MEDELLIN: $129 Apartment For Rent in Colombia (SUBTITULADO)[#20]

MEDELLIN: $129 Apartment For Rent in Colombia (SUBTITULADO)[#20]

[Music] so yesterday was kind of a bust so I’m actually out here in the similar area about to look at another apartment that is only 380,000 pesos per month so a lot cheaper same area [Music] a really unfortunate turn of events I could not the life of me find this apartment I’m in the right area where the GPS told me to go the right Street giving the right building but I could not find the unit in the building I swear it just does not exist and I don’t have Wi-Fi on my phone and any connection so I couldn’t really ask anybody or or look on the map I asked a bunch of people around here like well where’s this resistant they kind of point me in the right direction but it never exactly find where it was so I’m on my way back to the hamsa right now I need to get checked out hostels move to another awesome for a couple of days and you know the Wi-Fi and talk to the owner stated so I didn’t show up I couldn’t find a place all right so here is the scoop I’m back in my household here in El Centro which is about a 30-minute transit taking a couple of the metro trains here so I got back to the hostel talked to the lady that is trying to rent me the room and I was really apologetic and she’s like where were you I was waiting for you I couldn’t find it with this address she says no it’s this address and so she rented out that room but she said she has another one and I said okay you want to meet me again in 45 minutes as she said okay so all my stuff packed up it’s time for me to check out at this hostel anyway I’m going to not book another hospital maybe I can just get in to it this room here like right now we’ll see and if not then I’ll figure something out but uh here we go round two [Music] another commensal okay and this work is their last what is it that’s all okay here here eat the man actually can do it thank you nothing that I will call in and come out dolly is saying [Music] so I did like it I did like that place unfortunately just had a single bed it was a really small room I just like to have a little more room and wife I was a little slow so I’m going to look a little bit more I really don’t have too high of standards when it comes to finding a room but some 30 days to live my newsfeed pretty good because I spend a lot of time uploading downloading streaming all that kind of stuff so we’re to go find at the hospital hola hola tengo la Renta an American marshal our marshal finally each part the world and so the search continues I’m just going to wrap up this video right now I’m in the new hospital I booked this for a couple nights I’m going to keep looking online and I’m in the area that I really like which is law Ellis so I hope I can maybe explore around here over the next few days and then find some places I asked the guy at the front desk if you knew of anywhere any place to rent and he said there is a building about a block over that is renting places for about six hundred thousand honestly since I just saw that one for 380 I’m online for something a little cheaper than 600-thousand but if you liked this video you should definitely check out this video which is more of metazine in El Poblado which is a really really popular neighborhood around here and some of the hospitals there and some of the food prices there alright guys I will see you next time [Music]

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  1. been watching all your videos, this is amazing that you are sharing all of this information that really has all the good ideas; thanks and hopefully YouTube is good with you!

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