What type of apartment can you get for
2.3 million dollars in New York City my name is Erik Conover and in this video
I’ll be taking you on a tour of a 2.3 million dollar luxury apartment and show
you just how far your money can go in one of the most expensive cities on
earth welcome to one Manhattan Square at 252 South Street located in the heart of
the Lower East Side one Manhattan Square is an 823 foot tall modern glass Tower
located on the edge of New York Harbor it’s basically a vertical village within
the city one Manhattan Square has the most dramatic 360 degree panorama
imaginable now the building is still under construction opening to residents
in the spring of 2019 and today we are lucky enough to tour one of the
completed units towards the end of this video we are going to take a super
exclusive sneak peek of the unfinished penthouse apartment I’ll be giving this
tour to the one the only mr. Mike Scheffer welcome Mike to apartment 20 a
which is 2.3 million dollars this is a two-bedroom two-bathroom that
1,200 square foot corner units apartment feels like a home it doesn’t feel like
intimidating when you first walk in like we normally see these massive
intimidating places this feels a little bit more like you go and visit a friend
here like this is it reasonable unattainable something you can actually
see yourself hanging out the rare thing about one Manhattan square is we are on
the 24th floor and we have unobstructed views of pretty much the entire city you
look out the window here we have a North facing exposure you can see all the way
up to the Empire State Building all the apartments on billionaires row you can
even see all the way over to Hudson Yards the views here are incredible this
is your gourmet open kitchen we have custom marble slabs like these are gonna
feel this guy over here this is it’s a hefty marble slab rest no that’s no
nothing fake about that that’s the real deal okay so where’s my oh my in the
fridge right there it’s a little lofty right now maybe we
should take a trip to the liquor store and fill it up your oven here you’ve got
the stovetop even a little oven no it’s a toaster oven it’s a microwave a
toaster and one look at the technology would come across in these apartments
the last one we got anti slamming technology this one we have a microwave
and toaster in one I like that there’s an unobstructed view of the
floor-to-ceiling windows from the kitchen but you don’t lose any storage
space with the cabinets and the floating shelves right here another unique
feature of this building is you have the Excel choice you were saying how you
love the white and how fresh it is and vibrant yeah if you go to the odd fours
you can get this in dark for the apartment
exactly it’s all these little storage units look at that rash Joe Fresno man
you wake up in the morning you’re grinding your beans put your call you
right back in here yes so you could put your saw in there peppers hot sauce for
your eggs and it’s concealed just like that once you’re done having
your morning coffee here at the breakfast bar we walk over to the dining
room table with probably one of the best views of the Empire State Building in
the city what I love about this living room is the fact that it’s so open
especially with the views of the sky that just adds to the openness and it’s
a great place to entertain another unique attention to detail that
you wouldn’t find the most Apartments is this recessed Cove right here this is
something that I think is really brilliantly designed and when every
square foot counts in a place like New York City this is something that’s
really really valuable to have welcome to the master bedroom of this apartment
so you’ve got tons of natural light with these floor-to-ceiling windows
throughout the whole apartment and at this point pretty good um in the views
of Midtown this is brilliant and then we come into the master bathroom and then
you’ve got the rainfall shower nice little sea sponge right there although I
do really like this oh that’s smooth yeah this is real smooth and it feels
Mediterranean in this hallway you have an in apartment washer and dryer super
convenient especially in the city you know how that is yeah usually gotta take
a trip down to the basement or down the street but in unit from the hallway we
go into the second bedroom which is currently staged as the kids room with
two twin beds then you have views of your homeland Brooklyn you know what I
like about what’s that the skateboards on the wall
because I had skateboards on my wall in Brooklyn they really did well with the
staging because you have the record player here all the albums and go yeah
look how it’s very well done you really feel like you can live here that is the
furnished apartment tour and now we’re gonna get to actually have a first look
behind the scenes of the unfinished penthouse of one Manhattan Square and
when is this expected to be completed March so now January two months from now
this will be all finished but for now it’s still very much a work in progress
which is such a unique view that we’re getting to see the actual process all of
the man-hours that are going in to the construction of this one billion dollar
building high visibility clothing and hard hats are required at all times when
venturing outside of the finished units this is one of the two duplex penthouse
apartments in this building this one has five bedrooms with 3,700 square feet of
living space along with a 400 square foot outdoor terrace and it’s listed at
13 million dollars it feels more like a stadium apartment this feels like an
event space almost it’s so big and massive and open it’s just like when you
look right up there in the windows you’re so open ya window is still wide
open the only other view that I’ve seen in
the entire city that’s close to this one World Trade Center exactly in the top of
One World Trade that’s the only view that even can kind of come close second
floor you have these crazy views you walk down the stairs that aren’t even
completed it’s just the poured concrete right now still have wood studs as
railings here I mean you can just imagine when this is done like you see
one World Trade right over there I mean this view definitely makes the apartment
or you can get it up space this big but you cannot get a view like this from
anywhere else if you want to see this building when it’s completed I’m talking
all the finished amenities everything and comment down below
more apartment tours if you want to see more high-quality New York City content
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the next video

