Minimalism Manifestation The Power of Simple and Non-Attachment manifestation

this video I’m gonna be showing you
something called minimalism manifestation this process is super
simple to apply plus it is something that keeps the clutter the complexity
out of your life allowing things to be easier than ever
welcome back to another video my name is Erin and I owe people expand their
consciousness and on this video we’re gonna be going deep on this new idea
I’ve been applying in my own life and it has to do with minimalism in
relationship to manifestation so it’s gonna seem a little bit like a paradox
first off I want to show you a little bit about I’m on this little swing right
here which is pretty cool look at that little prank you see that praying mantis
right there probably kind of see it and then look at this view it’s very nice
view right now I’ve been an Airbnb in Costa Rica this house is like
indoor/outdoor and then that house is like the house would like the rooms and
stuff that are like a seed and the reason I’m showing you this as well is
because a lot of what I manifest in my own life I like the manifest experiences
I’m like the person like in my family like fur it’s a holiday or something the
gift I like to get people are like experiences I’d much rather get someone
like able to go skydive or get people like massages get people experiences
versus getting people things I’ve always kind of been like that I love
experiences one of my favorite things to do is to go I’m a big foodie I like
going to nice restaurants and just restaurants in general and having a very
nice experience a slow experience I’m not like a food truck guy because it’s
kind of quick do you know what I mean I like to enjoy my food I like to enjoy
the experience I like to travel and be at nice places and be making videos and
very cool spots this is an experience either going to the beach is an
experience I like I like one you know snorkeling it’s an experience and the
reason I say that is because I think there’s something very magical about
going for experiences because you don’t materialistically keep much with you
from that maybe a memory maybe a photo or something but what I found this
allows me to do is it allows me to get and then let’s go
very easily the problem with the way most people like to manifest is they
manifest and they hold on to energy they hold on to the things they get what I
found is easier is to actually give away and declutter your life to give away and
declutter and make room for something new so this is what I think minimalism
manifestation gives us the ability to do as well it’s not become attached to our
manifestations it’s like oh I want to create this I’m considering for the
first time ever when I get back to Vegas actually leasing I want to get a Tesla I
think I’m going to lease the test so instead of buying which is I would never
have said that before I’m like well why would I believe some do this well the
idea is you lease it you don’t own it you don’t have it as a possession you
just use it for a period of time you enjoy it and then you get rid of it
that’s what I’m thinking of doing I’m thinking of doing something like that
and you feel more free this is a thing as well when you’re doing minimalism
manifestation which is what I call it you become more free you’re not tied to
anything we’re not tied to anything things become very simple very easy you
know they say that um like if you want to make room for something new in your
life especially with minimal like you you you can get rid of things get rid of
clutter and watch how then new things come into your life so for example try
this next time you want new clothes get rid of some of the clothes you have
donate them give them away to someone and when you give them away to someone
what you do is you you give away no mean that that someone else may enjoy it and
then what you do is you make room for something new but give it away you’ll
feel good with the giving and as that energy leaves you know that then you’re
making room for energy to come back in and that’s many times a lot of times
that’s the way work you have to make room for something new it’s like
sometimes like a dog will have a bone in his mouth and then what happens is it
wants another bone but in order for you that bone you got to let go the bone in
its mouth right now if you want some other one or just enjoy the bone it has
right now sometimes we tell ourselves stories I mean I need more manifestation
things I need more materialistic things do you you know I like
experiences that’s just me though maybe you maybe you like the material things
it’s not nothing wrong with it but don’t become identified with it
minimalism manifestation allows you to be free of things allows you to be free
of clutter you know there is a psychological part of it too if you have
a house and in that house you have stuff everywhere it’s very dirty very messy
many times your outer reality will be a reflection of your inner reality and the
more things you have the more cluttered you may find your mind feels you see
it’s like a symbolic representation of reality of what’s going on on the inside
so one thing I’ll do if I’m ever you know when I had my house in Vegas what I
would do is if I started to feel cluttered mind I may go actually just
clean up a little bit I’d clean up the things on the counter I would clean up
sometimes my way of cleaning it’s like I just throw things in a drawer and close
it which may I don’t know what that symbolically says about me but I do know
that when it looks cleaner I feel a lot better okay I know that some of my dad
used to clean too he used to just like throw things into a closet and shut the
closet and then it’s like well everything looks cleaned
I gotta do the same thing but nonetheless it does work Oh at least at
least it is I don’t know okay got me thinking about that now that’s like what
is this symbology of that but in general minimalism manifestation I would I would
I would what I would encourage more is to actually just get rid of things you
become okay with like letting go of things that don’t you know you’re not
gonna use again I’m a riot clothes in my closet I knew I was never gonna wear
again but for some reason I was afraid I didn’t I wouldn’t let it go like well
you know I paid quite a bit for this shirt I’m never gonna wear it again why
can I give it to someone you know so in general Manimal is it minimalism
manifestation is about understanding that you don’t need to be attached to
anything invited but not being attached to anything you then become free to
experience what you want welcome your Venus video
the or just woke up talk about minimalism say hi I woke up an hour ago
I was just hide you in my room I didn’t wake you up today they’ll be right now
okay yesterday I made a video I got up really early I got to put like 550 and I
made a video and then she’s like like what did you wake up she’s like what I
heard you yelling outside I heard something like that anyways I’ve talked
