June 19 Market report ~ Roanoke Real Estate Agent

– Here is the market update for June 2019. (music) (upbeat music) The Roanoke market is hot right now, so if you’re looking to move to a certain school district before school starts now’s the time to start looking. – The average home price is
$225,000, up 3% from last year. – Go. – There’s four months of inventory, that’s down 14% from last year. – Days on the market’s about 100 days, and that’s down 8% from last year. But it also depends on
what area you’re in. – There’s currently,
1,910 active listings, which is down 16% from last year. – The national average of a
30 year fixed rate mortgage, is a little under 4%, depending
on your financial situation. – The national average of
home appreciation is at 3.7%, which is right in line
with Roanoke home prices. – In school we learned
about supply and demand and when demand goes up, prices go up. – In quite a few areas in Roanoke, the demand is far greater than the supply. So we’re seeing houses sell in hours, for over list price. – Whether you’re trying to buy or sell, now’s a great time to do so. With the interest rates
being at an all time low, you can afford more of a house, and with the demand being so high, you can sell your house faster than ever. – Okay. If you want to know
what your house is worth, give us a call for a free home evaluation. (music) (static music)

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