what is up shares welcome to Liz’s vlog
so this is Liz’s channel this is Liz’s vlog I’m filming an update for her
because I haven’t seen Liz for a very long time I actually haven’t seen her
since Utah I think it’s been a couple weeks she got on the wrong flight she
ended up flying like halfway across the world in the wrong direction we flew the
other way back home and since then she’s been trying to figure out how to get
home and I think she made it all the way to Thailand from the looks of it I’ve
been following her vlogs following her channel it looks like she went all the
way to like Thailand and now she’s trying to get home by boat so I’m just
trying to film an update now because she hasn’t posted for quite a while and I’m
just trying to check in with you guys make sure that everything’s okay and I
wanted to ask you guys see if you have any updates of where liz is what she’s
doing and I’m just hoping that she’s gonna make it back home because she’s
traveling by boat halfway across the world and that is not gonna be easy and
she doesn’t have a lot of money with her right now so it could be really hard for
her to get home so I’m just hoping that she can make it home well none of the
good news the FedEx guy just came and dropped off a package and I love opening
packages and so let’s go open that I don’t really know what to film for you
guys because you know Liz isn’t here normally liz does the vlogs for you guys
and you know I just don’t know about what else to do but so I’m just gonna
open the package we’ll do a little unboxing hopefully it’s something cool
hopefully something interesting so guys enjoy this and if you guys see any other
clues about where liz might be whatever you know definitely comment them down
below and try to update me here’s the package always the big box my goodness
why is this box so big it doesn’t even looks like got some custom made box it’s
got some pink tape on the outside that’s weird okay I don’t see any address I
don’t see like where it came from you know it must have had the art my house
address on here but I don’t see like a return address I wonder where this even
cocoon kind of a flimsy box – looks like it’s
kind of been through quite a bit look it looks like it’s been handled like crazy
and it’s kind of kind of like falling apart a little bit but I wonder if
Steven ordered like a go-kart or something I don’t know I’m just gonna
start opening it up I guess how do we do this why is it wet what Liz is that you
Liz we saw this once here what a light snacks what’s going on for so long and
you’re all sweaty gross you so hot in the box
maybe I pass out cuz it was so hot why are you in a box
I shower mail my stuff home and work you work them home and whoa wait
I’m home do you have water any waters yeah come on quick let’s get you inside
we gotta get you some water it’s getting out of this boy’s water quick open this
box get out huh come on there you are come on let’s go come on get you some
water what who were you were what hey do you
go home so you’re mailing something that’s pretty cheap so just mail myself
I stuck myself in a box sucked on a stripping label and the UPS guys are the
faxes I don’t even know who pick me up put me in the truck hauled me over here this you’ve been gone for so long you’ve
missed so much there’s been so many crazy things that’s happened since
you’ve been gone everything you a million subscribers
that’s right I did reach 1 million subscribers you a car or something yes
even show it you didn’t enjoy it his vlog I’m gonna go in there and ask him
yes diva surprises me with my dream car ever anyway let’s get you some water
you must be so thirsty okay oh my gosh Liz did you at least have food and
snacks in that box says you’re probably shipping for like two days at least how
long have you been in snacks I have food and snacks and water how many how long
how many days have you been in there for yeah I don’t know I actually it was
quick Alan slept twice and then I woke up
higher like I made it here I guess we is did you build a bathroom in that box
well I have these the bathroom because I have any water so I don’t have to use
the bathroom at all so you didn’t go to the bathroom the whole time
oh I think I got to go now oh okay whew whew I feel so much better now I miss you baby I’m here for you I’m
here baby I missed you guys so much oh I miss them so much Milly hey Carter
where’s Stephen I think he’s just inside so he goes to see we go find them yeah
come on were you okay so I mailed myself home in a box which is why I’m so sweaty
because it’s so hot in that box there was no ventilation and then I don’t want
on this crazy journey I was in Thailand and I mean to California and had no
money so I shit myself in a box and I finally somehow through a miracle made
it home oh my goodness one glad you’re back also Steven I was watching your
vlog and you have this big surprise for car you got I’m a car but you didn’t
show it you just blurt it can you show me no you just got to watch part two in
part two I reveal what the big surprise is the world’s biggest surprise why I
