48 thoughts on “La La Land – The Reality of Dreams

  1. I literally stumbled on your videos an hour ago, from the Breaking Bad video. Absolutely loving it. I am certainly going to follow you from now. Keep up the good work!

  2. how can the whimsical magic @2:41 be accessed in every moment? (by not being just one color… (only an actor, writer, etc…)) but open to the other color… an active kind of editor/supporter of tense contrast that enables freedom (magical process of opportunity, joy in all weaknesses, even in death TO BE YOURSELF!), and not a passive one of that wants an end/result? ("free of all weaknesses", which is only a dead illusion, forcing you to be "like" something dead.) Dead because it is a fleeting moment that is in the process… and thus should not be made more than the process, by holding on to them (reaching for/maintaining an image.) nobody belongs in the dead, all belong in life… AND AS SOON AS MAGIC becomes DEAD/a result/note. It is no longer magic/alive. How is this magic accessed? Faith alone? (to not passively chase after a single passing color(results/notes), but rather actively embrace both (the harmony of faith, where anything can happen! (santa can fly! or not..) in the magical contrast, a contradiction of choice/freedom to be who you are) in the present, right now…)

  3. I didn't think the ending was pessimistic. Realistic, absolutely, but not pessimistic. What makes me think this is the very, very last scene. Before she leaves, they lock eyes one final moment, but they smile. There is a quiet thanks shared between them, harkening back to the moment they break up.

  4. Just found this video after rewatching the movie for like the 5th time and I wish I found this sooner. I couldn't agree more with everything you said. I've never seen a movie with an ending that I love and hated so much at the same time.

  5. I usually agree with you about your analysis of films. But i just can't get into La La Land. I feel like it's something we've all seen 100 times, just with musical numbers added.
    Idk i just get bored watching it and I wasn't impressed with the screen play.

  6. I saw this movie at a time where i started dating someone im still currently with and very much hope i end up with and also started making active moves to achieve my ambitions of law school.

    The combination of my real life activities and the events of the movie really fucked me up when at the end she had to sacrifice her relationship dream to achieve her career dream. And me knowing that to become a lawyer, you have to sacrifice a lot of time at home to work many hours (specifically for the type of law i want to pursue), that main topic of this movie really scares me. The concept that you cant have it both and have to choose one over the other. The scariest part is that i want a family and love so fucking much, specifically with the person im with, but i know that if i had to choose, i would pick my career ambitions every time. But in the end of the day, would my achievements be hollow without someone to share it with?

    This movie fucked me up good. I cant watch it without bawling.

  7. "this film tells us that there are two types of dreams: ambitions and wishes" best way to describe this movie!

  8. I think a sub-theme in this movie is irreparability. Decisions have consequences, and there are points of no return in ones life that one cannot alter no matter what. I think that's also what makes the ending so powerful.

  9. I personally took that ending as, the dream was the ideal situation and how nice it would have been but that knowing smile at the end confirms what you said, their relationship got them where they wanted to go even if it meant that they didn't end up together, they appreciate each other and what they had was important and they are grateful to each other for the time they spent together.

    On a separate note, i was left in awe of this and i think i audibly said wow when I saw it and an older lady a few seats down from me came in with a "well that was two hours of nonsense." and I wanted to reply "You just dont get it!" xD

  10. I love this movie so much. I love musicals and this one is special. It's brilliant, the music is haunting and it's really one of those movies you should watch more than once. It should have won an oscar.

  11. How you were able to structure your analysis was picture perfect. Many people I talked with about this film got "stuck" on one aspect of the film's structure over another, perhaps not even noting the nuances your put forth. Thanks for putting this out there. And keep them coming.

  12. Something I noticed is that when they are in stress and compicated situation its always a close up. When they are dreaming or talking about it or something close to that its now Medium Shot or Wide Angle.

