100 thoughts on “Possible ‘outbreak’ of coronavirus at Kirkland nursing home

  1. i know exactly what's going to happen. for some reason people consider the elderly an inconvenience. this virus is going to expose the real level of love we have for each other.

  2. Are they sure the test kits even are accurate? I heard they have had a problem with the kits and testing the entire start of the epidemic.

  3. My sister works as a Charge RN in Albany NY .. makes over six figures a year . works at her leisure 2 days a week !!! .sleeps at work and dabbles on Facebook while there .. I know her and if this Crud makes it to her hospital .. She will quit !!! .. and lay back on the millions she has ..

  4. He pissing me off. This close to the outbreak with no mask no protective gear or anything. Ima need him quarantined. I'm tired of these shenanigans.

  5. Most of the elderly will die unfortunately sorry. And 90% of them are likely infected and contact Trace all if them

    Also quarantine of course have them file for unemployment as well since they will not be able to work for a while also remove them from rent duties and tear their lease up then put them into isolation chamber with tv internet and such for 1 month

    Landlord should disinfect their residence.

    And burn the furniture.

  6. All of this negligence. Put everybody in quarantine while the risk is still "low". This can get outta hand quick if u guys don't do some quick thinking.

  7. Well a lot of Americans still have the mentality it can't happen here, that will make it even harder to contain. Everyone seems to think they are the center of their own universe. Well, the awakening is just beginning.

  8. He sounded like the sweetest husband. Sounds like they love each other a lot. I'm sure they will meet in Heaven again someday. That's the goal.

  9. Has anyone ever considered that maybe the 14 day quarantined isolation period might not be long enough? Now they're reporting that they found a patient who was diagnosed 42 days after returning home from Wuhan, and that the incubation period may be as long as 24 days? If this is true, watch out what you buy from China. Especially from places online such as Amazon, E-bay and Wish. With over 43% of the garbage sold on Amazon being shipped from Chinese sellers, with Wish being located in the heart of China, obviously all of their junk is shipped from China, and as for E-bay, well, they might as well just rename that site to ChinaBay, but if the incubation period of the Coronavirus is longer than previously expected, is it any wonder that the post offices in China are shut down for decontamination? For some reason, I don't believe that China is being upfront and honest about everything that is happening over there. Then again I guess from China, that's not a real shocker.

    You may also want to check the labels on food products in the store before you buy them to make sure they are not labeled 'Product Of China'. Nothing like sitting down to a nice, delicious home cooked fish dinner that's tainted with the Coronavirus. If this virus can last on surfaces for 24 days, how long will it survive after a sick Chinese employee just added a few droplets of Coronavirus fever sweat from their forehead into that freshly packed bottle of apple juice, or processed that delicious chicken patty with some runny nose Coronavirus drippings before it was vacuumed sealed and delivered to your kitchen table. Besides, do you really want to eat something that was made in China? It's been over 4 years since I've purchased any food with 'Product Of China' stamped on the label, and if it came down to it, I'd rather starve to death before I would even consider it. Who knows if that corn dog was deep fried in dog lard, or how much dog, snake, cat, bat, rat or what ever other cheap, wild critter meat, aborted fetuses, toxic chemicals, antibiotics or other byproducts gets slipped into these foods that are imported into the US from China. China Doesn't care about selling a quality product, all they care about are sales and if it's cheaper to throw a rat in your chicken basket, guess what's really sitting on your dinner plate?

    At this time we really don't know enough about the Coronavirus and China doesn't care to share the information they've already discovered. Who knows how long the virus can really last. How long is the actual time that a person can be infected before showing any symptoms? How long will it last once a person is confirmed that they have the Coronavirus? If someone is cured from the Coronavirus, can the virus remain in their system and could they still be carriers? How does the virus travel from person to person for sure? Recently they discovered a case of 2 residents in Wuhan who live 10 stories apart in the same apartment building, both confirmed to have the Coronavirus, and now officials believe the virus may have been transferred through the sewer system of the apartment building. Not that I feel a lot of us from other civilized countries drink sewer water, but really? What's next, can it get in our fresh drinking water supply? These are many unknown questions and until we learn more about the Coronavirus, we all need to take extreme precautions and pray that this Coronavirus outbreak comes to an end soon.

