Nature is like Jongmin’s home now [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2019.12.22]

Nature is like Jongmin’s home now [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2019.12.22]

(Jongmin, Seyoon, and Seonho are sleeping outdoor.) Gosh, it’s going to be cold. I have a question. Who insisted on sleeping outside among these three? – Who said that? / – Who said that? Who insisted? – Is that you? / – No. – I thought it was you. / – During the meeting. (During the pre-interview with DinDin) I’ll sleep outside for our teamwork. (We won’t provide a blanket.) (You can be the blanket for each other.) (The person who insisted on this) (was DinDin.) You can check it out on TV. Good work, everyone. Please get ready to sleep. – Gosh, it’s fun. / – It’s going to be really cool. – What? / – It’s really cool outside. As long as I sleep with you guys… – Aren’t you sleeping outdoors? / – Right. (It’s time to freshen up.) You should sleep outdoors too. I will do that next week. – You said you missed this. / – What? Me? – I missed sleeping indoors. / – Really? We will get all burned if we leave this on at night. (Laughing) You are incredibly annoying. You should warm yourself under the blanket before you go. It’s freezing outside at night. It’s so nice here. Seonho looks like he’s exhausted. How do we sleep tonight? Share us some tips. What would you wear to sleep outside? How do you dress up? – I just sleep outside. / – How? What about the face? – Face? / – Do we leave our faces outside? You sleep like this. (You can just cover your face.) (Is that all?) That’s all? – That’s all you can share? / – That’s all. (Where is DinDin?) (Moaning) (DinDin is taking a shower with cold water.) You can mix some warm water. If I use up the warm water, they can’t take a shower. (DinDin may seem naughty.) Gosh, it’s so cold. (But he is very thoughtful.) You have cameras in the bathroom? (Junghoon feels awkward with the bathroom cameras.) (He has to get used to this.) Goodness. It’s very awkward and uncomfortable. I didn’t know you would shoot me while I wash my face. (Seonho, make yourself at home and wash like me.) (You can adapt well anywhere with 12 years experience.) (He’s a wild man.) (Everyone finishes washing themselves.) Good work today as well. For tomorrow’s morning mission… (Here it comes.) If you win, you could go home early. (We could go home early?) Just like that? Once you hear the alarm, please come out. You can sleep in peace now. Goodnight. Turn off the lights. – This feels great. / – It does. Next week, we might be sleeping outdoors. (They’re happy that they’re sleeping indoors.) I’m in paradise. Since I’m a newbie, I’ve done so many new things today. (Many things happened today.) – Seriously. / – Good work. What is this? (These 3 still have more work to do.) – Goodness. / – Over there. – This is quite steep. / – It is. Oh, like this? (Is this your first time sleeping outdoors?) (He knew what was coming for him) (but is still dumbfounded.) (Is this reality?) Jongmin, you can sleep in the middle. – Really? Okay. / – Yes, I’ll sleep on the end. (Seyoon, Jongmin, Seonho) You can fit in here? What if I can’t? (He’s struggling from the very beginning.) Do you not fit? (Hopping) (Thankfully, it’s just his size.) How does it feel to be lying down outdoors? Will our faces get paralyzed by tomorrow morning? Your face will become frosty. – Really? / – Like this. (He’s nervous.) (Seyoon does his best to protect his face.) – Goodnight. / – Goodnight. Goodnight. This is charming. It’s only possible because we’re doing it together. Is Seonho sleeping? Seonho? (Snoring) I think he knocked out. (He has fainted.) He has good concentration skills. (The Variety Rookie has fainted once again.) (They listen to his lullaby and call it a day.)

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  1. Patiently waiting for the whole episode to be uploaded with English subtitles❣️❤️💜🥺👑🎖😍😘💙💖🤍🤎

  2. I love 2d1n soo much. Hopes the new members adjust well and things turnes out better. Will be cheering for the whole team. 🤞🤞

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