27 thoughts on “‘Moms 4 Housing’ Vow To Keep Fighting After Eviction From Oakland Home

  1. American Police = NATIONAL DISGRACE…
    Every one of those Alameda County sheriff's deputies is a CRIMINAL SCUMBAG…
    ALL of them are Sadist Fragile-Male COWARDS…

  2. They should give up and fucking leave. If the house has a eviction notice I would recommend the city to demolished it. They will probably give up after that

  3. You cannot move in anyone’s house. What is the difference from them coming to my house forcing their way into my home and living in my home until I get the authorities remove them. I see it the same way except for this was a corporation that owns this home, so that’s the only difference from them moving in my house. You cannot steal anyone’s property. I see this as okaying theft, not a humanitarian crisis.

  4. Bums occupy vacant houses illegally in CA like all the time. Now these are making a movement out of it. Which doesn't change an essence of it which is crime.

  5. If they would put the same energy looking for work, or staying at a job maybe they would have a house to live in. They just want things handed to them didn't want to work for it like the rest of us this is so ridiculous.

  6. This whole story is what is wrong with the united states these days. People just feel free to help themselves to whatever they want. Looks like the story is over. Hopefully no one sets a fire to the house for revenge..

  7. It is not Wedgewood's fault that this is a cruel world. If they want to buy the house back, they need to come up with the funds.

  8. The company that owns the home offered to pay for their moving expenses and 2 months at a charity shelter and these retards said that was insulting and refused? I'd say that's unbelievable but nothing surprises me these days.

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