Our Canadian Apartment Tour | English Subtitles

Our Canadian Apartment Tour | English Subtitles

So guys today we will be giving you tour of our apartment, so let’s get started. Please follow me! So this is our apartment please come in Welcome! So guys this is the main door through which we came in right now, so I will show you washer and dryer area since this is a condo apartment the washer and dryer is in the apartment itself So guys please come ahead so this is the dryer and this is the washer so guys here in Canada there’s not much sunlight during Winter you can’t hang your clothes out to dry that why this the dryer in which you can put your clothes to dry after washing and it is ready to wear it also has wrinkle free release mechanism because of which you don’t have to iron your clothes it is as good as wrinkle free and ready to wear This is a water heater and there is the air conditioning and heating unit so all the temperature control mechanism is done from here so guys now we have seen the washer and dryer area this is our main door and exactly opposite is a closet so during the Winter when you come from outside you can remove your jackets and shoes here and enter inside the house from here So guys this is the closet that we have As you can see we have hanged our Winter wear clothes whatever appliances we have in the house we have stored it’s boxes so that in future if we have to shift we can pack the stuff in these boxes and it’s easy to travel so this is all about the walking closet so in this apartment there are 2 closets so this is the 1st one over here and the other one is in the bedroom which will be shown during the bedroom tour as of now this is the closet and moving forward is kitchen which will be shown by Sim So guys before going to the kitchen, I would like to show you these 2 baskets that are filled with Armaan’s toys we have basically kept his basket here so that he can take his toys whenever he wants and play around so let me show you our kitchen now So in every North American house you will get basic appliances refrigerator, dishwasher and kitchen cook top, etc. so let me show the refrigerator first so this is a refrigerator guys and you can see a lot of things these are the magnets and I love to collect magnets from wherever I go so this one is from Niagara Falls and this one is from Chicago Illinois city we have a basic Hindi calendar so it’s easier to see which festivals are coming I have diet chart for my son to note down what he eat and at what time this is a basic notepad so in ordered to not to forget important things I note them down here So let’s move on guys this is a very special part of our house, our small temple we have lit the diya because we have prayed a while ago so you can see this is a special place for us where we love to pray so that even Armaan also learns from us to pray so guys this is that microwave this was not included in our apartment but our Landlord is really nice to give us this Microwave the now you can see small drawers here and you see a small pantry here where we keep wheat flour, rice and stuff like that especially during winters when you have to stock up on things this is the best thing to do here you can see multiple drawers to store your things right now these are empty because every time Armaan comes here he takes out the things and spreads all over so I have taken out the things from all the drawers so that he is not able to spread in the house Now guys this is our hotplate cook top in every house you will find different types we have got this type can you show them? Zoom in? so guys this is not the flame type it works on electricity up over there is Chimney so that it sucks up the smoke fast if Sid can show the fire alarm it’s quite near so if that alarm rings it will be a trouble so you get the different types of kitchen cook top for example flame, electric hot plate, coil, etc so we have got this one before coming here we were not sure of what type of gas we will be getting because we finalized this apartment just before a week of of coming here and I didn’t knew what kind it will be so now I will show you what type of utensils you should bring which can be used in this type of gas or any type of gas So guys this is the basic tea pan I will show you its bottom here you can see the markings that it can be used in any type of gas so if you are coming from India or any other country just look for these signs that can be used in any kind of gases I think you should be buying all the utensils which have the signs so you will not have any problem and your money will not be wasted. So guys this our sink were I wash our utensils but since we are only 3 people we don’t have a lot of utensils to wash so I wash with my hand but sometimes when there are more utensils, this is the dishwasher we use I will show you inside there are 2 racks so you can keep your plate here and arrange your spatulas here this is the other rack because not everything is to be kept in the lower rack if you keep plastic things down they will melt so you need to be careful or in while arranging the things in the rack so this is the dishwasher. The basic mistake which a new comer does is to pour liquid dishwash. You need to use pods and put them in here If you pour liquid then the foam will come out it will spoil the kitchen and it will be added work for you so guys this is the pod that I was talking about for the dishwasher if you are also a new comer like us then please don’t do the mistake of putting the liquid detergent in the dishwasher otherwise you will get tired of cleaning your house So guys before we go ahead into the living Room let’s take a minute to go down in Canada