So you’re doing your research on Lion Property Group and you find this listing. But hang on, that can’t be right. They went insolvent in 2017. What happened to the directors? What about their developments? How dare they do this? Are they a scam? Are they trying to scam me out of my hard earned money? This is a disaster of unimaginable proportions! Yeah, not quite. So it turns out that there used to be a property named Lion Property Group which went out of business back in 2017. Now, they were insolvent and became deregistered and as a result of that, the name became available, which isn’t to uncommon in the business world. Now in May 2018, my business partners and I, we founded our organisation and we claimed the now available name, Lion Property Group. But not only that, we also acquired the development arm of the business that we exited. And with the acquisition of Investments Squared came along our community of 130 active investors, over twenty million dollars of funds under management and thirteen projects on the go. We might be a new company on paper, but with a collective experience of over forty-three years we know what we’re about. Lion Property Group. We get results, and we’re the real deal.

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