    See 'Is the Coronavirus Incubation Period Longer Than Previously Believed?' at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lukJfKOpNqM

  10. There's one thing that they're not taking into consideration the return air ducts on these buildings will infect everybody in the entire building due to the air circulation from one room to the other

  11. Jeez, this is pathetic, I think we've had 2 months to maybe do a little investigation into our preparedness, I mean for any emergency. I have visions of Katrina recovery efforts.



  14. Since the CDC is only giving tests to people who were in China, or specifically in personal contact with someone from Wuhan; I'm real curious how these people got the test?

  15. omg im so worried for these workers, why they dont have hazmat suit and face mask on ?> seems like they are not taking this dangerous various so serious, praying for our people, this thing is so scary

  16. Every one of those students that visited the nursing home is stick with the coronavirus everyone they met is infected with the coronavirus and every person they need is going to be infected with the coronavirus and so on and so on

  17. That is just bull I get safety concerns but don't the elderly have phones in there rooms at least some form of Voice Contact senior home can't provide any helpful info it's gona be madness.

  18. Reporter just said 16 nursing students were there on Thursday or Friday, probably visiting other health facilities too

  19. Ok, the nursing home is one thing, but they needed to get a handle on those students two days ago! Contagious college students partying in/around Seattle over the weekend is one hell of a way to start an outbreak!

  20. We were warned about this in 1995. A lung disease will also break out in humans through the guilt of China, where bioweapons are being researched and a carelessness is releasing pathogens. Also more info from same source who warned us about this.  Real number of infections and deaths much higher than reportedActual incubation period up to four weeks to 3 monthsBreathing masks useless, virus penetrates because so small Full-body protective suit, breathing apparatus only real protectionHermetic quarantine required, must be longer than 2 weeksAsian races initially most susceptible but will spread to othersThe WHO culpable for not immediately proclaiming pandemic risk.

  21. Washington State? Scary, isn't Washington State the home of Amazon? Shop, shop, shop til you drop….Literally! It probably doesn't matter since most of the junk sold on there is from China already.

  22. America and state of Washington see how your representatives have let you down with their stupidity and lies! is this the kind of people you want representing you in Washington D.C.? Incompetents? Imbeciles? People without vision? Wake up and smell the putrescent of their falsehoods and deceptions they've left you with! They have all left for safer grounds while you the people are in jeopardy along with your loved ones! They have failed you the American people on multiple levels and will continue to fail the American people until they are all thrust out of office and people of competence are installed! Stop being the putty in their hands by which they exercise unbridled control over your lives and see them for who and what they really are! And how they have manipulated most of you into complacency that has placed your own life and those of your loved ones at such terrible unnecessary risk! Many will now die as a result of this tragedy while they sit in their luxury bunkers eating steak and drinking fine wine, laughing at the fools who trusted them, and their ignorance to save them. Georgia Guide-stones! Yet even now in the midst of this outbreak they want you the American people to pretend it's not that bad! If your lives mean that little to you then by all means go ahead and continue to listen to them! The rest of us will defend and protect our families and ourselves! And some of us will even pray for those of you who obviously did not know better!

  23. You guys need to watch more YouTube about the virus. Seems like so many people are clueless. Incubation period is almost a month not 14 days and many people are asymptomatic for a long time like that British super spreader.

  24. Please everyone, continue to monitor your health plan. Use good self health protocols and we all need to stay calm.

  25. Which ones is it coronavirus or covid19?? Coronavirus is common cold covid19 is bioweapon lab created patent man made weaponized towards Chinese and koreans.

  26. This is scary and North Korea is shooting people with the virus just what are we not being told

  27. The USA is the least prepared in the world. We were just told mask are not needed and we just need to wash our hands quite often!!! It is just like the flu. OMG. PEOPLE wake up. This is highly contagious and deadly. In two weeks you will wish you were prepared!!!! Our National Defence is screwed. This is airborne and aerosolized. That place is a petri dish!!!
    W.H.O. and the CDC are a joke.

