Minimalist Apartment Tour

Minimalist Apartment Tour

100 thoughts on “Minimalist Apartment Tour

  1. Where did you find an apartment this large in NY? I just grabbed a place in Philly, signing the lease this week.

  2. the only furniture i own is desk, chair and a foldable mattress. that's good enough for me. (and desk is a must for productivity!)

  3. He has more furniture than me (even without the sectional) but I have more food and stuff. I need to get rid of some of my stuff.

  4. Why do so many minimalists don't have plants? It changes a room so nicely, and guess what?!? They only need water and sun 😉

  5. 3:40 Can we all just respect he's so OCD when he throws things into his shelves they land at perfect right angles

  6. Interesting. Wish I could go less more. Have you seen the power cord managemet boxes? (Amazon). Might be nice under the TV.

  7. Where you have (keep) books, newspapers, office tools (scissors, tape, notebooks, pens), souvenirs, photos. Do you have such things?

  8. I'm watching this because my tv died tonight. I had it about 12 years. Not sure if I should buy a new one or get used to not having one.

  9. "99% is logoless"
    I hate logos. I feel like I'm a walking billboard. Just give me good quality clothing and be done with it. There's no need to put a big logo. I don't feel the need to buy that sort of stuff.

  10. I don't know…it looks kinda sad. No art on the walls, no books….all the culture is 1's & 0's in the lonely box. It feels a little sad to me, but hey I'm uncle sloppy!

  11. this doesn't feel minimalistic at all. see, minimalism is an ideology, it's not really about having less thing, but more about the way to organise them to look pretty neat. minimalists are by nature good designers, and as i loved some parts of your appart, other parts gave me bad vibes like the echo wall was not perfectly constructed. the working desk felt so empty, and your cable management definitely needs a huge work. And finally, your drawer is full of dirty socks, please take care of that.

  12. If you have a letterbox with no grid on that door, don't leave your keys there because someone could reach in and take them and then enter your place.

  13. You are definitely a minimalist. I'm still working on downsizing my belongings. It feels so much better to have less to take care of, honestly. Thanks for sharing your home.

  14. I wouldnt call you a minimalist…. ‘Im probably going to upgrade to a 4k tv soon, get a couch…’ and not to mention all your camera gear. And i thought i was getting out of hand with my gear but i think you have more than me!

  15. I was wondering how much is the rent and how can you afford it? Is it all from being a youtuber? or also from freelancing in video?

  16. Your apartment looks like my apartment when I just moved in a year ago. Like you, it was my choice. I wanted to keep the spaciousness. I have accumulated some clothes with the changing season. I rationalized that it means I have considered this apartment my home. I live here. I look forward to part 2 of your minimalist apartment.

  17. A 1080p tv is great. Do you really need a 4k tv. This man needs to learn how to cook. It saves money, taste better and is a great way to spend time.

  18. I about died when I caught your fake 4:20 Easter Egg . You’re a funny guy ,Kraig! I really enjoyed your Tokyo film too! Keep it up , you’re gonna go places ^o^. Well , more places lol.

  19. i want that coffee pot and set up…love acoustic wall…are still living like this? how long can a person live as minimalist?.

  20. How do you know if someone is a minimalist? They’ll probably say something like 6:07 “I like it because it’s minimalist” when talking about something they own 😂😂😂

  21. I live out of a few backpacks basically. Most of my gear is camera and audio gear. I have to remind myself to buy myself things from time to time.

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