NEVER TOO SMALL ep.17 22m2 micro apartment – Nanopad

NEVER TOO SMALL ep.17 22m2 micro apartment – Nanopad

This building is called Ballina,
it’s an Art Deco building. This apartment is 22 square meters it’s always a pierrot tear for some clients of ours, but to be able to rent it out for a
short-term rental when they weren’t here. When we first came to visit it. The
layout was completely different. It was really important for us to retain all
the original features of the apartment but try and make a little bit more
workable, we reduced the size of the bathroom so that we could sneak a little
kitchen into the entry area, and that way the kitchen would be away from the
sleeping area and tucked away. The kitchen was positioned at the front door and it was designed as a black element that would almost disappear as you
entered, even though it’s not very wide, the bench is quite deep so it’s quite
useful. We were really confined by that dividing wall and this archway and we
really wanted to maintain all of those original features. So we looked at quite
a few layouts and it made the most sense to actually have the bed in the middle,
and be able to access it from both sides. The wall along where the windows are are
actually had quite a few pipes and conduits, so we built it out slightly to
make it all even and then ended up with these lovely deep recesses. We thought a lot about the best location to put a sofa and we thought it was really
important to be able to sit back and look out of the windows, by having this
joinery piece here we separate the sleeping zone from the living space and
you just see over the top of the bed and you can enjoy the view from the windows. By elevating the bed platform, we could
separate the living area from the sleeping area. It also meant that we
could raise the floor to the bathroom so all the plumbing could be reworked
without causing any inconvenience to any of the apartments below. So we wanted the
bathroom to be a really lovely experience, we thought it would be lovely
to have a timber battened floor all the way through the bathroom and we copied
that onto the ceiling and it gives you this beautiful smell like a sauna. The idea with the mirror was that the mirror creates a sense of depth it reflects the
light and when you’re lying in bed it also reflects the view. Even though the apartment is so small there’s a place for everything, little details that you
might not necessarily think about in a big house are really important here. Like
the fold-out ironing board We have a lot of wall hung floating units, so that you still get a sense of the whole footprint of the rooms and give you a sense of
more space We’ve got the hidden lighting under the cabinets and above to create
atmosphere. We really loved the original art deco detail of the apartment and so
everything that’s new has also been given the same amount of attention to
detail. I think good design can have a really positive impact on people’s lives, particularly in small spaces, good design, is absolutely imperative in order to get
the most out of a space and to really feel comfortable in a space Thanks for watching subscribe to our
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40 thoughts on “NEVER TOO SMALL ep.17 22m2 micro apartment – Nanopad

  1. This apartment is very small but it looks spacious and minimal. I would have love to see the before and after footage to really appreciate the changes. The kitchen was the focal point before and that has change now.

  2. wHaT tHe FuCk Is A mUrPhY bEd!?!?!?!?!?
    (After reading all comment) LOL

    After google it:
    It´s a fucking WALL bed… now, wHo ThE fUcK iS mUrPhY!?!?!?!?

  3. Living room space is awful and not best use of space. Why not turn the sofa 90 degrees and have the tv mounted on the huge wall so you don’t have neck spasms? I’d have a proper sliding door or screen to close off the bedroom for privacy.

  4. That doesn't seem very practical. Where do they eat? On the couch, the bed? That bedroom is also too big for the space. It's the only thing you see. That's just bad design.

  5. this is terrible. a non-functional kitchen, a inaccessible bed, the layout could have been so much better if the drawn plan actually matched the space.

  6. In tge sketch at the beginning the living area looked a lot larger than the sleeping area, but the end result gives a very limiting living area. The bed is visible to everyone who comes into the flat so there's no privacy and there seems little space for visitors to sit (assuming they don't all congregare on the bed). Bathroom is lovely but the rest of the flat might need replanning soon down the line.

  7. this bed takes the most space and i can't imagine having kitchen right next to the door…
    I've seen beds that hide in the wall, or float under the ceiling. This is just a waste of space

  8. The asian in me wants to feng shui this. I think that they tried their best with what they have but it just wasn’t well thought of. The bed ate up the entire chunk of space that could be used for something else. The kitchen is in the front? No ventilation or dining area. Sure the bathroom is nice but idk man. That space couldve been the kitchen instead with the window. I wouldn’t even wanna watch telly that low. I think this is the worst episode so far…

  9. I don't hate it…. i spend most my time in my bed anyways…. but it is a little odd missing a dining area since the living area is practically none as well, so its just a kitchen and giant bed lol the bathroom is nice tho

  10. I see many unfavourable comments, but I actually like it. The bed is very important, I do not like the fact that most people with small homes seem to put the sleeping area last. The bed is not only for sleeping. And the kitchen at the front door is an excellent idea.

  11. One of those Murphy bed contraptions that goes from bed to table to couch would solve many issues here. I like the bathroom and kitchen doesn’t bother me for what it is.

  12. I actually like the apartment but I agree with the bed.. takes a lot of space.. maybe a smaller bed or but it on a corner maybe ? Kitchen on the entry way isn’t bad but you can’t even push the door all the way which maybe it worse bro

  13. Everyone here has probably said what I found were big flaws in the design and functionality of the space.

    I will just say that the floating cabinets and atmospheric lighting, in addition to the archway are nice details 🙂

  14. I like almost every apartment in this channel but I have to say I don't understand this one; I don't think they understand the importance of a good and comfortable kitchen for a healthy life. It looks like they forgot the kitchen and they just fitted it inside what it was going to be the hall.

    I wouldn't like to be in that kitchen so I won't use it.

  15. I understand the architect want to have an open space apartment, but as an asian, the layout gives me a bad fengshui feeling. We never ever have our kitchen face the main door directly like that, especially when the kitchen back to back to the bathroom, which is a no-no. And a mirror face the bed directly, no-no. This has bad fengshui design.

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