My Creepy Stepbrother Loves Me. Now He Is My College Prof!

Hi everyone. My name is Nancy, and I want to tell you how
I got trapped in the apartment of a psychopath who was in love with me, and I was locked
up in his bedroom. Worst of all, this psychopath was my stepbrother. I have to say that Dave had been acting strangely
since the first day we met. I was 15 back then. My mother had been alone for a long time,
and I had never even spoken to my father, because he left us. So I was really happy when my mom had a new
boyfriend. And I was even more pleased when my mother
introduced us. He was a very nice man, and he treated well,
even though my mother already had a pretty adult child. Then I found out that he had a son himself. Dave was 19 and he was getting ready to go
to сollege. After their wedding, we moved to live with
them, and soon I began to have problems with my relationship with my stepbrother. It’s hard to describe… He was just weird. Sometimes I’d notice him staring at me when
I was washing dishes or just reading a book in the living room. And every time I’d catch his eye, he’d run
away, fast. I was too shy to ask him what was going on. After all, I might’ve just been imagining
it. But one night, I realized he was legitimately
crazy because he scared me to death. I was awakened by a rustling. I thought it was Daisy again, our cat. She was probably scratching at the door for
me to let her in. So I started to get out of bed, but as soon
as I opened my eyes, I wanted to scream in fear. It was Dave. And he was sitting in my room, staring at
me. It was too much. I wanted to scream for my mom, but he said
he just wanted to talk to me. Dave had fallen in love with me, and that’s
why he was acting weird. Then I told him that we couldn’t have anything
because I didn’t feel the same way, plus we were step-siblings after all! But that didn’t stop him, and he began to
lean over to me, to kiss me. At that moment I started screaming, and soon
our parents came to my room. Ugh, imagine how strange it looked in their
eyes. Thank God it was over, and my stepfather took
Dave away for a serious conversation. After that, I stopped all contact with him
and avoided him in every possible way. Luckily our co-habitation didn’t last long,
because after a month Dave moved to another city to go to college. From that moment on, my life was calm and
beautiful. And I didn’t even notice that four years had
passed, and I had to choose a college for myself. So I moved to another city, too. I really liked student life. Everything was perfect except for one thing. The dorms were crowded and I had to rent a
room outside of them. Since I didn’t have much money, this room
wasn’t in the best neighborhood, and sometimes I was a little scared on the way home. But nothing happened to me in two years, and
I was lucky that I never had to use my pepper spray. But my quiet existence was suddenly shaken
up. I was in classes and our group had gathered
together to be introduced to our new teacher. From what I’d heard, he had just finished
graduate school, and he got assigned here. My friends and I were already dreaming about
a young, handsome guy and giggled quietly. But then the dean asked everyone to say hi
to Mr. Dave Morgan. What the hell, I hadn’t expected that at all. I hoped that our paths in life had parted
forever and that we would never have to make contact again. But now he was my teacher, and I just didn’t
know what to expect from him. And my fears totally came true. At first, he lectured as if nothing had happened,
and pretended to not notice me. But one day he asked me to stay after class. When we were all alone, he started that old
conversation again. Dave was still in love with me, and he asked
me out for coffee. I reacted very sharply and refused. And after that, I started having problems. Literally during the first seminar, he just
destroyed me. I was doing a presentation in front of the
whole group, and after that, he just started bombing me with questions, and ruined my whole
presentation. Besides getting an F, I felt very humiliated. I was an excellent student and I knew the
subject really well, but he made me look like some dumb loser. This went on for several months until it was
time for the semester exams. And at that moment he called me to his office. As you probably understand, nothing good was
going to happen in there. This time he told me straight: I had to agree
to go out with him, or he would fail me on the exam and I would be thrown out of college. I didn’t want to put up with it this time,
so I told him to back off and ran out of his office. Of course, I wasn’t going to just stay quiet. So I went to the dean of the faculty, and
I told him everything. “I had a perfect academic record in every