100 thoughts on “NYC Apartment Tour: $2.3 MILLION LUXURY APARTMENT

  1. For that same price, you can get a mansion in texas, and decently large enough house in LA. New York is overrated.

  2. 2.3 million for 1200 sq ft. Nuts. Where I live that would buy you a 10000 sq ft mansion with a ten car garage.

  3. This building was supposed to get some friends but local nimbys have successfully applied for a downzoning in the area, so it may stand alone for the foreseeable future.

    That means protected views potentially; the ultimate luxury in New York where there are normally no laws to protect views and the only way to stop someone building across from you is to buy them out.

    Isn't it funny how nimbyism, usually a response by the very wealthy to block new buildings with a percentage of affordable units from going up in their neighborhood (the rich hate nothing more than living near the non-rich), is now being practiced here by the non-rich to block other non rich people from living nearby. The rich meanwhile sit back and laugh.

  4. I have an apartment in Italy I am Italian and the view that you see from my house I bought two months ago and it is spectacular beautiful. There are mountains and sea much more beautiful than this apartment in New York where you only see cement and brick

    Ho un appartamento in Italia, sono italiano e la vista che vedete da casa mia l'ho acquistata due mesi fa ed è spettacolare e bellissima. Ci sono montagne e mare molto più belli di questo appartamento a New York, dove vedi solo cemento e mattoni

  5. luxury here are price only and because of location while anything else are bellow medium !! houses for 500 000-700 000$ in Las Vegas are much more luxurious and bigger then this apartment but location are not so attractive so price are significally lower

  6. My dad won the lottery for 30 million dollars I was so happy that he one it because when we didn't have that money we were kind of poor my dad is going to buy me that apartment hopefully

  7. 2.3 mil is price of normal apartment in most urban place in Seoul, S.Korea, like Gangnam. But normally it would have 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms. So this NYC 2.3 mil is well… it would more pricy than s.korea normally.

  8. Fairly.. North Tel-Aviv (Israel) is more expensive then NYC.. such apartment in Tel Aviv cost $4 millions at least.

  9. NYC overpriced for real. Way better deal at Brooklyn, New Jersey, Boston, upper Cali areas, etc. I rather invest 1.5 million dollars and living in Toronto, Canada for very nice house.

  10. For 2.3Mil you can get a mansion here in Colorado in the mountains secluded from everyone else with 10 car garage, wildlife, hunting, lakes, fishing and bunch of other cool shit. Anyone who pays over 1000 bucks for that piece of shit apartment is getting scammed.

  11. There's so many great and luxurious apartments in NYC.
    I love it :D.This is unquestionably great and i can't say even a word while watching this video.Remember i'm you're biggest fan and i hope you to see in the next cool video.Cya dude :D♡♡♡

  12. The deal organizers and investors are gonna double their money on that building. That's like the superbowl level of real estate investing.

  13. In Moscow this kind of apartment would be more expensive… just saying. By the way there is no way I d like to live in NYC… so industrial looking and noisy…

  14. EVEN IF I HAVE 100 000.000 millions dollars 💵 I won’t bay this apartment ,, is too SMALL for 2 .and plus million dollars 💵.

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