Our $175 a month apartment in Japan

Our $175 a month apartment in Japan

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  1. why cant we have appartements like this in montreal? students would absolutlely go live in those and if the appartment block is city own than the city makes tons of profits off of it and help pays and raise for its next years budget. so in fact we would all benefit from it

  2. Wow. Seems pretty tiny, but that's still a killer deal for $175 a month. My friend was stationed in Okinawa Japan for 2 years when he was serving and he loved it there.

  3. I still get surpriced when people say "we wont pay X amount $ for something" at times. To me 50$ for a table in this case is cheap. I live in Denmark. My apartment alone cost hes entire budget. Then comes warm water, heat, electricity, internet, food and everything else after on top of that, lol. 50$ is nothing in my eyes, i can easy spend that on a day on just on food and candy / soda hehe . we make like 20-25$ an hour working here minimum wage.

    Crazy how another contry economic can change views like that i think. I was told Japan is more expansive to live in then Denmark, guess its only certain locations.

  4. I mean.. taking off your shoes is simple etiquette in all of EU. Here in sweden aswell. I would chop of someones feet off if they had shoes in my house

  5. Awesome! Just as cheap as similar accommodation in Taiwan. I'm considering teaching English in Okinawa. How did you find your apartment and teaching job? Thanks in advance! ✌

  6. If they had a similar set up here in the states, I would pay 650 a month for that, no jokes. I don't care if there isn't room to sneeze in, it's a place to sleep, a place to sh**, place to shower, and a place to cook. Best of all, no paying luxury rates or SHARING SPACE WITH F***ING STRANGERS! Bonus, it doesn't look like sh**, ie: no bars on the windows and no mold/mildew/rot. (Living in a vacation/schooling destination has its drawbacks.)

  7. Seems like a fair price for that very small yet efficient space.
    You should've tidied up the place before show casing your place. You look like a slacker as well as umkempt. Please trim your beard. However, the tour you gave was enjoyable.

  8. You have a nice place. I would probably have to get a bigger bed that maybe folds up onto the wall when you aren't using it so you can both sleep comfortably.

  9. 175 … in Japan … dam this is bigger than the last place I lived in … like twice … and cheaper … damn

  10. how on earth is it so cheap? in Canada, the bare minimum if you have a car I've found would be 1850-2200, 1850 being you have to eat cheap and crappy food and never do anything other then go to and from work, 2200 being just enough you don't wish you'd get hit by a truck. i thought japan was really expensive.

  11. Hey bud I got long hair and a beard to I agree with this. Hella nice apt how did you and your girl meet?

  12. Yay!! Finally a YouTuber in Japan! ❤️ great video!
    I’m glad I came passed your video, I was a little heartbroken when all the other youtubers I watched moved to other places. That I had no interest in. So now I’m pleased to say I will be subscribing! 💁🏽‍♀️🌸

  13. You live with your girlfriend correct,so why do you break everything down by half isn't a relationship supposed to be the both of you just paying everything together as a couple. I would never tell my girlfriend well you pay half and I'll pay half??? I'm not trying to be a jerk or ignorant I just don't understand if you're in a relationship why do you split everything it should be all together.

  14. I mean for that price range it is really a great deal. It is the size of a studio in the US but way cheaper in Japan

  15. that's as big as our apartment here in Phoenix USA and we pay almost $700 a month.. damn!! I need to move to Japan!!

  16. Lol my walk in closet is bigger than this so called apartment. I kinda feel sorry for these brain washed ignorant asians.

  17. Either you pissed like a girl or you didn't wipe your azzy… I'm hoping you just took a dump and not pissed like like a girl hahaha

  18. 0:37 Okinawa has beautiful beaches. I lived there for 3 years and just left in December (husband is air force and our time there was up) I miss it, plenty of outdoor activities, great food, cheap flights to Tokyo…

  19. The price is good , I mean it's not a bad little place but like as a woman the bathroom is the same as a RV .. no room def not my cup of tea. Respect to ur gf for dealing with that .. 😂🤔🤑

  20. My mortgage payment is going to be roughly $2600 a month once the house is built. Man I need to find me a job in Japan. $175 is less then what I pay for health insurance here.

  21. well good for you and your deal between your girlfriend. Looks like a cardboard box shithole. your fooling yourself.

  22. I love cozy little apartments. This is fantastic. In New Orleans, where I'm from this apartment would be about $700 a month. You really need to get in the habit of cleaning every day.

  23. But whats the average pay,whats minimum wage. .n how much to u earn,weekly,bi weekly,or annually,it probably balances out. . .

  24. Yeeaah, Nope. Why not spend some more and get a better apartment? surely another 100 a month wont break the bank?

  25. That is affordable. SOOOO affordable! Even for another country that is stupid cheap and awesome! Funny editing I love how fast you cleaned the dishes man.

  26. You can't get a place like that, because it's subsidized by your Japanese girlfriends employer.

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