Macaulay Culkin | Where Are They Now? | Kevin McCallister in Home Alone

AFTER MACAULAY CULKIN stole the entire world’s
heart in 1990 as a ten-year-old left Home Alone for Christmas… AFTER retiring from the acting game with nothing
left to prove at the ripe old age of 14-years-old, in order to… Just … get laid and smoke pot AFTER launching a digital empire that spoofs
Celebrity endorsed websites like GOOP in an ONION inspired mash-up parody… Macaulay Culkin was everywhere at the end
of last century and yet he remains an artist that I’ve never had the privilege of posting
a Before They Were Famous for. Why? Well, trust me guys, I tried. But all I had was about 2 minutes of material
and most of the clips were of him in utero. How did I get that footage? Believe me, you don’t want to know. What I’m getting at here is that Macaulay
has been famous since he was only 5-years old! There’s not a whole lot of “before”,
you know? Culkin’s star exploded in 1989 and 1990
when he starred in two John Hughes produced films: “Uncle Buck” and the modern classic holiday
movie, “Home Alone”. In the early 1990’s he was easily one of
the most popular and prolific actors working in Hollywood, but after a flurry of movies,
some successful … some not … … and some just way too ahead of their time
… … Culkin called it quits, retiring in 1994. But that wouldn’t be the last we’d hear
from everyone’s favourite pre-pubescent actor. Ten years later, Macaulay would re-enter the
main stream in a series of different projects – all of them off the beaten track of normalcy. What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael McCrudden here to ask
the one and only question we’re always wondering around this time of year:
Macaulay Culkin, Where Is He Now? His movie family might have lost track of
him for days, but let’s see if I can find out where he is in approximately ten minutes. To be fair, I’ve been down this part before
but every December our older videos on Macaulay only get more popular and there is always
new information we can dig up for you guys. In this one we are gonna get more in depth
about what Macaulay has been doing in recent years. Enjoy the video, hit subscribe and let’s
get on with the investigation. First, a brief primer. Macaulay “Macaulay Culkin” Culkin was
born on August 26th, 1980 in New York City. I know what you’re thinking, DID I SAY HIS
NAME TWICE? It turns out, about a year ago, Macaulay held
a vote online to change his middle name from Carson to one of five different options: I mean, how could you possibly improve upon
the original? Better to just double-down on it. So now, Macaulay is officially: Macaulay “Macaulay
Culkin” Culkin. Just so that he can do things like this… Still with me? Good. Anyway, MMCC’s father was Christopher Cornelius
Culkin a Broadway actor who never married Macaulay’s mother: Patricia Brentrup. Culkin was the third of seven children, including
five brothers and two sisters. He was raised Catholic and went to a Catholic
School called: St. Joseph’s School of Yorkville for five years. I mention this only because it may help inform
how Macaulay developed as he grew older… Macaulay began acting at the age 4 – something
that I’m sure must have been his idea, and not say perhaps the wishes of a struggling
Broadway actor whose primary source of income was coming from the local Catholic Church. You can imagine, the type of scratch Christopher
was clearing on a weekly basis was not exactly enough to feed his ever growing small-nation
sized family. Enter Macaulay who got acting roles in “The
Equalizer”, “Rocket Gibraltar” and “See You in the Morning”. But his big break came in 1990 for the John
Hughes written and Chris Columbus directed: “Home Alone”. “Home Alone” was one of the biggest hits
of the year, if not the decade, and after its massive success, offers came pouring in. Music videos with the King of Pop… … hosting SNL … … further starring roles in films like:
“My Girl”, “The Good Son”, and of course, the inevitable “Home Alone 2: Lost
in New York”. Handling all of these projects in such a short
span of time would have been a lot for even a fully-grown person to take, but for a 14-year-old, kid? It must have been extremely overwhelming. So, in 1994, Macaulay took a break from acting
after his 15th project in only seven years. He retired to Manhattan. Seeking normalcy, Macaulay went to a private
school and in 1998 he married actress Rachel Miner when they were both 18… And because nothing screams “normal” more
than a first marriage being doomed to failure, the two separated in 2000, and were officially
divorced in 2002. Eventually, Macaulay started scratching that
itch to get back to work. In 1998 he appeared in a music video called
“Sunday”, for the rock band Sonic Youth. Then, in 2000, he returned to acting with
a role in the play “Madame Melville” which was staged on London’s West End. This was followed up with smaller roles on
“Will and Grace” and guest appearances on “Robot Chicken”. In 2003 he got back into the movie game with
a role in “Party Monster”, followed by “Saved!” Things took a bit of a detour In September
of 2014 when Macaulay ran into some legal trouble. He was arrested in Oklahoma City for possession
of Marijuana and two further controlled substances: Xanax and Clonazepam, which is used to treat
seizures and movement disorders. He was briefly jailed but then released on
$4,000 bail. He pleaded not guilty at the trial, a plea
that he would later reverse. He then received three one-year suspended
prison sentences and paid a $540 in fees. $540? don’t worry… the kid could certainly
