Laev business space – property overview

Laev business space – property overview

Hello from Reinvest24 We have come see
one of our properties – an office space located next to the sea, in the center of
West Tallinn. In the area you can also find the Tallinn zoo and one of the
oldest and biggest shopping centers in Tallinn. It’s a nice green area located
next to the sea, just ten minutes drive away from the city center. The office space is located on the 4th floor of the newly developed building finished in 2017. The building is designed to be energy efficient and is considered as the real estate pearl of the area. The property came with all the furniture and equipment including the server room and the storage room in the underground parking. Let’s go check it out! The key factor for this propety is the rental contract Which is signed
for 8 years period with one of the biggest car wash chains in our region. They also own and operate the Subway franchise in the Baltics and generate over 5 million euros of revenue per year. We have secured the rental contract with
a fine more than 50,000 euros if they decide to leave earlier. We also keep
three month rental payment as deposit from them. We see this property a secure
long-term investment, that provides an attractive and stable rental income for our investors. Considering the purchase price, we also see great potential for
long-term capital growth. From this property You will start to earn
the rental income from the day that you place the investments.

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