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My favorite hobby is trying to make cute girls on the internet smile mission complete. Oh Fuck. I hope this work. Your smile is worth way more than four dollars a cat and meow for you if you want That was that was a cringy shit I ever did read, but thank you for the Ford talk Like my novel thanks for 18 months I didn’t dress up as a cat in meow for you if you want What the fuck is wrong with you guys today you guys good you guys Alright, like what I’ve been gone for maybe two days. What coming back I Don’t understand I would recommend looking for a penis shelter. I can’t get a pay it doesn’t matter where I get the fucking bed – okay, because because Streaming there’s so many people. Someone will know what to do, right By the way spectrum is coming back tomorrow We keep having this meme in the house because the last time spectrum came in It was really funny. His name was Josh The guy’s name was Josh and Josh promised us that we would have no more issues. So when we did yesterday we were like Fucking Josh lied to us motherfucker, sorry And By the way, the reason our internet was worse not too long ago was because there was water in our wires Like yeah, that’ll do it. And so that was fixed and then I was like, yeah I’m gonna miss you and she said yeah, you’re so cool. Thanks so much And then we’re like cool so she’s going off and doing her thing and we’re gonna meet up in the future We’re gonna meet up really soon. Actually probably gonna collab before April happens. She might come. Oh shoot. I never mind I’m not gonna leak it, but she okay. No, I’m just not gonna say anything. She might come before April, but I don’t know Okay, I don’t know if that’s a leak. It’s just a conspiracy theory. She might she might not she might she might not already leaked Okay, anyway so Daffy and I are going to Korea in April, but she might come back before then Either or we’re gonna be clubbing Until April I don’t I don’t even know what my cunt will make more content together. So don’t worry. I didn’t leak anything chat I didn’t leak anything It’s not a windows mud. I Can’t play the game if I can’t read chat, or see my alerts Generally forces full screen window all to enter This is the you want me to play like this Will you date hutch be oh The age different might come in handy Oh handy and there there might be some barrier between her and I but I Mean, I’m not gonna insert this. I will not answer this I will not answer this and I think hatchet abused already taken my key me. I’m not gonna Hatchery is already dating Kimmy. So guys she’s taken. You know, she is so popular even like that want to date her Move on what? Give me give me give me give me No, no Gonna die anyways, um, so I’m pretty scared about that. So hopefully it you know, everything’s okay and he’s fine, you know. Oh, My god Oh My god, oh my god Oh My god big adieu Oh actually there they are the two patatas Yeah, I’d like to go home Sir I’d like to go home just jump F it – there’s this guy who believes me every day at school by squeezing my balls when the teachers are not looking and I don’t know how To tell someone to help me. Can you please tell me what to do? It’s really hard for me to tell you exactly how to fix it, but if I can suggest anything it would be to tell a teacher what’s going on, but to tell them that you don’t want the bully to know that you told on them and So that maybe the teacher can create a situation where like they pretend like they saw what happened if that makes sense It’s like when they see the person you’re you look like. Oh like did you do this? So it’s like you’re snitching without snitching or at least you asked Oh My god, oh my god, is she okay. It’s all I She wants to go see the people havin fun Okay, go let her Houston underscore possible donated $2. You got this. Spoky We know this might be getting a little frustrating. Here’s our love and support e wool Dog brained an eighty two dollars god, she’s dumb Mimi is big FOMO girl. She hates being left out is OBS saying you’re dropping frames. No No, give me Oh Give me give me give me give me give me orange Pop crimson 3 sobbing Lauren go Jason McGregor Kevin. Cocoa Serve-out see me foo Gers. Tony D arcy keV. Thank you guys. Just marques Marcus. I’m wrapped up Oh, I see a lot of it is at the bottom of the cup I just pretend that never happened I Don’t wanna worry that she was talking about a lot when I was when I was when I was housing her. Actually, is that she very frequently mentioned that she was very sad her English was bad because she couldn’t like talk to streamers and I collab with streamers very Well, like like she wanted to sew and I told her that chat loves her English and then she’s like no But I’m very sad. I want to have like deep deep Conversations with my friends and stuff and she’s like, I really want to learn English Yeah, she said that a lot actually Re okay now we can actually start gaming So I need to make sure I’m like good to go for like three hours Toxic rose donated $5 high Pokemon I love your videos and you have the best laughs on twitch BTW your so pretty much love from Australia She doesn’t know Feel free to make my boobie big I don’t think that’s what she events Truly a tech support stream so I put everything The Internet is one thing But there’s a lot of things that are making me want to get Just an apartment And please don’t think that that has anything to do with the people in the house. That’s not what I’m talking about It’s just some things. I can’t quite Possible for good reasons I’ll talk about it at some point, but I am just like especially with the Internet sure Canada POG, I actually They enabled the Audio Compressor feature just for Poki PepeLaugh, SOLO Q CURRENTLY PLAT 4 STARTED SILVER 2, Pokimane considering getting her own apartment, first time playthrough of LoZ: breath of the wild 😄, Extra Peachy, she said our names, Just pretend, chillin and then unboxing 🍒, She remembered me. Pogchamp, Everyone Has Gone Insane, tell me what your fav hobby is, first time playing :), Competing with Gifted Subs , Gifting Some Subs, React Kimi reacts to Pepega Duo, Hachu wants better english, Kimi Kimi Kimi More, Kimi watches Eloise clip, Kimi’s future plans You

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