afford it. In 2006, he published an experimental semi-autobiography
titled: “Junior”. In it, he focused on his own stardom and his
tumultuous relationship with his father who he claims was jealous over the level of stardom
Macaulay was able to achieve. That same year, Culkin and actress Mila Kunis
moved in with one another. It was a relationship that would last for
nearly 6 years. While in St. Louis Missouri in August of 2009,
Culkin made a brief appearance on WWE’S RAW. Sparking off what would become a theme of
escalation between Macaulay and the sport of professional wrestling. At this
point it’s only a matter of time before Macaulay shows up on Friday Night Smackdown
and challenges The Fiend Bray Wyatt for his Universal Championship… yeah, okay, I watch
wrestling too, so sue me. Don’t be jealous that Macaulay and I have
something else in common besides successful careers as child actors. A year later, Macaulay appeared on screen
at the 2010 Oscars, in a tribute to John Hughes. Looking far more clean-cut than usual I must
say. No doubt something that speaks to the respect
he has for the man who helped launch his career. By 2013, Macaulay had moved on from Mila and
the U.S.A. and was living in Paris. Then, at the end of that year, he uploaded
a bizarre video of himself eating a slice of cheese pizza. Turns out, this was a project that was doing
two things at once. On one hand, it was a loving tribute to OG
viral video master Andy Warhol and his clip of eating a Burger King Whopper… … On the other, it was a way for Macaulay
to announce his next project, the New York based, pizza-themed comedy rock band: The
Pizza Underground. What they basically amounted to was a Velvet
Underground act that would insert pizza-themed lyrics into the original band’s classic
songs. Their tour began with promise in January of
2014. They even handed out boxed pizzas at shows
to the audience to further the gag. But the dream came crashing down in May of
that same year when Culkin stormed off the stage at Rock City, in the U.K. during what
was no doubt a pure fire Kazoo solo. Unfortunately, British fans at the venue didn’t
have as classically trained an ear. They booed him and threw pints of beer at
the band. Macaulay reportedly asked the audience: Why are you throwing those? I’d rather drink them! The rest of their tour was subsequently cancelled
and by 2016 Macaulay announced that his revolutionary band was no more. But Macaulay has never been one to let a little
failure get in his way and by July of that same year he was already bouncing back, starring
in commercials for international subsidiaries like: Compare the Market. In January of 2018, Culkin announced the formation
of a new comedy and podcast website platform called: Bunny Ears. This
was a pet project of his that took to skewering other celebrity-owned websites like Gwyneth
Paltrow’s Goop… … Blending humor with helpful lifestyle
advice like where to go to get homemade Adderall — a connection I assume Macaulay made while
in prison back in OKC – or even how to find 6 bathrobes perfect for doing coked-up naked
karate. Again, there must be an OKC connection there…. If that sounds like too much reading for you,
then you can always hop over to the Podcasts page and listen to Macaulay talk with celebrities
like: Tony Hawk, Wil Wheaton, and Lizzo. I was actually scrolling around Bunny Ears
the other day and stumpled upon an article about Macaulay Culkin’s Net Worth. It was a bit of a strange read in true Buny
Ears fashion and uses a metaphor of a butterfly net and concludes with. A man isn’t worth what’s in his pocket. A man makes as much as what’s in his heart. But also, the emotional value of his unstoppable
butterfly-catching tool: the net For those who want a more straight forward
answer let me know and I’ll get working on his The Rich Life. Now no longer one to back off from his own
popularity, Macaulay has even recently starred in an Advertisement for Google Assistant that
recreated some of his most famous scenes from his holiday classic, with a December drop the video of course went viral. This past year, in 2019, Macaulay had a role
in Seth Green’s movie titled: “Changeland” which is perhaps most notable for being the
where he met his current girlfriend, fellow child actor, Brenda Song. Who would be a very interesting person to
do a Before They Were Famous video on. And that, my friends, brings us to the present
day. So Where is Macaulay “Macaulay Culkin”
Culkin now? Pretty much were he left off over two decades
ago — back in the public light. But unlike earlier in his career when he was
pretty much doing all the heavy lifting on his own Macaulay finally seems to have found the perfect
of balance of working on things that interest him and surrounding himself with the people
and talent that can help bring it to life. I’m extremely happy for the guy. I think he’s become a great example of a man
recreating himself in his own way. There have been some bumps along the way and
every media tabloid is quick to chalk him up as a washed up child actor like so many
before him but the dude seems super successful, super happy and seems genuinely okay with
his child star notoriety and popularity during the month of December. I’m gonna wrap this video up here. Be sure to check out some of our other Christmas
themed videos like our recent drop on the cast of Elf. Last year we did one on the cast of Home Alone
& more. My name is Michael McCrudden and I’ll see
you guys in another video.

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