89 thoughts on “Minimalist Vs. Interior Designer: Apartment Makeover

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  2. How rude, they could’ve at least asked Aria what changes he would’ve liked to see since he’s going to spend a lot of time there 👀😆

  3. Watching these designers compete and give different opinions on her space is just giving me anxiety for some reason. It would have been better if she had done the run-through with them each separately and see if they could build a connection with her and listen to her more instead of them desperately throwing ideas at her just to be heard. I wasn't enjoying that at all and couldn't keep watching it, it was really awkward.

  4. I disagree with "hide your clutter = theme of minimalism"
    If you still have that clutter around you, you won't calm down. Because you know it's still there in a box.

  5. Merle is so completely far off being a minimalist. Helene needs to step back and put herself in Merle’s shoes; Merle needs her clutter and her memories. That’s what relaxes her.

  6. Definitely want to see the makeover. However, it might make me sad. There's so much personality in the apartment already, and the chosen designer just seems to want to strip all of that out and replace it with her own sense of style instead of working with Merle's own style.

  7. It should have been "Minimalist Vs. Interior Designer Vs. Aria" and let Aria make over Merle's apartment and be another redesigning option for Merle to choose from.

  8. The title and thumbnail are trying to make it seem like you actually did the makeover. This is just a concept/part 1 so it would be nice if you made that clear.

  9. There are some good ideas here but have 2 people trying to help seems not so helpful. It would be interesting to see how it turns out.

    But the “ minimalist “ lady just kept pushing her vibe on Merle. And I hate all white linens. Personally there are lots of other linens that aren’t white but flow together and not hard to keep clean.

  10. He just said he felt congested and suffocated by her apartment. Her space looks so clean and spacious. He wants congested and suffocated, he should see my place 😭

  11. David is very client's oriented, he tries to keep Merle's personality as much as possible. But I kind of understand why Merle chose Helene, she probably wants her apartment to look completely different. New year new home.

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