My Minimalist Apartment

My Minimalist Apartment

hi there my name is Mattie Avella I directed the Netflix documentary minimalism and this is my minimalist apartment I live here with my not a minimalist girlfriend Natalie our trips to Ikea can be a little challenging but we make it work let’s take a look inside the kitchen these are all the plates cups and bowls that we own when we have more guests over we bring out the paper plates but lucky for us we don’t have any friends here’s our dining room it’s where we eat it’s where I host my podcast and presently where I’m pretending to write emails this is my frame photo of the rock here’s my humble at-home editing suite it’s where I do most of my video editing these days I really like this desk it hides my hard drive cables and surge protector behind this gate it’s even got a peg for my headphones to keep my desk clutter free before this my work space was a nightmare with cords cables hard drives adapters all dangling under my desk the living room we don’t have a lot of furniture so we really do put a lot of time and energy into each piece that we buy we do have a TV and hey look what’s on it’s the award-winning Netflix documentary minimalism that’s so weird guests have called our bathroom aggressively pink we won’t spend any extra time in here and finally the bedroom I spent about 25 minutes making the blanket look like it was casually thrown on the bed I’d say I fit about 90 to 95 percent of my clothing in the three drawers to the right Natalie uses the other three and an entire walk-in closet these are all of my clothes and this is also when you call the police because you realize that only a serial killer would organize their clothes so neatly and that concludes my minimalist apartment tour otherwise known as the worst episode of MTV Cribs ever if you liked this video I make a lot of them subscribe to this channel for more or go to minimalist if you like podcasts I’ve got one of those it’s called the ground up show I interview people like Dan Harris rich roll and the minimalists to hear their stories and how they made things happen go to ground-up show calm for the podcast that’s it thanks for watching

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  2. Yeah when I lived alone I just had a few porno mags, a deckchair and a sleeping bag.I didn’t have a girlfriend either. This is not minimalist living

  3. I love this guy's videos. I am 23 and slowly adopting more minimalist habits, watched your personal finance video, epic stuff !! Subscribed.

  4. You are the most balanced minimalist i've ever seen,all other minimalist go crazy in minimalism " in my opinion "

  5. All the cups, bowls and plates you own are in the cupboard at the same time? No better sign that you don't have kids. 😉

  6. Question: How do you get your audio right, just editing with headphones (no monitors?)

  7. Please stock up a little bit on plates and cups. Paper plates and cups are almost on the same level of being harmful to the environment as the plastic cups you get at Starbucks. In my country there's almost no store left that sells these things. They're now stopping to sell disposable straws.

    I don't wann be insulting or so but it would be a small contribute to the environment if you'd stop using paperplates when guests come over. It wouldn't be such a big deal with your minimalist lifestyle I think.

  8. I came back here because of the latest video where you two are moving out just revisiting an apartment I don't live in but feels special to me

  9. So I’ve been working on finding more on something similar to this, but I’ve been unable to really do so.
    I want to try minimalism but with me being frugal, I want to ensure that what I do buy also has quality and durability.

    These last two qualities I don’t see getting touched on very often. If I buy a bowl or a cup, I want to try and have that bowl or cup be the only one I ever have to buy.


    If I buy a wallet, i want that wallet to last me till the day I die.

    It can’t all be immortal, I know, but I want durability in the things I buy, not just to have fewer things.

    Some final thoughts. I’ve got one razor. And I’ve not bought another razor or razor blade since 2015. Why? Because my double edged safety razor is durable and the blades are cheap. I fully expect that razor to last me till the day I die.

    That’s what I currently see missing from the minimalism lifestyle- the importance of durability in the products we DO buy.

  10. my favorite part is where shows us the picture of the Rock, without absolutely any explanation. Like common, that was one of the two framed things in the apartment, and tada its the rock. I have several questions and all of them are about that picture.

  11. I like minimalism and want to find my own way to embrace it. One tiny thing you mentioned and I'm surprised that no one in the comments mentioned it: "when you have friends, you get the paper dished out". From an environmental perspective that is horrible. I know minimalism isn't necessarily environmentalism. But I myself end up here as I want to do good for the planet and think minimalism is the answer. But I cannot strip down my possessions to a level that suits my everyday life but requires me to buy paper and plastic single use items for the unusual occurrence. For this purpose I just keep the things, although it means… to keep the things. What do you guys think?

  12. Hello everyone, does anyone know what kind of chairs these are around the round table? Thanks in advance.

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  14. My grandparents from the south raised me my aunt and uncle. Used furniture, plants, she made her own detergent, everything had more than one purpose. Jelly jars became drinking glasses, wash clothes by hand and hang out to dry, grew our food in the garden.
    We were labeled as poor not minimalist. As an adult I do the same in my household except now it's a trend 😁

  15. I’m not really getting minimalist your flat, it just looks like mine (although my beds nicer!). How else should your draws look? Unless you just chuck stuff and not fold it (**shudder**) 😱. You just have what you need. I love to get rid off things or even better just don’t get them in the first place. I don’t think that makes me a minimalist. It’s just about being clutter free.

  16. Like this could be a ordinary undeveloped County apartment, specially for students or freshly graduated from college… obviously those expensive electrical devices would be a cheaper version

  17. I love your desk, computer, mouse – so cool. My desk is so chaos even i cleaned a hour ago. How could you keep your desk so clean??

  18. Loved this video . You’re funny as well ..and I’ve been been trying to change my life and realizing I don’t need all this clutter in it!😱trying to converting into a minimalist.. if that’s a thing but just trying to get my health back in place I am so going to go l out.. that’s hard because I tend to be a little rat pack or on the hoarders side but I really need to change that ..thank you

  19. I agree with everything with the exception of paper plates. You're quite hilarious, giving this the thumbs up 👍🏻


  21. Next time could we see in your closets where do you keep your broom and dustpan or your vacuum cleaner and your cleaners and your laundry…..🤔
    Where are you hiding all your stuff !!!!!!!!??????😁😂

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