Property Brothers Bloopers That Make Us Love Them Even More

Property Brothers Bloopers That Make Us Love Them Even More

HGTV’s Property Brothers twins Drew and Jonathan
Scott are a truly dynamic duo. Drew serves as the show’s realtor, while Jonathan
knocks out the demo and renovation. Because these two often keep it light-hearted
while filming, it’s not a shocker that plenty of funny moments make the final cut. But even their most devoted fans don’t get
to witness all of the behind-the-scenes hilarity. Here are the Property Brothers bloopers that’ll
make you fall even harder for Drew and Jonathan Scott. Jonathan gets hands-y “I know Jonathan would like to make you think
he doesn’t make any mistakes, this will prove otherwise. Really….” Here, as Jonathan tries to talk budgeting,
things get a little out of hand. “I don’t know what to do with my hands. Is this natural?” But for years, Jonathan’s hands were actually
the focal point of his career not as a carpenter, but as a magician. According to the Scott brothers themselves,
Jonathan was actively performing as an award-winning magician and illusionist by the time he was
a teen. Eggplant 101 In this throwback to 2013, Jonathan tries
his best to make a clever produce pun, saying, “Whatever you do, don’t squash it… It’s an eggplant. Oh s—.” OK, he may be better with a lampshade than
a nightshade, but judging by a 2016 breakfast challenge with YouTuber Jenna Ezarik, Jonathan
has since picked up a few skills. “I can not only build your dream home, I can
build a kickass breakfast.” Parlez-vous Français? Drew Scott is known for spontaneously bursting
into song. But in this clip, he busts out what appears
to be a French accent. “Yeah. It sold him for sure, but Marianne…” But by Jonathan’s own admission, he says both
brothers have accents in foreign TV markets. He told Glamour, “If you want something special, in Mexico
and in Spain we’re dubbed in Spanish and we have the sexiest Spanish voices, let me tell
you!” And to add to the fun, the same actor does
voices for both Drew and Jonathan! “(Speaking Spanish)” Scott brother giggle train In this clip, “other brother” J.D. tries his
hardest to ask his Property Brothers siblings about the oddest jobs they’ve held over the
years buuuut doesn’t quite get it out. “Amber asks, what is the… what is that… And it keeps going… “What are some of the oddest jobs you’ve ever
had…Ugh had some doozies” And going. “You know when little kids have giggle fits?” As Jonathan tells it, everyone involved in
filming Property Brothers deserves a medal for getting through the day. When Parade asked what fans miss behind the
scenes, he revealed, “The laughter is one of the things fans miss. We laugh non-stop. We have so much fun it’s amazing we get any
work done.” Sibling rivalry for life Judging by this clip, Drew and Jonathan definitely
have fun busting on each other while filming the show. “We have a great crew, and we like to take
our jobs seriously, but not ourselves. Really? You can tell who the crew likes better.” But according to NPR, the brothers have always
been goofy entertainers. Drew said the pair even played actual clowns,
when they were into acting, as kids. He remembered, “We had all this energy, so our parents figured,
‘Go be clowns and get rid of the energy, so by the time you come home you’re calmed down
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  1. I don’t like property brothers show .,they always sd they will fixed the whole house and they always ending with no budget and they only fix two rooms lol .🤔🤔they do brain wash to the buyer ., to buy their old houses )

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