[Music] of everybody so obviously as you just heard this is a new house I am very proud that I finally got something like this this was something that I always envisioned finding a house like this now this isn’t the ultimate dream house but it really demonstrates what I’m about and what I appreciate as far as the look the prestige of it the room we’re gonna give you a full tour I did a tour on my own that I previously recorded inside in the fall of stuff but we’re going to take you out through the outside portion real quick at the end of the polar sac with that private baller give you another tour of it gonna be TVC headquarters for myself for a while now but we’ll definitely give you guys some more footage of it as time goes on you’ll love it here’s right outside the front door this Suns coming up nice huge house with the big pillars which I’ve always wanted there’s my truck I’ve always liked this style right here have architecture it’s really nice this is the entrance right here obviously you can see my Lambos out that way for I like to go wash it this gate there really really cool really really nice and the front there is so low that I can actually not even lift my lambo and come in straight slowly then I can come up turn right here and go all the way to the garage without straightening it’s beautiful here’s a view kind of from the front it’s a side part right here you have the actual house it’s really really nice I love it again here’s a little Harry Potter room I don’t know why they call it that never wants to hurt you Potter movie but I got the vacuum there maybe if I punish somebody I can put them in this room now going up the stairs I turn the lights on up here obviously you got a couple beds there I’m gonna have to furnish everything here so it’s like a little main area I’m gonna make like a little movie area up here it’s really beautiful this railing is really what sold me I love this railing right here it’s so pretty chandelier art voila we have the master bedroom huge curtains of royalty descent which I love no area here we got a small closet here which is pretty much walking SWAT one here another one I always say my stuff is everywhere was a big closet right here we have the master bathroom huge beautiful bathtub shower toilet really really nice and all the lights on it’s really beautiful it’s kind of tough to get it all on camera but really beauty so there’s one bedroom I didn’t show you downstairs I’m letting Anthony stay there temporarily and then the little office area to the left then you go in with the wood floor that I showed you that’s not counted as a room even though it does have a closet in a bathroom so there’s three full bedrooms up here and see another nice bedroom here really really nice obviously full bathroom we have a closet behind me [Music] let’s keep going we have one more over here I say another one this one’s getting more natural light so as you can see really really nice closet and bathroom Oh so here at the house we’re looking at about 40 to 50 square feet just under 4300 technically five bad five baths really really nice love it a lot of little accents here the way the garages and all that space is something that I always envisioned and I’m always telling you guys you have to envision clearly what is it you want cars house travel lifestyle income all that stuff and the clear you are with that vision the more likely it is to manifest you have to be specific with end goals and stuff like that and I think that’s a major mistake that people make is they get too general or specific or they’re not too serious about their goals and what they want and then you just kind of float along when you’re specific and you set a plan you your desire goes up your motivation goes up and you’re almost like one-track mind focused on going out for your goal every single day that’s really cool yeah Farrell’s little cat tower this is the other bedroom or Anthony staying temporarily so through the little area right by the kitchen we have this exit to the backyard this obviously leads to the garage I’ll see this nice wall this nice area architecture is really nice we have like a little like a pool fountain area it’s really really nice it’s beautiful we keep going back here my boxing equipment right here I don’t want to get crazy there’s a little area up there I can put some couches and stuff really really nice then this is the area that leads right there to the front of the house continuing on this is the side right here going the opposite way we were just going leads right here through the side they just right back here where the parking is as you can see so you can see the space here is huge if it’s so many cars here which is kind of what I wanted everybody knows that I’m going to be buying a ton of cars so give you guys a nice view from here of the house is really nice it’s just a thing of beauty this garage is definitely pretty big super clean I put my old one of my old little refrigerators there I have my old r.i.p Lambo rim right there super clean walls very very well-kept he has a sube here I probably will park the Lambo over there in the single spot but it’s a nice three-car garage the Lambo fits in in here pretty good and we have plenty of space between the cars so this is definitely an upgrade so I hope you enjoyed the tour I’ve been desiring and I set a goal to get a house like this a long time ago it’s really really nice to finally manifest it and I’m here you know it’s almost shocking but at the same time I knew that the state would come prepared for it I been doing a lot of stuff and I really hope this pushes you guys a little bit more to keep doing what you’re doing if you’re a longtime follower you know everything else sorry every single thing that I said I’ve done and you’ve been watching it over and over and over so you can do the same it’s just a matter of applying yourself really truly desiring it and then getting it done [Music] [Music] you

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