My Korean Apartment Tour – GEPIK Teacher

My Korean Apartment Tour – GEPIK Teacher

Alright so, welcome to my home. You see I’ve got the candles all lit To create that ambiance for when you first walk in. So, let me start off with the first thing that you see which is right here on this wall. I call this, like my wall of luck, my wall of love basically, these are letters and cards that I get from family and friends, and even some of my students. And I’ll post them on this wall. So, if you ever want to send me anything that you would like to go on this wall, you can. ‘Cause I am always adding to it. So, you can see Charly got me something This is a birthday card from my coteacher One of my students even got me something, this was for teacher’s day. And so yea, that’s the first thing you see when you walk in my door This is just kind of a wall of reminder Of why I’m here, what I’m doing, who’s supporting me

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  1. I was looking forward to this video, and you did not disappoint.   Thanks so much for sharing.   Your room is super cute!  I also loved how you decorated it.  P.S… my daughter has that same picture frame from IKEA in her bedroom too…LOL!

  2. wow~~ your room is so nicely decorated. ahaha i didn't decorate whatsoever~! Let's do a collab~~ TravelingNat interior designer~! Come decorate my crib!

  3. I love how you decorated your apartment!I have two questions for you: GEPIK says they prefer people to already have teaching experience in Korea or in an ESL environment.Did you have experience teaching in an ESL environment when applying?Also,when sending things to a Korean consulate,do you have to do this in person or can you have it mailed to them?Sorry for all the questions haha.

  4. Your apartment looks legit! I'm being real stingy on making my apartment look homey but I still love it^^

  5. Very cozy apartment Nat 😀
    I was lucky enough to have a one bedroom apartment when I was teaching in Korea 😀

  6. OMG Nat!!! Gurl me, my brother and my sister cant get enough of you! I know I commented in your last video but just watching your videos, gurl I cant even right now, you have no idea! You too cute! Anyways keep up the vlogs boo! P.S You are just full of fabulous!

  7. LOL! I lllloooove when you say, "Y'all don't need to be all in my business." when showing us the fridge. You are so refreshing and funny as everything! I laughed for the longest.

  8. u shus rly try to learn the language. its kinda rude dont you think? im not trying to be offensive or anything but if ur in a country and ur not even trying to learn a language or show ur viewers that ur trying by not watch korean tv etc then that just comes off as really rude.

  9. awe, your apartment is so cute and pretty, you've made it so homely!
    and i really like the card and letter display (the letter from your student was so sweet, haha)
    i have recently just found your channel and you make great content, and seem like a lovely person ^^

  10. So even with cable, they don't have any american tv shows? I've always wondered about that. Btw, you're gorge & i absolutely love your energy & positivity😉. For as long as i can remember, i've had this fascination with all things korean. A lot of my friends give me the side eye lol but i don't care. My dream is to one day move there permanently & live out that dream. Unfortunately, i'm petrified of planes😢. We'll see what happens.

  11. love this please check me out Write,Plan,Do James 2:17 Faith without works is dead please share and like marlow west team work make the dream work.

  12. After graduation, I received a Tefl certification to teach English in Korea. I went through the whole application process, renewed my passport, paid expedited fees because I was ready to leave by the end of the year. I became officially certified. After my interviews with my program and recruiters, they said they probably won't be able to find me schools because I am of Filipina descent and an overall big woman. I'm chubby and tall and the recruiters believed that Koreans were biased against all of those things and didn't want to search for schools for me. I wasn't about to pay all that money and not even try to pursue this opportunity so I told them and my American program coordinator how adamant I was because of my ambitions as well as my financial investment in this. (I went through a reputable program organization by the way, so I know this wasn't a scam). They didn't want to but they agreed to start looking for schools and said they would ask another recruitment team to team up with them to claim I have "a whole team trying to help me despite [my] flaws". My American coordinator even apologized and said he "had never experienced this before and no recruiter has ever felt so strongly biased against a body size." He claimed he's experienced recruiters being racist but not specifically about my height and width of my body. Months pass by and I don't hear a word from that. It was already late October, almost November and I had to contact them and ask what the update was. They needed me to verify who I was and the situation I was in as if they forgot my case. Then they just claimed "oh yeah, if you don't hear in 3 days. They obviously didn't accept you." 3 days later, I hear nothing and then a full week later, I get an E-Mail from my program coordinator saying "nobody wanted to hire you, we told you this was going to happen. Here are some other programs in different countries you might like" (for much more money, might I add). I wanted Korea because I've always been interested in their culture, I've wanted/needed to travel, I have experience in and do like teaching, they provided a good pay and I was broke after university, had schools that would pay for my flight, and have a place there with some amenities taken care of for me. After this experience discriminating against my race and body size, I don't think I can live there long term. I'd still love to travel there and visit, but I get enough prejudice here in the States about my ethnicity, sex, and/or size and it's hard enough as it is here getting a job that will take a chance on me and appreciate me for my qualifications and what I have to offer. I've met people who got accepted into Korea, such as yourself, and ended up enjoying a bit of it. More power to you, congratulations and I'm happy for you. But this was one of the most stressful and frustrating experiences of my life. I do wish you all the best though. Maybe I'll try again in the future, maybe I'll lose a bunch of weight and they'll want me or maybe I'll just try a different recruiter or program. I am not unhealthily fat, but I am definitely chubby. They based their biases without even looking at my health exam and only looking at my face and body. But for now, I can't really focus on that and need to move forward. I probably need to just apply to a different country. I know I want to get more fit, but that should be my business, not theirs. They don't know my progress on my health journey, it's always really frustrating to be judged by that and being a Filipina as well. Again, I wish you the best, good for you. I just wanted to share my experience that I tried to pursue the life you're living. It just didn't work.

  13. hi, i recently been told I've been placed in Gyeonggi-do but don't know where exactly how far is it from Gyeonggi-do to Seoul as i plan to visit there quite often when i have time off?

  14. I think you've done amazing things with such a small space. I've lived in small apts too (in the US) that were maybe a little bigger than that size. It is a lot tougher than it looks even if you don't have a lot of stuff.

  15. Great tour!
    I moved out too!
    I posted an empty apartment tour video 🙂
    Check it out and let me know what you think?

    Spoiler alert: My place is not as nice as yours 😛

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