subject – except for history, which was taught by my stepbrother, so the dean believed that
Dave was biased against me. And when he found out that Mr. Morgan was
harassing me, he was immediately suspended. Oh, I breathed a sigh of relief. Everything should have been all right at that
point, but that night I nearly died of fright. I stayed at the library until late, and headed
home in the dark. Everything was Ok as I walked around campus,
but then I walked into my dark neighborhood. At first, I thought I was imagining things,
but then I definitely started hearing footsteps behind me. In fear, I quickened my pace. Soon I reached the entrance of my house and
began frantically searching for my keys in my bag. Then I heard a man’s voice. This stranger was asking what a beautiful
girl like me was doing alone at such a late hour. I turned around and saw a huge man approaching
me. I quickly pulled out my mace and was about
to spray it in his face, but the button jammed, and I was left with nothing. Then I just closed my eyes in fear and prepared
for the worst. And suddenly I heard another voice. He was coming from far away and shouting at
this stranger. This big man was obviously afraid of witnesses
and quickly ran away. Thank God I was saved. And my Savior was… Who would have guessed it? Dave. ”
He said he wanted to apologize to me for the way he had been acting lately. It was just that when he saw me after all
these years, all the old feelings came back to him. But now he was ashamed of what he had done. I slowly began to calm down. I have to say, I was very grateful to Dave
for saving me. Who knows what that scary man was planning
to do with me. So when Dave asked me to come over, I said
Yes. Of course, I remembered that he had harassed
me years ago, but to refuse him a friendly visit now would have just been rude. In addition, he just wanted to talk about
our parents, because he had not seen them for a long time and missed them very much. So we went to his place. He had a pretty decent apartment just off
campus. We sat in the living room and Dave made tea. Everything was fine, we talked about our parents
and how much I enjoyed college life. Suddenly our conversation was interrupted
by a phone call. Someone called Dave at this late hour. He said it was urgent, and went to talk in
the kitchen. At this time, I wanted to take a closer look
at his apartment. And while I was looking at his desk, I overheard
part of his conversation. I heard phrases like “Yeah, you did everything
great,” “It worked out,” “I’ll bring the money tomorrow.” At that moment I realized what was really
happening. Dave set this up! He wanted to look like a hero in my eyes,
so he hired some guy to scare me to death. And now I was trapped in his apartment! Damn it, damn it, damn it! I had to get out of there fast. But the front door was locked. So then I rushed into the bedroom and locked
myself in there. Dave knew I’d figured everything out, so he
started knocking on the door and telling me to come out. I started looking around the room for something
to help me escape, and then I saw a strange thing in the corner of the room. It was something… Something like an altar. There were my Instagram pictures, copies of
my childhood photos. He must have made them when we were living
together. But the strangest thing was that, in the middle,
there was a picture of my best friend hugging me. Only instead of my friend`s face, it was Dave’s. No, he was definitely crazy. I had to figure out how get out fast. I tried to barricade the door to buy some
time for myself, and then I opened the window, and I saw the fire escape there. It was my salvation. When I climbed out the window, Dave had already
opened the door, and he started yelling at me to stop. But I was already running down the stairs. The stairs ended on the second floor, and
I had to jump down. It hurt, and I think I twisted my ankle. Despite the pain, I ran in a random direction
and screamed for help. Soon I met some people who were walking by. Man, I was really lucky to even see people
at such a late hour. I told them everything, and they called the
police. And it was only when the officers arrived
that I was finally able to calm down. After what Dave did, he was issued with a
court order that forbid him from approaching me. He was also kicked off of our college campus
and stripped of his teaching license. In fact, he’s lucky he didn’t go to jail after
that. Anyway, I was safe. I have to say that my parents discouraged
me from suing Dave. I can understand them, he was my stepbrother
after all. But he had to be punished. Maybe if his dad hadn’t “just talked” to him
five years ago, this wouldn’t have happened. Dave clearly needed the help of a psychologist,
and I hope this story will help him understand that.

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