Pets That RETURNED Home After Being LOST!

People are terrified of losing their pets. But here are 12 pets that have been lost for years. that traveled thousands of miles and still managed to find their way home. Number 11 Reckless the dog. In 2012 Hurricane Sandy devastated Northwest coast of the US 1 pair of victims of the hurricane were Chuck and Alicia James, Who lived in New Jersey at the time. The storm damaged the fence in their backyard. Allowing their terrier-pitbull mix named Reckless to escape Understandably, Chuck and Alicia were heartbroken. They searched for Reckless for several months before accepting that he must have died in the storm. So.. they visited a local animal shelter and received an outstanding surprise. There was Reckless waiting for them all this time. According to Chuck, Reckless jumped 3 feet in the air when he saw the couple and they were all happily reunited! Number Ten. Alfie the resurrected cat. Here’s the weird one. It has echoes of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot, but without the necromancy and terrible ending. One day in 2009 Angelo Petrillo of Milnroe, Greater Manchester, England came upon a sad sight. The cat strongly resembled Petrillo’s Alfie who was nowhere to be found. Convinced that it was his cat, they buried poor Alfie and It’s a sad story too often repeated the world over. But the story in this case doesn’t end here. 9 months later, a to tell him a ginger cat was at their old house trying to get in. Their old home was a mere mile away so they went to investigate. To their surprise, it was Alfie! He had put on weight, so it was And to this day, the Petrillo’s still don’t know who’s cat they buried or where Alfie had been all that time. Number 9. Opie the horse. In 2003, to have surgery on her back. Instead of paying the expense of boarding fees for her horse, Opie, she asked her father in San Antonio, Texas to watch over him while she recovered. One night, someone clipped the metal fence and stole the horse. Why would anyone do that?! Well, Opie is a Saddlebred Pinto, which is a Upon learning what happened, Pool went on the search. She made flyers, contacted the local sheriff’s office, and Nearly 10 long years past and there was no sign of Opie, until Pool received an amazing phone call. Opie had been found!! when she came across a lovely Saddlebred Pinto on Craigslist. The horse was named War Bonnet and was being sold by a woman named Della Brade. According to Brade, a The pastor claimed he couldn’t do anything with War Bonnet because he was shy and had been abused. But Brade made progress with the horse, so the pastor gave him to her. According to the pastor, he got it from down the highway. Bordelon thought the story was weird and convoluted, so she did a little sloughing. She found a picture of Opie and realized it was the same horse. And this is where things get very wild wild west. The sheriff’s office hired a team of contract cowboys who seized the horse from Bordelon. Not enough evidence was found against anyone, so no one was charged. Pool, for her part was glad to get Opie back and from his reaction in a video of their reunion, he was pretty happy too. Number 8. Bucky the dog. with his Black Labrador, Bucky. Unfortunately, his community banned dogs and Wessels had to give up Bucky or be forced to move. Soon after though, Bucky went missing and Wessels feared the worst. One day, a Myrtle Beach resident named Brett Gallagher found a black lab wandering his community. The poor dog was emaciated, so Gallagher fed him and took him to Grand Strand Animal Hospital. The vet there As soon as the vet called him by the name of Bucky, the young dog went nuts with joy. Gallagher contacted Wessels who brought Bucky home. It’s believed Bucky used his keen senses of smell and direction to make the 500-mile trek. News reports indicate that Wessels was able to keep Bucky at his home. Number 7. Holly the cat. November, 2012 in Daytona Beach, Florida. While there, Holly the cat became frightened by fireworks and ran away. They spent days looking for Holly, but were 190 miles away. 63 days later, a West Palm Beach resident named Barb Mazzola found an emaciated cat with worn paws wondering her yard. Mazzola took the cat to the vet who discovered a microchip under the kitty’s skin. who were happy to be reunited with their lost feline. Because of the state of her paws and that she had lost half of her original weight, experts believe she walked the 190 miles, which is very unusual for cats. Number 6. Andy the tortoise. One day, Andy the tortoise and escaped, much to the heartbreak of his 7-year-old owner, Ella. A nearby stream led Ella’s father to However, a year later a friend of Ella’s family noticed a tortoise walking down the road near Ella’s house. The next day at school, it was mentioned and Ella said she lost her tortoise a year ago. It’s believed that Andy crossed one of Britain’s busiest railroads and 3 pastures full of sheep and cattle to arrive where he was found. Number 5. Suika the cat. Takeo and Kazuko Yamagishi, as they evacuated to high ground, did not have time to find their indoor/outdoor cat, Suika. When they returned home, Suika was nowhere to be found. before giving up hope. Then 3 years later, a couple hiking in a forest, not too far from the Yamagishi’s home, noticed a black cat curled up in the high branches of a tree. They rescued the cat and noticed her 3 years later! They immediately called the Yamagishi’s and they were reunited with little Suika. Number 4. Charles the cat. In 2009, to build a Habitat for Humanity house. On returning, she discovered her cat, Charles, was missing. She searched for her beloved feline, but to no avail. That is, until 8 months later when she that was both good news and bad news. They had picked up a cat with the microchip identifying her as the owner, however, if she didn’t come in 6 days to pick him up he would be euthanized. as she scrambled to find a way to get him. Unfortunately, she couldn’t afford a round-trip ticket and it looked as if poor Charles’ fate was sealed. Alex took advantage of the media attention to ask if anyone was planning a trip to Chicago and would be able to help her. That’s when Sims said that he has a tabby cat that strongly resembles Charles and was moved when his mother sent him an online story about Alex and her pet. Sims was If that wasn’t good enough, American Airlines did not charge a travel fee for the cat and another business donated a pet carrier. Another story that ends well. Number 3. Fuzzy the cat. Michelle Wright of Barrington, New Hampshire was devastated when a neighbor told her a Fuzzy was missing and Wright took it for granted that the cat her neighbor saw was Fuzzy. Then, in 2014, 4 years later, the Cocheco Valley Humane Society The store just happened to be down the street from Wright’s home. Shortly afterward, Wright stopped in to buy pet supplies. The more she looked at the cat, the more she was convinced it was Fuzzy. It was definitely her cat. Unfortunately, Wright still had to go through the procedure of adopting Fuzzy from the shelter and paid the $85 fee. However, it was and included a microchip implantation. Number 2. Crockett the Couch Kitty. One day, Paulene and Bill Lowe of Corringham, England in Grays Essex. To get one of the couches through the door, it had to disassembled inside the house and reassembled after it was outside. Soon after, However, they couldn’t figure out how he managed to slip outside or where he could have gone. One of the couches, probably the one that had to be disassembled, went to a new home. Soon after, the new owners On closer investigation, they saw 2 claws poking out of the material which moved away when touched. They who got stuck inside. The poor 10-year-old kitty appeared to be in good condition despite being without food and water for several days and he was returned to his owners. Number 1. Willow the cat. In 2006, a Calico Contractors were there doing renovations and they left the door open allowing WIllow to slip outside. Her owners, but eventually concluded a coyote or another predator in the Rocky Mountains had eaten poor Willow. That is until 5 years later. Willow had been found in New York City over a thousand miles away!! A Calico cat was found wandering the streets of Manhattan and was scooped up by a good samaritan who took the kitty to the vet. which was how they learned her owners lived in Boulder. The Today’s Show, on learning about this amazing story, offered to pay for the Squires to fly to New York in exchange for an exclusive. Afterward, Willow became an overnight celebrity. Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City at the time, cats repeatedly have 9 lives and he clearly wanted to spend at least one of them in New York City, Thanks for watching! Know of any other amazing pet stories? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to subscribe and I’ll see you next time. Bye!!!!!

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