  13. I dont think that their dreams were hollow. We get an entire song sequence where Mia and Sebastian talk about how they are NOT right for each other. I dont think they were ever meant to be together forever. They needed to be together just long enough to set each other on their way to success. Mia has a family now (you'll notice that her husband looks very similar to the man she was dating before Sebastian) and she seems happy. I dont know about Sebastian but he seemed to be happy with his club too

  14. The scene in the ending montage where Mia & Seb sit down to watch a film about the married life and child they could have had reminds me of the story Plato told of people who spend their lives chained up in a cave watching shadows cast on a wall, assuming that is reality since that is all they ever see and will ever know.

    The streaks & grainy quality of the wall this image is being projected on makes me think of that Plato cave analogy everytime.

  15. Someone, please redirect me to the music played in the bg from @5:18. It's a very different version of the popular one.

  16. Wow… I think I may have to rewatch this movie now. What beautiful storytelling.

    Your video shows that I let a lot of things go over my head… I'm kind of ashamed of myself haha

  17. so since the wishes cannot be in reality, that’s why Mia’s final dream is all filmed on a sound stage, since it is not attainable it is not at all grounded in reality, while the ambitions while still dreams are not on sound stages because they are attainable

  18. I loved the ending as it was supposed to break away from most movie tropes of a happily ever after. Damian was confident that the audience would be mature enough to understand the reality of the ending because Seb and Mia both acknowledged their fulfillment of careers, despite the sacrifice of a seemingly great relationship. Someone comes into our lives and encourages us to pursue our aspirations but in some cases it may require a great sacrifice. I thought it was great ending because it was realistic.

  19. I wouldnt say it was a pessimistic ending, a somewhat bitter sweet ending but a lot of the best movies have bitter sweet endings

  20. I just saw this pop up on my feed. This is the best analysis I’ve seen of this of this movie so far! I interpreted the end differently. I completely agree with you up to the flashback dream. I don’t think it was juxtaposing harsh reality to dreams, but dreaming what could’ve been once they both finally started living their dream. The movie shows you can’t have everything. The whole movie they were looking forward, then they looked back, and I believe the final shot is them, for the first time in the movie, accepting where they are (them smiling and nodding to each other) and it being a good place.

    I think even the music in the final shot tells the same story. The music is a melody of all that happened before, but it ends on an off note, left hanging as she walks towards the exit. Then they both look at each other, nod and smile and the music crescendos and ends on the correct, uplifting notes.

  21. Not sure if you are reading this but i always thought the alternative path found place in Sebastians imagination 🤔
    Why do you think it‘s Mia‘s? Would like to know your approach because to me it doesn’t seam clear at all.

    P.S. My English is probably not the best pls don‘t be harsh 😅
    Greetings from germany

  22. Wow. I'm impressed. This was a great look at the film and I learned some things I didn't know, including the significance of the link between Mia being late to the cinema/Sebastian missing the show. Thanks for a great video!

  23. This is a good analysis, but I have to get this off my chest. This movie is filmed horrendously. The way I c it is that people justify this movie’s quality by explaining the rules that they played by, and apparently as soon as we c these rules, it makes the movie worthwhile and great. To me, that’s just about the same as saying that “if a football player plays by the rules, and has the same training sessions as everyone else, he’s a great football player”. I think that’s total bs. The movie itself plays by the rules, but everything that it plays by it ugly and pointless. The composition, the lighting, the locations, the acting, the singing, the dancing. It’s all done terribly, and I’m shocked that this movie gets so much praise from everyone for its cinematography when everything looks really improvised and unplanned with unnecessary camera movements. Compare the quality of the execution of any scene from this movie with any scene from An American In Paris or Singing In The Rain. It’s just objectively badly filmed. It doesn’t have to be the same at all, it was just poorly done in so many ways that I can’t c how this possibly beat Midnight Express and One Flew Over The Cukoo’s Nest for the most Golden Globes. The acting was also terrible. Overall, it hurts me to admit all of this stuff, coz I love Whiplash, and First Man was really good. Emma Stone is really cool and she had a fantastic chemistry with Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love, but here? Nothing. It was so bland, they could’ve asked any random pairing of actors to perform the same roles.

  24. I really do have a problem with the first act, is so long and borning, songs are not memorable, I didn't care for their realtionship at all.

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