NEVER TOO SMALL ep.11 27m2 Tiny Apartment Design – Elizabeth Bay

The biggest feature of this apartment isn’t anything architectural it’s actually the outlook or the view onto Rushcutters bay So the apartment was built in the 1960s designed by Harry Seidler. Been used as a Navy quarters for at least the last 30 years it’s been used as a residential building The apartments 27 square meters we relocated the kitchen what’s now become the living space and put bedroom at the back so you have a separate sleeping area which had windows and allowed for cross ventilation to occur The living space has been designed to be as big open and simple and clean as possible. That can then be filled with the individuals lives whoever’s living in the apartment. And that kind of gives that its life gives it colors gives it warmth. I mean that’s about giving it longevity The material palette of the kitchen was selected to really make the space feel as light and bright and open as possible the mirror kind of reflects the view and brings out the color extends all the way up to the ceiling. The entry space we doubled it up as a little study space with a desk that folds up and you can look out over the kitchen also when the desk is away there’s the opportunity to pull down a folddown ironing board So the bathroom what we ended up doing to kind of enhance that feeling of space is use these really large format tile which the whole bathroom almost has no joints in it. Using this large format tile like a marble look we created this strong sense of luxury and we’ve incorporated a laundry in it. So in the bedroom below the bed there’s storage drawers, above the bed there’s kind of all your wardrobe. From sitting on the bed you can kind of look out past the kind of the kitchen living space to the view. That view the outlook kind of the almost full height windows really helps the space feel a lot bigger than it is a lot less restrictive it’s almost like being outside when you’re inside

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