
the main entrance to the building. They were physically pushing their way
into people’s apartments upstairs. I hear stories of nurses, doctors,
police officers and firefighters -who can’t afford to live in the city where
they’re supposed to be guarding and helping. “I’m giving you this notice because
I want to end your tenancy.” – They came after her with the hardest category…
– It was pretty scary. The neighborhood is getting gentrified.
It’s come right up to King & Dufferin, it’s only one direction into our neighbor
and we’re in the way. When I hear people today saying,
it’s gentrification, -an ironic reaction is,
if only. It’s much deeper than that. Housing has become
overly financialized, -so it’s like gold. But gold is not a human right.
Housing is. They want to raise each apartment,
to like 900 dollars each. If it goes to 3400, I have to make
at least 100,000 dollars a year. Schools are closing down in areas
with a concentration of vacant housing. Shops are closing down.
Restaurants are closing down. You lose the diversity and the richness of a city. These dark, empty buildings…
and they are making money. So when people think “Oh, poor investors,
something went wrong” …. hell no. The councillor said, “If you can’t live in Notting Hill,
then you shouldn’t be in Notting Hill” What’s all that about? Who the fuck
is he to say something like that? Preparing for a meeting with
the largest landlord in the US, -what questions would you have
the special rapporteur ask, depending on who I meet there? You might want to go big picture. Ask them
about their obligations as a corporate citizen. If I can get them to talk about
the human side of this, -then we might get somewhere. – They cancelled the meeting.
– Oh shit. – Are you a legal scholar on human rights or…?
– Yes, that’s right. – So you have the instrumentality that is the law?
– Exactly. – Because what I see, is those with power,
oh boy, can they deploy the law, -in ways that work for them. Stuff is happening, you know.

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