NYC Apartment Tour! $2000/Month (900 Sq Ft)

NYC Apartment Tour! $2000/Month (900 Sq Ft)

We finally got to do this apartment tour
video as we’re moving out literally days before moving out of this apartment Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome to my
apartment Let’s go! This is the entrance into our
place and this is a long hallway it’s quite a walk This long hallway is a little weird, but it’s been really good for us. We use half
the hallway for storage, so we store some of our stuff like luggage and
bags and then down here, the second half of this hallway, is the shoe hallway
and so we got quite a lot of shoes down here We got like four big shoe racks
here. Alicia’s up to the front I got a few back there. We’ve got some
casual shoes, got some dress shoes these are more like my everyday shoes,
styling options. Here’s where we have our hat collection we wanted to use this hallway space a little bit better and this is the spot where we keep our keys
so we don’t lose them and these bins here we have our winter
stuff, scarves, gloves and also is where we keep all our socks. And you made it! Welcome to the living room Our favorite stuff in this room. We got the two shoe walls there. On this side of the wall I have all my dress shoes. So we got
designer shoes like Gucci, Saint Laurent, a mix of like my favorite designer dress
shoes. A lot of favorites on this wall I can’t tell you all of it in this one
video, but these are definitely one of my favorite the Saint Laurent I wore these
a lot. Definitely my go-to. I just got these guys recently. These are the Thom
Browne with a strap I really love this. Finally got them on sale and that was awesome. Okay, two more quick ones I really love these Tom Ford loafers. I wore these in
Paris – love this. And these are the Gucci Chelsea boots On this wall I have like a mix of designers
and Jordans so I have like designers on one side and then I have Common Projects and I’ll have Jordans and Nikes on different shelves For designer shoes I
really love my Gucci sneakers I got these last year for Christmas and then I
also got these Balenciagas These are definitely two of my go-to designer shoes and then for the sneaker head out there, I gotta say I love my Off-White Nikes the Off-White
Jordan and the Off-White Nike Blazers Of course you can’t go wrong with the
classics you got the Black Cement 3s and you got the Concord 11s that just
came out And this is my favorite prized possession This year I got the Yamaha
digital piano This is the 143B and it’s my favorite thing I own ever in my whole
life Hey, Alicia are you gonna play us something? Well, if you insist This is clothing rack number one in this
apartment This is the main rack that I leave in the living room. This is when I
plan outfits so I put a lot of stuff that I plan to shoot so you can see right
now it’s a lot of winter coats, a lot of holiday stuff because this is what we’re
shooting a lot this month Leather jacket, denim jacket, my spring stuff – they’re all in this closet back here I love this part of the room this is the massage
chair Especially after like traveling So, this is our very nice couch this is where we do most of our relaxing and I really love this coffee table because it does this So this is actually where we eat dinner and watch Netflix When we have movie nights, we add this lamp And now we’re gonna go into
our office let’s go This is part of the office kind of like a showroom
this is clothing rack number two and this is like a big double rack here I have all my suit jackets, blazers up top and then I have my dress shirts at the
bottom Unfortunately it got a little too heavy at the bottom so it’s a little
slanted Over at this corner I have my sunglasses I have accessories like
pocket square, my cologne, and pins and stuff like that and then also we have
our bar cart Over in this corner, on the other side,
Alicia doesn’t like this corner No I have my “chair” so this is kind of like
where I throw all my stuff, these are the chairs, but I also have like My sweaters, my jeans, and bags On this corner of the office we have another dresser. All
my camera equipment basically up here I have the cameras up top, the lenses over
here, and framed is my GQ in the GQ magazine back in September 20……15 This where we usually sit at the office this is our work desk so I got my laptop, my phone, we do most of our work out of this space so I sit right over here with all of my
stuff and then right across from me Oh, hello this is my seat which is the
best because it’s right next to our espresso machine and we also have a
drawer here for miscellaneous like electronics and our equipment and
notebooks which is very important to me office stuff office stuff These are my babies I’ve never kept anything alive except for these guys since the
beginning of the year and they’re very, very precious to me. I love them So, this is our bedroom which is
basically my room I won’t let Leo have anything in here because he has stuff all over the apartment and I really like minimalist things more minimal than Leo
so everything in here is white basically On this side I have all of my skincare
stuff and then over here my perfumes and then some of my books and I have in this bookshelf I have my purses and this is kind of like my get ready workstation this side of the room I have another dresser and some more books and then I
have over here – a little closet this is my side of the bed so I have some more books on the
nightstand and then this way cuts to the bathroom That’s the bathroom and
then we have a little storage situation in the hallway, keeping our bathroom stuff, towels Here’s the kitchen! It’s not that nice at all this is like one of the older New York City apartments that you’ll see so it’s
definitely not modern I do most of the cooking Alicia does the dishwashing and
then on this side we got like coffee, and preparing food, toasters, fruits and then
we have like recycling and it’s kind of messy Kind of like a typical fridge – we
collected a lot of magnets in our early years traveling It’s been amazing living in this
apartment for the past two years I think we’ve definitely grown a lot. Levitate Style has grown a lot. This move is a little bittersweet because we’ve
actually been in Astoria for about five years now so been in Astoria, Queens and now we’re moving to a totally different neighborhood Yeah we’re gonna move to
Dumbo in Brooklyn definitely one of my favorite, favorite spots in the city. It’s
just so beautiful to take photos there Quick thing about New York City apartments for you guys thinking about apartments in New York City. This apartment is about 900 square feet and it is about $2,000 it’s older building but we got so much space
out of this apartment which we definitely needed for all our stuff. I know
Astoria, Queens people don’t hear about it that much but it’s part of New York City. It was amazing getting close to Midtown so it’s actually really
accessible, really great neighborhood Great food, great cafes and they have the
Astoria Park nearby which is really beautiful
Yeah so all in all it’s a really great area, really good price for the rent,
but we’re just looking for something more of an upgrade that we need in our
live so can’t wait to show you guys the new place it’s gonna be so nice really
hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know if you have any comments, questions, what’s your favorite part of our home the past two years? And can’t wait to
show you guys our new place Please give it a thumbs up, subscribe if you haven’t
already thank you guys for watching thanks

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  1. dammnnn thats a lot of clothes and shoes. Even if i could afford all those clothes I wouldnt want that many haha.

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