Jimmy Helps The Home Depot Foundation Surprise an Air Force Veteran with $50K

Jimmy Helps The Home Depot Foundation Surprise an Air Force Veteran with $50K

-Today is Veterans Day, and we
wanted to do something special to honor all those
who have served our country. So we have
an announcement to make. We here at “The Tonight Show”
have chosen to donate to one of our favorite
veterans’ charities, the Fisher House Foundation, in the amount of $150,000. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] The Fisher House —
If you don’t know, the Fisher House
provides housing for families
of military and veterans while their loved one
is receiving treatment. It’s a great organization. We’re so proud
to give back to them. But there’s one more thing
we wanted to mention. Our friends at
the Home Depot Foundation started a brand-new contest this
year called “Operation Surprise” where people
all across the country get to nominate
a U.S. military veteran in need. And the winner gets $25,000 to
go toward critical home repairs. It’s a great thing. And I’m
happy to say that the winner of this year’s “Operation
Surprise” contest is here with us tonight. They’re sitting in our audience, and they have no idea
that they have been chosen. ♪♪ -Ooh. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Oh! ♪♪ [ People speaking indistinctly ] ♪♪ -Is Vernita here? Is Vernita Love here? [ Audience “aww”s ] [ Cheers and applause ] Can you stand up? [ Cheers and applause ] Can you stand up? You can stand up, too. Vernita? Vernita Love? [ Laughing ] Vernita, I’m so happy. [ Laughing ] [ Cheers and applause ] This is going to get good.
This is going to get good. This is only going
to get better. Vernita —
-My eyelashes — -[ Laughs ] It’s alright. -I got to make sure
my eyelashes — -Your eyelashes are still on.
Yeah, your eyelashes — Can we make sure her eyelashes
are still on? Vernita, is this your son Aaron?
-Yes. -Aaron is the one
who nominated you. [ Audience “aww”s ] Aaron, can you tell me
a little bit about — Tell me a little bit
about your mom. -Yeah, my mother, man. She’s — [ Laughter ] Single mother from the East Side
of Detroit, Michigan, man. She’s raised me by herself. She served 26 years
in the Air Force. [ Cheers and applause ] She’s — She’s — She’s retired. But at the same time, man, I don’t know anybody
more selfless than her. I mean, she’ll give her last
to make somebody else good. I mean, she gives
to the homeless vets in our area and is always constantly trying
to do things in the community. I entered her in the contest
because her house is home, but behind the scenes, man,
it’s a wreck, man. The electrical on it is old. [ Laughter ] -It’s not that bad. It’s a beautiful place. -But I try to help out.
But, I mean, this $25,000 would definitely help out
in a long way. -As the winner,
you will be receiving $25,000 for repairs for your home. And we actually have
one more surprise for you. Although $25,000 would really
help, after hearing your story, the Home Depot Foundation
is doubling the prize in partnership with the — You’ll be receiving $50,000. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] Get those eyelashes off! -Did they fall out?
-No, no. Here, please, have a seat. I don’t want you falling down. I love you.
Have a seat right there. Enjoy yourself.
Aaron, here. Take care — Yeah, and make sure those eyelashes
don’t fall out. [ Laughter ] Congratulations to you. Thank you to
the Home Depot Foundation. Aaron, you’re a good son. -Thank you.
-Thank you, buddy. Thank you to
the Home Depot Foundation. And thank you for your service. I’m so happy. Stick around. We’ll be right back with more
“Tonight Show,” everybody.

100 thoughts on “Jimmy Helps The Home Depot Foundation Surprise an Air Force Veteran with $50K

  1. He's her son and she loves him and that he nominated her, but . . . she is gonna have his ass for publicly calling her home a wreck! Lol

  2. Amazing. Unlike Ellen & Oprah, this show actually gave their own money! Congratulations!!! Well done! Fan for life. 🇺🇸

  3. What I don't understand is how come our veterans need donations when our military budget is 700 billion f**** dollars talk about f*** up priorities

  4. Man….. that's the best five minutes of my day…..
    Why don't we have people like Jimmy….?????
    Hats Off man……hats off……..

  5. This is so Sweeet. The skank DUMP running the country into the ground is clueless as to what a veteran means. Thank you real Americans for your patriotism.

