this is a retractable facade in a
multi-million dollar brownstone on 14th Street and I’m Ryan Serhant from million
dollar listing New York and sell it like Ceran on Bravo and we are about to give
you a tour of this draw dropping apartment in New York so I am back with New York City actual
living legend the one and only mr. Ryan Serhan
every time we meet up I’m thinking like how can Ryan up what we’ve already seen
welcome to apartment number one at 224 East 14th Street this is an entertainers
paradise and might be one of the most unique homes in New York City there are
five rooms two bedrooms two and a half baths with incredible private outdoor
space and nearly 2,000 square feet asking 3.6 million dollars
so this is the entrance super-high ceilings it’s kind of like a home office
space because you’ve got the window that’s out on the street which we can
see but it’s also got that privacy well that’s coming through so people can’t
really see in you can see out and get that natural light so you’ve got this
kind of cool art gallery space so he’s got all these kind of like funky
drawings that are out that I really really like and you’ve got the original
exposed brick from the building that’s here to give you that kind of texture to
this base and if you’re around you see a big glass garage door
I can open all the way up so that you can have this seamless indoor/outdoor
living so you’ve got turf here so it’s kind of got the same benefits of a grass
but at the same time it’s not just kind of concrete
we need to get this full outdoor kitchen you got white fixtures white countertops
get a grill you’ve got wine cooler refrigerator freezer so you can cook and
really entertain out here you’ve got pretty good privacy I mean this place
was designed to have a good time from the outdoor kitchen you make your way
back into the absolutely gigantic indoor kitchen and then you got this this is no
this is where you put knives right in the leg
get a close-up on that and then they got like secret sexy roses over there but
you get this huge shoot ceiling okay it’s an eat-in kitchen it’s all Corian
on the countertop so that’s when you see kitchens that have one of the blend in
with the sink it comes in like one piece of Corian and so it’s really really
indestructible which is nice there’s one thing somewhere in this room is a secret
piano you have to find great guys you’re getting warmer
no way you can pull these out literally you’ve kind of secret piano and pulls
out from the bar and then you can pull it up you can put on your headphones and
everything so to see your piano over there where
you can play your Billy Joel and to if you want a movie theater for your home
and you don’t have a set of rooms just to be a movie theater you have this yeah
so this is made by LG it’s a 4k projector and Al Jeannie who’s
actually the sponsor of this video means some of the greatest stuff I have ever
seen it’s super small it’s lightweight so that you can easily move it from room
to room so if you want dinner in a movie boom you got want to take it outside and
do like an old-school drive-in and have your friends over here you can do like
that whole area right there could be a movie theater who would be insane that
is right at night this backyard transforms into the perfect outdoor
cinema we are actually using the wall of this apartment to project the last
episode of this series all into the apartment that we’re filming right now
it has ultra clear 4k resolution and the screen size can go up to 150 inches it
also doubles as a smart TV which is awesome so you can instantly watch all
your favorite TV shows like oh I don’t know maybe a show on Bravo called
cell-like Serhant or million dollar listing New York on Bravo boom anywhere
you want you don’t have to have a TV just carry this with you projector for
life that’s genius this place is a bat cave and I’m where
Ryan go it was just here I’m not even kidding there’s a downstairs okay I want
you to watch this video as soon as you post it it’s gonna be the craziest thing
you’ve ever seen on his page sorry I just making an Instagram story so people
watch this video but they’re making up Oh a behind the scenes yeah and this is
also the dining room in the school with the candlesticks the exposed brick walls
the huge dining table the formal space in the apartment to entertain your
guests I feel like you could really use this room for anything to be a gym it
could be anything you want it to be it could be where you store all of your
crystal skulls let’s head back up to the ground floor and make our way into the
second floor but if you wanted to you can take the elevator there’s no
elevator in the building of course there’s an elevator let’s see
the bedroom first nice long hallway with the brick and the artwork and then
you’ve got the master bedroom space and the door operates on magnets so you
don’t have to have any handles as a place to put shoes instead of doing
shelving they’ve got industrial piping and the
shoes all fit here when you have high ceilings you have to make use of it you
have a ladder you gotta hang up the ladder there okay wait just wait
everybody everybody wait everybody just hold on pause the video the first thing
you think of when you see this glass wall and okay crazy this is for somebody
who wants to party but then for me as the agent okay this is a bathroom in New
York City that doesn’t have a natural window you put a glass wall here and you
have the natural light coming in to never get all this natural light that’s
coming in you’re gonna have to turn on these lights if you’re brushing your
teeth if you’re shaving blow-drying your hair it’s fun and it’s crazy and it’s
cool to do that reveal but at the same time it’s super useful for the space the
bath mat is a New York City sewer and then the tile or pennies
yeah this hook here your bowel everything’s really industrial and it
really keeps you know in the story that we’re telling you even up here to call
these pennies they’re here for the tile instead of your standard New York City
top you got expose wood beam ceilings together give you that lofty feeling
this is the master bedroom but that’s also a Murphy bed so this bed could go
up and lock back in if you were really entertaining do you want people to come
into your bedroom this doesn’t have to be your bedroom all the time put the
Murphy bed back up put a table here this is a hangout spot over here at the
opposite end of the hallway is the living room again like everything in the
apartment all the furniture is hidden the table again there is another Murphy
bed to turn the living room into a second bedroom you still have the super
high ceilings the amazing exposed brick yellow black gumballs if you want it’s
like a really really cool hangout space we got a massive fish tank right here
you might notice that we have all these tracks yeah I saw that I’m gonna be
right back doh okay flux capacitor is this in this normal what in this
crazy surprise this is indoor/outdoor living
this is a massive fish tank that protects you because you need to have a
balcony right you can’t just have a huge wall opening out to the street I don’t
have another one like this like I have other penthouses other townhouses like
we showed before I don’t have another insane xxx apartments anywhere in the
world where the face of the building at the turn of a button disappears you come
home at night and it’s a cool night open this door open the garage door
downstairs and you get natural fresh air you don’t ever need an AC if you want to
see more videos like this one comment more apartment tours down below and make
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hectic you know say life also again huge thanks to LG for sponsoring today’s
episode check them out below in the description and with that when you’re
ready to move in let me know

100 thoughts on “NYC Apartment Tour: $3.6 MILLION LUXURY APARTMENT

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