53 thoughts on “Jay Brings Home a Date for Manny – Modern Family

  1. This show is so sexist. Manny, a fat dude (never mentioned on the show but Alex got so much crap for being 'curvey' what a joke) always has thin hot girlfriends, always acts entitled. Have him go out with an overweight unattractive girl too. Oh right, these women and girls never exist on TV shows. Actors can be fat and unattractive but never girls/women, even if they're playing that dude's date. Manny is entitled and not good looking, can we stop acting like he's just entitled to cheerleader type girls? This is the type of shit that makes unattractive fat dudes feel free to judge girls' looks because they think the way they look does't matter because they're guys, but the way the girl looks is essential because she's a girl. And the girls NEVER seem to care or see what he looks like, but HE always wants them "hot". Something super wrong about all this. This character is super lame (and the actor can't act). I guess I shouldn't be surprised when you look at who they've put Sophia Vergara's character with as well. Why are women subjected to SUCH higher physical standards, especially on sitcoms like this one.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Manny is becoming more and more insufferable as the episodes go by! Is there literally nothing else that the writers can do with him apart from make him mope around over a girl??

  3. I don't watch Modern Family but is it Sherry because that's a classy, some would call pretentious drink and Brandi(y) is a straight up, no holds barred, blunt everyman drink. Not that i think brandy is that but it sure is more down to earth than sherry.

  4. Good Lord!! Everyone in this show got old, fat, or bizarrely lost their accent!! I stopped watching 6 seasons ago so this all came as a shock.

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