My House Renovation Journey – Singapore HDB 5-Room (Part 1)

hi guys and I’m back so recently I have
been moving house and I used to stay in a three-room HDB flat that means it’s 2
bedroom with one living hall apartment in Singapore. Since my family has
expanded to a family of 4 person, we desperately needed a bigger space in the
house for our children to run around During this renovation process I have
vlog down the whole makeover including things that we buy, where we
get them from or the furniture, the interior designer that we engage the
color of the house, the layout of the house as well as the interior design
style that we chose. So I thought that it would be fun to put my vlogs into a
video for you guys. Some of you might be wondering where to get the items from so
along the way I will share with you some tips on the whole renovation process as
well as where to get your items from Doing a makeover or renovation of your
home it’s a very lengthy process and it is very tiring this is not the first
time that I renovate a house in fact this is my second home
so the first home was a 3-room flat and right now we have bought a 5-room flat We have encountered a lot of hiccups
during the renovation process for example you need to apply for renovation
permit before the work can start because we have sold our old house and we need
to hand over our old house to the buyer in about four weeks time. So we only
have a total of four weeks to do renovation as well as moving in so our
time was really very limited but thank God that we engage back our old designer
and he is really very fast, very prompt in all his services. I’m very very grateful
to have and engage him again for the second time and he did a wonderful job and he
is really our Savior because every decision and changes that we make to our
renovation he managed to make changes like quite instantly so this is what I
like about him so if you guys want to do renovation it is very important to
engage a very skillful and very experienced interior designer because
he is the middleman to all the contractors and he will manage the
contractors for you for example he will manage the painters, plumber and he
will also manage the whole electrical component of the house so my tip is to
find a reliable and a very professional, very experienced type of interior
designer. He can manage all the contractors for you as well as design
your house! So back to the duration of the renovation we had only four weeks to
renovate our place the very first thing that screw up was the renovation permit
so we did apply for renovation permit about one week before we get our keys so
we’ve assumed that it is enough time to start renovating our house. The new house
is really nice is a well renovated unit but it is not a design style
that we want. The old owner did a fantastic job and designed the whole
house in industrial style so this is not the style that we are going for so we
have to tear down a lot of walls to make it more space to suit our
lifestyle. For that reason we need to start doing the hacking work almost
immediately since we only have four weeks time to work on our renovation so
I’m not sure what happened but from my experience once you apply renovation permit and submit it to HDB, the approval takes about a week I’m not sure why mine
took about almost two weeks to get the approval!
So we panicked and my tip for you if you are going to do a lot of hacking works
It will take a lot of time for the HDB officer to approve your renovation permit. So my advice is 2 weeks before you’re getting your keys it is best for you to
start applying for the renovation permit. The rest of the video I’m going to show you some
of the vlogs and the things that I bought. So this whole renovation journey
I’m going to make it into about two or three videos so this is the part one
video and I hope that you will find this video helpful to you if you are new to my channel, my name is May and I do mom life videos and I give tips on how you
can make money staying at home! So without further ado let’s jump right
into my renovation journey This is our new house and today is the day we take the keys This toilet bowl is actually 1 piece and this is seamless here and the water efficiency is 3 ticks. And this is rimless these are the two-piece type and you can
see there’s a gap here so you know dirt easily can trap over here yeah so i’ve
learned something new today and if you want a more nicer type of design you can
see that this part are the flush type and these are the traditional type and this
one one thing is it’s soft closing These are bathtubs, so if you were to get a top mount kind of bathtubs these are actually the ones that you need to build tiles and these are the stand alone ones. Stand alone means you do not have any tiles on the side so this
is much much cheaper as compared to the standalone ones.Stand alone ones are always over $ thousands when you are doing home renovation you
definitely need to come to IKEA so I’m here to see some office chairs apparently their chairs are quite comfortable. Is it comfortable? Yes, here can adjust

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