  6. I'm so happy for her! 🤗 Thank you for your service and thank you, Jimmy, for making life easier for this deserving woman!

  7. This is just for entertainment and scripted. Rich people do not give money away like that. People don't give a shit about veterans.

  8. I don’t want to imagine even how many single mommy’s are there, this is extremely hard ( my mommy was also mostly) 😨❤️❤️strong people ☀️☀️☀️☀️

  9. My heart. I sat here and cried. How blessed we are in this country because of men and women like this. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. I don't get it… there is a rich country like the USA which is at war at least in every decade and therefore has a lot of veterans… and those vets are kinda depended on the goodwill of others. And then the kinda disgusting thing is that without a veterans day, these people (I just learned that 60000 veterans are homeless in the USA) would be completely forgotten. Don't get me wrong, that's heartwarming. But maybe I'm too european to understand this whole thing.

  11. The winner of this year's Operation Surprise. Wooooowwww… once a year.. Don't stop suckling at that corporate teat.. Fucking amazing. Glad you could honor one person, once a year… while pointing cameras at all of it. Disgusting.
    Fuck Home Depot. Jimmy got played like a bitch. This is a company that routinely under-pays and under-insures their near entirely part-time labor force while paying out executives. Think of how little airtime 50k would buy them, but here you are sucking their dick because they gave fucking peanuts to one vet on veterans day. I'm a vet who was a former employee. Would have been nice to be appreciated with proper compensation while I was earning them the fucking money to spend on this. Nah, the vets who work there don't need health care or a living wage, go shop at home depot! They gave one veteran 50k once! What a company!

  12. Ya know, that donation was very heartfelt, and went to a hard working, selfless single mom with 16 years in the UAF, but..she didn't say "thank you" One. Time. IDK. She was more concerned with her eyelashes than anything else. That bothers me.

  13. It's definitely a good thing to support the veteran, but to make some kind of a show out of it leaves with some mixed thoughts and feelings. More discreet way would be much more appropriate.

  14. That was an amazing gift from Home Depot to support a veteran that has sacrificed so much for our Freedoms. Great moment Jimmy Fallon

  15. So nice to see someone TRULY thankful for what they’re being given. Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have served and are serving. 🇺🇸

  16. I knew this would make me cry… as it did. (Thank god these are happy tears
    She really deserves it. I mean being a single mother is not easy but spending 26 years in the USAF is so awesome.

  17. this is what brings me back to fallon the great things like this even though he is so damn corny sometimes he is such a good man deep down and we can all see it <3 goodman jimmy good man <3

  18. This was such a great moment, her face when she was called 'I wanna make sure my eyelashes are still on'😂 Jimmy and The Tonight Sow are always so good to the vets, I don't understand some of the hate over on FB for this video saying 'well not enough money was donated'…they should be asamed of that comment no one should have to Justify themselves…to all the Vets out there thank you for your service! 🇱🇷❤

  19. My heart💕goes out to her congratulations, when she took that card out his hand to fan that was funny😄, but when her son called the house a wreck, the look on her face I hollard😂she was so cute! I thank her for her service🇺🇸!

  20. Oh my gosh that's my neighbor I'm watching her dogs so she could go. She really does deserve it she is the best Neighbor ever. She is really sweet. And for the record her house really isn't a wreck its just a little old. Happy for you miss rose your puppies miss you.😁🙌🐶💗💞

  21. Thank God! This was so good. I feel NO veteran shouldEVER be homeless or begging after giving lives for the safety of their country. This is were our taxes should be going, For REAL 😳 !!!

  22. These charities are fine, however they just seem to me to highlight the FACT that we do not take proper care of our veterans. Politicians are always ready to tell the pubic not to make commentary against the military when the military carries out operations for the politicians. What happens to seeing that our active and retired military service men and women are properly taken care of by our country? Military service personnel living in poverty or in need is a problem we allow and that we create (That's you and me)! Know your Congressperson, know your Senator, read what Presidential candidates support and vote, vote, vote so that those who will benefit and support our veterans will act on our behalf. Let's really take care of our veterans, they gave to us, we must see to our side of the contract and care for them.

  23. Because the USA 🇺🇸 cares so little about it veterans and takes such poor care about them that we have to do stuff like this.

    Fix this country !!!