got watch that vlog now okay Liz you ready to see the surprise that Steven
got me uh yeah Millie so excited she’s wiggling and stop whoa yeah what do you
think show come on show what is this well it’s called a Hummer
but it’s basically a tank Sherri’s look out look at the front of
this thing look how wide it is compared to like this car look at this it’s
ginormous yeah you can fit this car inside this car yeah crazy it’s so big
dude I think it’s the biggest vehicle allowed on the road and what’s really
cool about it is that the reason why it’s so wide is so when you drive it
offroad it’ll fit in the tank tracks on a real tank so that means it’s as wide
as a tank so a lot of shares have been commenting that you left my dirt bike
out in the rain so where’s my dirt bike what are you talking about in say
anything like that see her there so then I’ll take it okay
maybe what are you talking about it’s a anything like that yeah it was like
storming or something you left my dirt bike out in the rain so it’s my dirt
bike okay I don’t know what you’re talking about I think it’s over here
guys I’m very suspicious about Carter because he definitely left out on the
rain there’s camera evidence let’s look it’s right here it’s
underneath it’s inside and everybody’s right here you baby hey what is all this stuff on
it so you got a little dusty from the store but what storm I don’t know it
just stormed it flooded like yesterday so it was underneath look how dry it is
little suspicious well you haven’t even been home because you went to Thailand
she got on the wrong flight I did yeah well maybe she came back to sooner say
it wasn’t ok well I need to take this thing for a test drive so take it out oh
yeah go get shoes on good shoes ok Liz I’ll bring it out for you did you or did you not write it while I
was gone well maybe I wrote it a little bit it’s
ok he got it for me so he can ride it yeah ok I’ll start it up for you too
boy one kick oh yeah okay let’s see what she got Liz
you haven’t driven this thing for a while so let’s see what she’s got so
tried it you don’t remember oh yeah that was so much fun I miss my
dirt bike so much I think I’m gonna write like every single day this summer
whoa okay as you guys already know I’ve been in Thailand because I’ve missed my
flight I met with chickypie one of my YouTube
her friends and she helped me how to get home she even helped me find the biggest
Paul monster ever they were huge yeah I was watching your vlogs those pop
monsters are like crazy monster looking things I don’t know what they all got
scared of me apparently have like bone-crushing jaws
Wow so you don’t want to get bit by them yeah definitely that sounds crazy and
lisby so up the monster in our pond to you we do yeah we need to figure out how
to get it out we got closer because I put liquid nitrogen in there and scared
it away but we still need to get it out of the water
the liquid nitrogen didn’t get it out of the water just scared it okay well I
think I have better training now after chickypie taught me how to catch it and
I think I I think I know I think I know a way how we can get this thing really
how yeah so what we did is we put a catfish on a rope we threw it in the
water and it like we need to get a real fish you’re like luring it like a
fishing rod yes and then it would I mean with this was on a little one so it’s
like a test but we were basically luring it in and it worked it totally worked
and we just need like a box or something to grab it or something but I see how to
trap it so once you lure it then you got a traffic so it’s like two parts one you
gotta like bait it and you gotta trap it you need a real-life fish oh that’s a
cool idea okay sure so how shall we do they’re ours like how should we get this
monster out of the pond I don’t know I think it should work the same way the
only thing is the monster that’s in our pot is like much bigger than the ones
that you saw in Thailand so we might need like bigger bait in a bigger trap
maybe I don’t know okay well I guess you better start working on something cuz I
don’t want this monster to terrorize our whole summer yeah we got to get it out
there because I want to film cool videos I want to do backflip videos into the
pond the water trampoline I want to do like BMX stuff in the water when do the
zipline I want to do like everything I want to drive breathing underwater like
fun stuff in the pond yeah that sounds like so much fun I
really can’t wait for the summer and until next time shares you know what to
do stay awesome and share the love peace woo we do be good we went back flips like
Roman Atwood sitting at the top afraid I’m I miss you gotta be brave to take
that risk Ryan I got the weightless feel land and
the water feels so unreal swim it up now just take a breath all these stunts here
you know the rest every cover bore with the massive wheels always snack and I
don’t eat meals with amenities – hydro dip jumping off the jet skis what’s the
backflip now you know where the sheriff grows I’m green lever with the under
glow in a million that’s what we do

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