  28. Something is going on. How are sporadic people in random places catching this crap. Something really scary and strange going on.

  29. For christ sake, we have to protect our doctors and nurses if we want to win this war against this C-virus.

  30. I am just horrified for the elderly and who knows how many people this has been passed on to now. Everyone that came out of there needs to be checked and so does everyone they came in contact with. Just with this case alone, how many people can possibly be infected?
    Trump disabled Obama's pandemic team to save money. I'm not very religious but I think Trump is the frikkin devil himself.

  31. All of them are gonna die…it's too late …the virus has moved in…the virus is spreading like a fire…most of them have already transferred the disease to each other….all those nursing students are gonna also die…all the families need to start buying funeral packages….I hear group rates will be offered at most funeral homes in the area….

  32. Why are those EMT wearing those paper gowns. When others meet coronavirus patients wearing hazmat suits? I'm in healthcare and this is what I'm talking about.

  33. Yes, but how did this get there? It's a question we'd like to understand. It may be a doctor or visit. Or, check meds. As unlikely as should be, the meds may have been subject to possible outbreak.

  34. Thank Democrat Elizabeth Warren for representing drug companies who all decided to relocate to China. 90% of generic drugs come from China. India imports 80% of their source drug materials from China. Drug companies wanted profits, and Elizabeth Lie a wa tha helped them. President Trump implored USA businesses to relocate back to the USA. We don't have enough virus test kits, our drugs to fight the virus come from China, we don't even have enough protective medical gear for US doctors because it all comes from China. I hope the shareholders are happy with the profits. Once we survive this, the USA should never be dependent on 1 country for it's medications/supplies.

  35. I have a family member who works at a nursing home and they can’t even get face masks. There is a shortage

  36. Ok, so why does this guy talk like a little girl? I can't stand it, how can anyone take this reporter seriously? Can u hire someone who is believable?

  37. I've heard horror stories of people trying to deal with personal Drs and Hospitals in the US. These people have symptoms, were possibly exposed over seas, and have returned home. Their personal doctors tell them to not come in and to contact the Hospital and the hospital doesn't provide any sort of help/suggestion on what they should be doing.
    You think China had it bad… Guess what, they don't call USA #1 for a reason.

  38. They need out of this facility ASAP. The air ducts will infect all of them. Did the Diamond Princess not teach us anything??? Get your family out of there.

  39. There are videos of people in China who suddenly fall to the ground and go into convulsions then die. Some even bleeding from their mouths… What I do not understand is that the people were fine one minute and dead the next! These weren’t people fighting until the very end in a hospital bed or home in their beds dwindling rapidly from a virus … one was grocery shopping, one sitting at his desk at work, one walking around in a mall, one just walking down the street, another riding on the subway, and one who was talking I on his phone – yet all are dead 2 minutes later!!?!
    There is definitely something far worse and far more sinister going on that we are not being told about.
    We all know the media lies about everything and we are expected to just believe whatever their narrative is without question and without seeing with our own eyes or thinking with our own brains. Sadly the majority still do just that.
    This “virus” has quite obviously been allowed to spread worldwide yet we are supposed to believe it was the result of incompetence and ignorance on the parts of the governments and medical experts worldwide?? No way!! We would all have to be just as ignorant or even more so to actually believe that this was the case! Who knows how many people have to die before we finally know what is REALLY going on! I agree with others who are posting that we each need to take precautions and act NOW to protect ourselves and our loved ones and not wait until we are told to by ‘officials’. We are seeing where that has already gotten us!

  40. well I hope everyone is voting trump in November, the fool has waited 5 weeks to act and the cdc is not prepared for this outbreak at all, pence is out selling bibles to prop up the stock market as thats all trump is worried about……..

  41. Hey, wouldn’t it be more likely that one of the nursing students that visited the nursing home brought it to them, rather than the nursing home giving it to the students? Com’on.


  43. What’s the point of making the masks expensive or twice more of the price 🤦🏻‍♀️

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