  24. I loved this and thought that was very thoughtful Of Jimmy and The Tonight Show as their are vets in my faimly From The AirForice Marines Navy and Army

  25. This is why I always love Jimmy. Among the hatred in the world right now he always brings love and joy to us every night.

  26. A good bill for Congress would be to award the worker/employee/employer with $175.000 in a lump sum upon 60 months on the job full time, regardless of number of jobs or employers. Self employed, government employees and military personnel are included. Also another good bill for introduction to Congress would be after 150 months of full time employment, regardless of number of employers, the citizen or permanent resident would receive $1250.00 a month for life from social security. This will take care of and maintain a home. The printing and issuance of money is validated by any legitimate labor and production, for payroll purposes. Taxpayers money is only used for certain items, such as the finished product, pensions and welfare. Taxes doesn't run the whole world. Another good bill would be an Amendment to the Constitution outlawing homeowner property tax and the land that it's on. Municipalitys already collect business property tax, permits, and also get revenue from state and federal. Part of the Amendment would read: "If necessary, the municipality may levy a retail sales tax in their district up to, but no more than 2 cents on the dollar, and may not shift or transfer former taxes to another entity, other than the inflation rate put out by the U.S. Department of Labor once a year". If you wish, contact your U.S. Congressman or Senator in your district for an exceptional bill in Congress.

  27. Jimmy Fallon rolling up to you is More than Over the Top But
    Bearing Gifts to boot=🤯
    CONGRATS to The Beautiful
    Vet Mom🤗💜

  28. Emotional explotation. So nice of you James ❤️ What a big heart. You've managed to insult every one regardless of race or class.

  29. Awww! I'm glad we can all get together and glorify someone that volunteers to murder people. Way to encourage a culture of jingoism, Jimmy!

  30. Leave it to Jimmy to rehabilitate the image of fascists and their collaborators: https://www.businessinsider.com/home-depot-boycott-over-cofounder-bernie-marcus-donald-trump-donation-2019-7

  31. 🥰 la felizidad de Ella lo dijo todo que Dios le bendiga y le de fortaleza para que disfrute su casa 🏡 que estoy segura va quedar hermosa jimmy as un seguimiento del antes y después de su casa 🏡 …..te felicitó jimmy esto es lo que ase un show excelente que maravilloso son compañías como Home Depot que asen posibles estas acciones tan bellas gracias pues es hermoso 😍 ver estas cosas felicidades jimmy por tu show ♥️❌♥️❌♥️❌♥️❌♥️❌♥️

  32. this is why Jimmy Fallon is 100x better than Jimmy Kimmels fake ass…..Kimmel trys to put on this politically correct front like he didnt disgrace women when he hosted the mans show

  33. God Bless you Jimmy Fallon and Home Depot and Late night TV, NBC and this beautiful single Mother's son. Thank you for not being One of the MANY many Misogynist Haters, like Matthew McConaughey and Sean Stone, just to mention TWO, you made my day brighter with this Jimmy. I hope to meet you someday, thank you from the bottom of my heart for Respecting the Mother's Role, Sean and Matthew have ZERO respect for Mothers, ex-Professors like myself, or Divine Females like this beautiful American Veteran. With love to you and our Veterans and God Bless America

  34. Why does white liberal people wanna be the savor for black people. They can't even fix black community in chicago,batimore ect.. but acted like they care because there are camera fliming it LMAO

  35. Is Vernita here?!!? Yaaaayyyyy. Woohoo…..
    We just wanted to let you know you didn't win but you left you car lights on in the parking lot….NOW LETS FIND OUR WINNER!!! 😅 J/K. Glad she won. She sounds awesome!!

  36. If they paid their taxes our veterans wouldn't need all this help. Funny how most of our budget goes into "Defense" but our soldiers aren't taken care of, they fix shit with duct tape, and live in "temporary" barracks built 10 years ago. Almost like the money isn't going to our defense at all.

  37. Moment when something suddenly "great" happens in your stress full life…… The happiness and surprised mixed feeling . I felt it with the great lady from here…… I love this show… 🤘😘😘😘💕

  38. Awh… God Bless you Jimmy for helping, Jesus see's everything you do, & he will bless you over, & over, love you all, great Job👍😢❄☃️🌲👌🕯🦋💐🍾🍷🍾🥂🍾🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍾🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🍩🍪🍰🧁🥧☕☕☕☕☕☕☕

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