[N’-128] 웃음 파티💚 & 고음 파티🎶 | NCT U ‘Coming Home’ MV Behind

The mood here is so encouraging (Hello) We came back with an amazing ballad track Right after filming, I monitored myself but I was very disappointed I thought, ‘ah… I shouldn’t do like this’ After all, my brother is an actor Well he was starred in… a box-office hit captivating 16M cinema audiences As a brother of the actor, I should not act awkward So I tried to put more emotions If I look awkward in the music video, my brother will surely say something to me To share some behind story, When I was recording the track I nearly died I nearly collapsed (because of high notes) I hope all the NCTzens who listen to this track also collapses from happiness! (Love it) So… I’m looking forward to our NCTzens covering this song Cover song challenge, I’ll look forward The weather is quite cold today It’s even snowing Guys, don’t catch a cold You should spend Christmas time listening to this song With NCT Listen to this song and have a wonderful winter To recommend you more of our songs that fit the mood for Christmas, 1. Candle Light 2. JOY And one that we’re just releasing 3. Coming Home 4. Angel is also good 5. City 127 will also fit the mood So these are the songs for winter… 6. Knock On as well! Please listen to them It’s kind of a retro vibe With the phone booth… It feels great I felt like this kind of styling was too mature for me before But I think it’s okay STATION (Glance) LOL He laughed because of the fake snow effect That’s hilarious Also the last scene where all 4 of us line up That also felt fake It was great The 4 years of idol experience… The spacing is wrong That’s supposed to be natural The viewer rating @#$% This is HAECHAN CAM with viewer rating 37.5% And today’s guest is JAEHYUN of NCT 127 Hello What brings you here today? I just came Did you buy anything? Pardon? You came empty handed? (Acting) I just… came for a second Ah so you were doing something else When are you leaving? Well… Okay~ Hello TAEIL What brings you here today? I just came To film the music video, ‘Coming Home’ What do you feel about the song ‘Coming Home’? Cut! Wait, wait He’s speechless about it I’m speechless because it’s so good Why did you cut it I can submerge my emotions in it How do you think the result will come out? This song… Result? I think it will become a karaoke hit Better than ‘I Miss You (Kim Bum Soo)’ No, ‘For You (Yim Jae Bum)’ No, ‘Like It (Yoon Jong Shin)’ ‘Emergency Room (IZI)’ Thank you for watching HAECHAN CAM with viewer rating 37.5% Wow! If you have any laundry, bring it Can I sometimes store a pen in between (the abs)? Everyone, do you want to experience this? Actually, yesterday during concert JENO showed his abs like this You should do it as well, like this ‘If you wanna feel it say yeah~’ Great idea, but might be dangerous Might be a big trouble They are Bruce Lee style, kind of So when are you gonna take off? Me? Maybe next week? At home? I might have to take a shower next week HAECHAN’s the best at taking off his clothes at home (HAECHAN confused) (No?) LOL Why do you keep coming out? What should I do? I’m sorry (Brother of an actor) (Concentrate) (Good to go) We’re sorry This is the first ever music video that I didn’t sweat Really? There was more No From 127? WITHOUT YOU Ah… WITHOUT YOU… See! I told you there’s more You never lose an argument to me He just said there’s no music video he didn’t sweat ‘Star Fading’! It’s ‘Star Blossom’ Can I eat this grape? (Grape♥) Is this goldfish alive? It’s alive Oh wow! What are you doing? (Grape♥ +2) Pardon? Go out He just goes It’s too tall for me So I couldn’t put my hand on it What’s going on? Happy birthday~ I really thought it was someone’s birthday Happy birthday to you~ Just before I was like this Nope, won’t work (Grape♥ +3) (Grape♥ +4) (Grape♥ +5) So yummy (Grape♥ +6) (Grape♥ +7) Thank you We’ve finished filming ‘Coming Home’ music video I hope you have a warm winter, with this song Merry early Christmas~

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