if you see all the electrical sockets are close to the floor so if you have kids it is very common for thing for them to put metallic object inside the socket even if it is not round socket like India it’s a flat pin socket but still there is a possibility that they will insert spoon, knife or any metallic object because of which there is a possibility of getting the electric shock and they might cause injury to themselves just to safeguard against such kind of socket and to make your house child proof we have bought dummy plugs which you get from Ikea so all you have to do is to take it and place it inside the socket to make it child proof so after this your kid will not be able to put objects so which ever open and exposed sockets are there in your house which you don’t use you can put them there and leave it Now lets move toward our living room but just before going there let me tell you that in this apartment there is a concept of Open Kitchen which means this is the a kitchen and this is their living Room there is no wall or separation between these 2 rooms. There is just a platform which you can also use as a dining table or you can also use to keep your stuff like that now let move towards the Living Room so guys this is a Living Room, a basic standard one bedroom apartment living Room this apartment was completely unfurnished all the furniture here except the TV stand we have got from Mississauga Furniture Bank Mississauga Furniture Bank and Other Furniture Bank details I have made up detailed video link of which is given in the description box As you see this is Armaan’s high chair High Chairs speciality is that you can fasten your kid to it and securely fasten there is a tray which you can use to feed your kid Armaan plays around while having his food and also spills his food so High Chair is good for us as we can securely fasten him and feed him properly now coming to this particular part this is our makeshift computer table we termed it as makeshift because this is a drawer not a computer table but we are using as a computer table the reason for doing this is we did not have space in the house to accommodate both drawer as well as computer table so we had to combine both of them and make the best utilization of space so I had bought a laptop from India and one day by mistake I kept it within close reach of Armaan and when I was not aware Armaan completely broke the flap and I lost lot of data only the data which was backed up could be restored rest other things were lost this time I rectified my mistake and I setting for a Desktop PC so this is my new Desktop PC Sim, now if you can zoom on that particular light you can see the lighting is very restricted because of which we had to buy such lights it is necessary to have bright light because during winters it gets dark very soon and if you have dim lighting in the house you feel dull and gloomy That’s why we need to have more light so that you feel energized by the brighter surroundings After living Room please come ahead now you can see 2 doors this is the bathroom and this is the bedroom So lets visit the bathroom first in a North American bathroom there would be bath tub which is uncommon in India we thought having a bath tub in the house as lavish and rich but here it is a common thing normally you will see soap, conditioner, shampoo, etc in the bath tub but when you have kid in the house you will find such toys in the bath tub just to make this video we have put less toys normally when Armaan plays in the bath tub there are much more toys then you see here Just for making this video we have cleaned and kept less toys I would like to show you this is a dummy toilet seat which helps us to teach Armaan Potty Training! what are training since he is almost 18 months old There is this mirror and as you can see here is the drawer we have kept few things like soaps, toilet cleaners, diapers, toiletries,etc. Now that is it for the bathroom Lets go to the bedroom this is the master bedroom as you can see we don’t have bed here we purposely didn’t buy a bed the reason is when we moved here Armaan was 6 months old and he had started to roll sideways having a bed meant that there was a possibility for him to fall down and get injured so we thought that we don’t need bed and brought just mattresses instead So we have king and twin mattress which we have kept on the side so when did got the love seat from Furniture Bank we could not keep it in the living Room as it was getting congested so we thought of placing the twin mattress standing towards the wall and we make Armaan sleep there so even if he rolls he does not bang against the wall These are not Armaan’s soft toys but his mama’s toys his mom loves playing with it instead of Armaan so this is a dresser and mirror Sim has arranged all of her stuff here I only have 2 to 3 the deo’s rest all belongs to Sim secondly, this is our 2nd closet which is in the bedroom you can see we have kept our bags, comforters, clothes, bags, etc. out of all the clothes you see here only these any are mine rest all belongs to Sim and Armaan Since we are on the ground floor we have 2 entry-exit. one is the main door and the other is the back door this is our backyard you can see so much of greenery over here Rainfall caused damage to flowers But still they look beautiful These tomato plants are planted by Sid! He loves gardening Lets see if we get Tomatoes Armaan loves to play here Some guys this was our apartment tour hope you guys have liked the video we have worked hard to keep a house clean because with Armaan around it’s very difficult to keep the house clean for so long

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