La La Land Official Trailer – Dreamers (2016) – Ryan Gosling Movie

La La Land Official Trailer – Dreamers (2016) – Ryan Gosling Movie

– Two options: You either follow my rules or follow my rules, capiche?
– Thank you. – I could do it a different way.
– That’s, that’s fine. Thank you very much. (slow piano music) – You’re fired. – It’s Christmas. – Yeah, I see the decorations. Good luck in the new year. – I just heard you play and I wanna– It’s pretty strange that we keep
running into each other. – Maybe it means something. – I doubt it.
– Yeah, I don’t think so. You could just write your own roles, you know. Write something that’s as interesting as you are. – What are you gonna to do? – Have my own club. (Long car honk) – Is that gonna happen every time? – I think so. – How are you gonna be a revolutionary if you’re such a traditionalist? You’re holding onto the past,
but jazz is about the future. – Maybe I’m not good enough. – Yes, you are.
– Maybe I’m not. It’s like a pipe dream. – This is the dream! It’s conflict and it’s compromise.
It’s very, very exciting. ♫ Someone in the crowd
could be the one you need to know ♫ Someone who can lift you off the ground ♫ Someone in the crowd
could take you where you want to go ♫ Someone in the crowd could make you ♫ Someone in the crowd could take you ♫ Fly off of the ground ♫ You’re the someone ready to be found

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  1. 0:42 .. I guess she misread the scene. Meet and Greet? No, Love at First Sight. Dreamers. In real life, We think you have a mental illness. And here is a copy of the restraining order. Now, take two of these before bedtime, to keep dreams in check.
    Stay real.

  2. I know this is one of the movies I will think a few months about and cry everyday about it! :'( It's the best and saddest movie EVER!♡

  3. Fui a verla pues, con la expectativa sembrada por los Globos de Oro. Y me encontré con una película que no deslumbra como el número de sus premios sugiere. Se trata de una buena película, sí… pero, ¡7 Globos de Oro! ¿Era para tanto? ¿No se habrá solazado Hollywood con su propio tributo? (los Globos de Oro los entregan a través de la votación de 93 miembros de la Asociación de la Prensa Extranjera de Hollywood).

    Creo que en el Oscar habrán otros resultados, la canto. Tomen nota los apostadores.

  4. La La Land was delightful, but many are calling it the greatest musical ever which is an overstatement. It's is easily outranked by a number of others including The Wizard of Oz, Singin' In The Rain, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, West Side Story, etc. I think the same thing was said about The Artist years ago – another fine yet overrated musical.

    Whatever the case, La La Land is a cinematic wonder and a breath of fresh air especially in today's climate.

  5. I saw it I was so bored I wanted to walk out so did my friend, we just keep thinking wait for it! So boring! Sorry!!!

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  8. Best film of the year, if not at least top 3,,sad to see all the negative backlash its getting from general audiences..Guess thats why they make fast and furious movies every year

  9. I'm sick of Emma Stone and her bug eyes. I thought no actress could be as annoying as the girl who's name I shall not mention from Hunger Games…. Oh and Ryan, why do you keep pairing yourself up with her? A Place Beyond the Pines was your last decent movie – Get a grip!

  10. Loved it, every single minute of it. The colour, the music, the dancing, the achingly beautiful love story at its heart, everything. The perfect movie for The Age of Anxiety. Must see it again.

  11. We are a few of the fools who dare to dream. We fell in love with the song "Audition" at our Tuesday date night! Check out our cover on our channel! 😀

  12. I like Ryan Gosling, what a terrific actor! I watched this trailer after the rave reviews but this movie doesn't seem so fascinating. Idk why the critics are going ballistic with the reviews?

  13. Esta película es tan hermosa no tengo palabras para describirla , llore muchas veces y no solo por los momentos teiste si no qe a media película pensaba "mierda nunca he visto una película tam artística y hermosa " , como cantaba Mia , yo pienso que es una película para los tontos que sueñan

  14. And the most overrated nominated film goes to…..
    There's always one.  Seriously it's like no one has ever seen a musical before. -_-

  15. moonlight might have won the Oscars but it did not left us with the sense that a wonderful era might be back and it did not left us with a soul so illuminated that everyone that felt they had dreams again

  16. it would be something to see kingkong and godzilla vs all monsters all out attack just think if about it for them to help one another and have just monsters and robart

  17. خرائي درجة اولى

  18. It took a long time for me to appreciate another romantic movie since 500 Days of Summer – the expectations vs reality – man… it messes you up! Amd the soundtrack is killer!!!

  19. Nou Emma Stone Justus Filem Dreiju La La Land Nou Oktrisju Pladijatju. It Shugli Regen Anja Sterklov Stach Oreginalju Oktrisju Nou Lügju.

  20. I finally realized that they can sorta put Terrence Fletcher in this movie because Damien Chazelle also directed Whiplash. How could I have been so blind?

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