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My name is Muath Alkhasawneh I’m 37 years
old. I was born and raised in Jordan. I’m an investment banker. I work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I’m
married, with three beautiful daughters. Very interesting question. My first paycheck,
actually, came not out of doing real work. I used to play pool for fun so I used to win
a lot of tournaments, used to be hundred and fifty bucks in a week, which was great for 16-17 year old kid I remember the first money that I made, I invested that money actually you know
brand new pool cue stick, to play even more perfect. Basically, investing is easy and its different than saving, when we’re young, we save money. But, a dollar today is worth more than a dollar
tomorrow so what makes more sense is not saving, but investing. Investing is easy, it doesn’t have to be difficult. However, we have to think about it, do your own due diligence before spending even one dollar in an investment. Real Estate. Real Gold and Real Estate are.. one of the best two assets, to our value.
Real Estate is one of the biggest asset classes out there. Its safe, its stable, in general. Freedom, because if I don’t invest, if I don’t create passive income, that means that I need to be employed to make sure that
that, that paycheck keeps coming. Again, its a good way to create passive income, to get into Real Estate, its an easy way – you don’t have to deal with brokers, with property managers, you can let
SmartCrowd do all of that for you plus you can invest small amounts of money, you
can diversify instead of putting a big chunk of money in one property, you can split it up and invest in 10 – 20 properties.

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