Northwest Reno, NV Real Estate Market Report July 2019 | Nevada Homes for Sale

Hi everybody, I’m Phillip Goodman. – I’m Chris Concha – And we are from the
Nevada Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Group
One Inc, in Reno Nevada. Today Chris and I are
at The Whispering Vine in Northwest Reno for the July 2019 real
estate market report. (music) Well in just a bit, Chris and I will take a
look inside Market Insights and show you what happened in
Northwest Reno in July 2019. – And don’t forget to hit the subscribe and like buttons below. – But before we do that, let’s
show you The Whispering Vine. – Lets go! – [Phillip] This is one of
four Whispering Vine locations and this 4th Street spot is the only one with a full kitchen. The Vine offers sharable
plates like flatbreads, and short rib sliders, and tacos, as well as full entrees like burgers. There are thousands of wine
labels from all over the world and the friendly wine
experts will help you select the right bottle for your occasion. Personally, I’m a fan of all
things scotch and whiskey, what about you Chris? – I’m a whiskey guy. – Well, good news, because
Whispering Vine has an amazing assortment
of single malt scotches, Irish whiskey, Japaneses
whiskey, American bourbons, it’s all here. And best of
all, Whispering Vine will match the advertised prices
of the big box stores. Whispering Vine
also features their own barrel select bottles of certain
bourbons and other spirits. These are definitely a must try. And if you’re early enough to grab a seat at the bar, you might catch
some magical sunsets. And if you’re thinking
of having an event soon, you should have it here in the banquet room at the Whispering Vine! – There’s actually plenty of
space here in the banquet room, and it can accommodate up to 60 people. – Well Chris and I just ordered some food, while we are waiting for that to arrive, let’s take a look inside Market Insights and see what happened in July. – [Chris] 87 units sold in July, a modest increase over last month’s 81, and last year’s 83. The median price hit a
three year high at $408,000, after sinking to $377,000 in June. We looked into the increase and found that of the 87 units sold, more than half of well over $400,000, including 13 homes that
went for over $500,000 and one home that fetched $930,000. Percent of ask received
is still hovering near that 98.6% range, as it has been for the last three months. In fact, 2019 has been very steady in that 98+ area. Days on markets cooled off
a little bit from June, yet we’re still not seeing
the same market velocity as fast as last summer. Even though new listings
in July went up to 6% to 115, the total inventory is down
2% because of extra sells. Both of these figures are still higher than where they were last year. So putting it together, prices went up, properties went faster, inventory is falling, and the months supply of inventory at 2.2 is still a sellers market. If you got a house in Northwest Reno that you’re thinking of selling, now is a good time to
put it on the market. – [Phillip] And for more market reports click the link you see in
the upper right corner now. We have ordered a bunch of food, we’ve got the short rib tacos, the grilled cheese and tomato soup, the Angus burger with
arugula, melted brie, and the bacon jam on the side, for me, truffle tater tots with ranch, wild mushroom flatbread, and a goat cheese, orange salad. You ready to dive into this? – Yes, let’s dive in! – Well, we are sharing this
with our production crew, this is not all for
us, but yeah, let’s eat! I wish we could look
back at this meal again! This was incredible! What
was your favorite dish? – I love the tacos. – Those Korean short rib tacos. – Yes. – Those are delicious. My favorite is the burger and I have heard from a lot of people, being around town, that the best burger in Reno is right here at Whispering Vine. – It is amazing. – Absolutely, well for more information about Whispering Vine
you can find their info in the YouTube description
below and we can’t thank the Whispering Vine
enough for allowing us to film our market report here! So we hope you will come check
out the Vine for yourself. – And when you do be
sure to ask your server about the unique history of this property. – A lot of history goes
back to the early 1900’s. Well, that will do it for
us this month for the Nevada Real Estate Group
at Kelly William Group Inc in Reno Nevada, I’m Phillip Goodman. – I’m Chris Concha. – We’ll see you at The Whispering Vine! (music) [Speaking Spanish]

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