about mineral is a manifestation it’s the idea that when you get rid of things
you didn’t make space for new things but also keeping things really really simple
and not cluttered yeah there’s praying mantises up there
so keeping things very very simple now another thing is manifestation in
general sometimes we make it so so so so complex well there’s this there’s that
and there’s this and there’s that and I have to do this then I have to do this I
the way that I look at the thing that I’ve been talking about recently because
it’s what I use to manifest my own life it’s to understand this idea it’s called
I call it beam as it be as it being as if is where this is what you do you
identify the version of you a vision for the version of you that you prefer to be
you visualize it you imagine it and if you can imagine it that a version of you
already exists now what you do is as you imagine that version of you and you
visualize it you imagine that version of you through their perspective the kind
of daily habits you’d have the kind of emotions you’d feel the kind of thoughts
you’d be thinking the daily the things that you would do every day the way you
would think about yourself the beliefs you would have and you get yourself into
that identity into that version of you knowing that already exists and then
what you do is every single day you just decide to be that version of you
regardless of what the outside looks like so for example I do that with you
too I made a video every single day on YouTube regardless of how many people
were watching and eventually that became my dominant vibration that became my
dominant reality now what I would say as well is have the vision of you you can
acquire that identity of being a minimalist like I said I’m somebody that
likes experiences over materialistic things I like nice places to eat
I like stayin at nice places I like experiences massages and then I’m not
attached to any specific thing that’s just the way that I of me that I prefer
to be is but for you what is that I would say that what you can do is infuse
a part of you as being more of a minimalist not attached to anything and
sometimes when you have more space in your life and you’re not attached to
certain things guess what that also gives you the ability to do to feel more
whole and complete on the inside do not feel so complex manifestation is not
complex you get a reality that is equal to your vibration your calm your
vibration is a combination how you think how you feel and how you act so if you
tailor your vibration towards being the version of you that you prefer to be
doing what you love for a living having that minimalist non-attachment
type personality you will find that it becomes easier than ever for you to
manifest what you want because it’s super super simple
super simple simple is powerful simple is practical simple is easy to apply
rather than there being 600 steps to manifestation so simple be this version
of you this version of you with this identity that may include if it
resonates with you and the benefits of being a minute minimalist are you not
attached to a lot of things the benefit of being a minimalist is that you can
let go of things easily the benefit of being a minimalist is that things are
super simple the benefit of being a minimalist is that you’re free to do
what you want where you want to do it when you want to do it you’re not
attached to things so if you want to be a minimalist then look at that version
of you and simply decide you’re going to be that part of you have that minimalist
as a part of your identity and let it be super simple free to manifest what you
want the thing with is sometimes you may see a hundred different videos on
YouTube on manifestation and you may feel confused because you’re like well
this says this this says this this says this this is this take what you want
from the videos you want but keep it simple keep it simple that’s why being
as if it’s like well I’m just gonna be this version of me that’s tied to my
passion it’s tied to what I love doing and by you
choosing to be that version of you you will notice that then you start to
experience that reality in your life but minimalism is about keeping things
simple it’s about understanding that when you give you also get more if you
make room in your closet for things that you’re no longer wearing you might find
you get more abundance in your life because then you have the space in it
but you don’t have to always fill it back up you don’t have to get rid of
some of the stuff in your closet then fill it back up just get what you need
I’m you know I wouldn’t I don’t know if I consider myself a true minimalist I’m
sure people would probably look and you know I’m traveling with like three
suitcases around the world right now some people would say well the true
minimalist but have one suitcase and three outfits they wear and that’s it
well I’m not a true minimalist then but I don’t claim to be I’m just saying that
when it comes to manifestation be like a minimalist keep it super simple
understand the more space you create inside of your life and the more space
you create in your environment it may be a reflection and easier for you to have
more more space in between your thoughts let’s clutter because the clutter on the
inside and the clutter on the outside is a direct reflection and I’m telling you
right now that when you’re not attached to things you will feel free not
attached to your possessions you will feel free and you’ll literally be free
because I’m not attached to a certain place in Las Vegas where I’m from or a
certain certain certain material possessions because I’m not attached I’m
free I can travel it’s getting ready to go to Miami after this then back to
Vegas yeah I could do whatever the heck I want so this is about just
understanding your own energy understanding the are things super
complicated do you do you find yourself consuming so much not knowing what to do
keep it simple give away declutter your life and understand that by decluttering
your also sending a side to the universe that
says that you don’t need it and that you don’t you’re not attached to it it said
it’s also an act to the universe that says that it could be a way that’s
reaffirming a belief that there’s always more to come back to you and maybe that
is an experience maybe it’s materialistic things but
don’t be attached attachment is what causes all resistance in life so
minimalism manifestation I don’t know we gonna make this a thing I just had this
idea to make this video Manila’s a manifestation let me know
what you think of this idea below and like this video if you want more videos
that are a little more casual like this where I’m like swinging in a swing just
chill and relax and talk to you about this but it’s more a casual video like
this video if you want more videos like that other than that you have any last
words Lee or peace much love and namaste

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