Invest In Real Estate With No Money

Invest In Real Estate With No Money

How do you invest in real estate with no
money? Like is that a gimmick? Is that real? Can it actually be done? My name is
Kris Krohn. I have helped transact thousands of properties. And today, I
really want to get to the bottom of if it’s possible. And if, how do you actually
do it. Let’s find out. You know, before we jump into this whole
idea of investing in real estate with no money, I want to talk bigger picture
about how I just do life. I mean, the reality is you and I we want stuff. And
I’m always asking this question, “How do I get what I want without necessarily
putting up the money?” Because I’m one of the things that I’ve learned is that in
life, you get the very natural byproduct of your specialty. Or something that you
know how to do. Like for example, let’s just say for a moment that you sell cars
for living. I’m sure you would know how to get an amazing deal on a car. Maybe
from auction. Because it’s your trade. What I love about real estate is that it
represents one of the most expensive things that we will ever buy in life. And
if you can learn how to buy real estate every time with no money, it is going to be
one of the most powerful things that you can learn. More importantly, can you apply
it to everything else in life? And that’s the conversation that I want to have
with you right now. I’m going to share with you how stupid simple buying real estate
really can be. For just a moment, let’s talk about the building that we’re in
right now. I mean look around. You can see that I’m in a studio. This is a
studio that I had built for some of the videos that I make here on YouTube. And
I’ve got furniture and I’ve got risers and I got TVs and I’ve got fig plants.
And a bunch of TVs throughout this place. This is just one small tiny room, right?
And if you were to go, you’d see 16,000 square feet. I said to myself years ago,
“Man, I have put on so many events in so many other hotels and no one ever gets
it right. They don’t have my audio the way that I want. I don’t like the
acoustics of the room. I don’t like the dimensions of the room. These people are
hard to work with.” And years ago, I said, “You know what? What would happen if I had
my own event center?” And I thought to myself, “Well, that’d be pretty cool.”
Question is “Kris, do you know a way to get that event center for free?” Well, let
me kind of put on screen and show you what I did. Because by the way, I did get
this event center for free. But this is how it ended up going down. I had to
first start by finding a building. This represents C, a commercial piece of
property. I had to find a building that could meet my particular needs. Now, by
the way, we’re going to talk about single family homes. We’re going to talk about real
estate. Because I want you understand something: I buy houses every single day.
And I never use my own money. I never use my own
credit. And I promise you, at the end of this video, I’m going to show you how to do
the same. Well, let’s kind of get the big picture. Let’s actually start with
something a little different. So, I said to myself “I want a convention center.” It
took some time to basically find a building that could do three things for
me. Number 1, I needed to have a place with adequate parking. This was really
challenging. There’s a lot of places that have super minimal parking. For a
convention center, you’re going to have to ultimately had to find a place where
someone had put in lots of unused parking so I could secure it. The second
thing is this particular building. It needed to have…It needed to be two-storey.
And not just a two-storey building. But I needed to make sure it means some of my
ceilings in here 2530 feet tall. I needed to make sure that I didn’t have pillars.
Because when I put on an event, a pillar means that someone behind it actually
can’t see the front of the room, right? And the last thing that I really wanted
is I wanted to have an a-plus location. A- plus locale. So, parking 2-storeys. I
knew what I needed for this deal. I’m going to make real estate so turnkey for
you. So simple. But here’s the big thing. I went in. I knew what I wanted. And then
what I did is I had to then build a business plan. Something I’m gonna give
you for free at the end of this. Literally. The business plan was when I’m
renting out this building, then what’s the benefit I’m going to get? Dude, this if you
haven’t seen this place. That’s sick. I do all of my quarterly events here right
now. While we still can. The event space it’s the right
dimensions, it’s got the right equipment, I’ve got the right staff, I got the right
people. Ultimately, I made this place just perfect for me. But I said, “When I’m not
using it, I can rent it out.” Here’s what I learned in the business plan. This place
only needs to be rented 13% to equal breakeven. So, I had to ask myself, “Do I
have the ability to rent this place out more than 13% of the time?” Most of the
places in this area there’s only 3 competitors that I have in this valley
for this size of building that I have. And I found out that most of them are
rented between 65 and 90 percent of the time. So, I said to myself, “If I can bring
a superior building with superior options to the marketplace and actually
rent it for less than everyone else, I’m going to eat up their business.” Well, we just
opened this building. I’ve only done a couple of events here. And as we’ve
gotten started, our ability to get this thing profitable… Super, super easy. So, in the end, you’re thinking, “Well, okay Kris. Now,
you have a business plan. What do you do with the business plan?” The reality is
there’s a ton of people out there. There’s always people. There’s countless people
that have been following society’s game plan. Which by the way is a sucky game
plan. And it’s insufficient. Society says, “Put your money in 401k.” It’s not going to
grow and be what you needed to be. “Put your money in an IRA.” Tax benefit is
really not going to be what you needed to be. “Pay off your house.” It’s not really
going to be what you needed to be. And if we all follow society’s game plan, we are
going to wind up short. And that’s really the big problem. And so, there’s always
people with money. You have to understand that that for a worthy project the money
is always available. This by the way is not just a worthy project. I was throwing
my investors how we could get a really sick ROI on this. The potential on the
cash-on-cash. Meaning, for the money you put in and what it pays you every year
is really high. So, I put a business plan together. And then I basically went out
and said, “I need a certain amount of money.” Let’s in this case say that it’s
3 million dollars. And I basically said, “I’m going to give you some of the
profit.” Well guess what? For the right to you with the right kind of cash flow,
people came to me in my world said, “Kris, I want to be a part of that.” And guess
what? I got the money that I needed. Got the place that built everything put
together. And now I’m on the flip side. This thing is now making money we’re
actually charging. We’ve got events starting to stack up. It was a dream for
me to do events in my own space. Because I don’t like renting any other places. I
want a place I can call home. I also carved out a part of the building here
for renting out to my company that actually pays some money every month. My
events I charge myself for them. And so, this is going to be I believe a super
fantastic win-win for all of my investors. That’s how you play the game
of money. That’s how do you play the game of real estate. When you want something
bigger than you can afford, you have to stop and say a couple of things. Number
1, what’s my plan? Number 2, how do I get a track record if I’ve never done it
before? Number 3, can I find the deals or the team to make it happen? And if you
can, there will always be money for you. So, this is what I want to share with you
today in this short video. I want you to understand that I’m going to fulfill that
promise. I’m going to give you the plan. I’m going tO show you how you can buy real
estate with no money, no credit. Number 1, you’ve got to have a plan. And at the end
of this video, you had a chance to get a copy of this book for free. This is the
business plan on how you make your first 5 million dollars in real estate. I
give it away for free because I think that the knowledge is super powerful. I
just ask people to cover the shipping. But as you read this book… It’s a quick
read. I’ve got lots of diagrams, images. And this book has helped create
millionaires and multimillionaires. The ideas in it are really really profound.
So, when you get a chance to read the book, it’s going to give you a game plan. And
it’s going to say, “Hey, if you’re starting like Kris with no money, here’s how you
make a million bucks.” Or you’re starting with a quarter million dollars, here’s
how you invest it to make a million bucks. Or five million dollars. And so, you
got to have a plan. So, there’s a link below so you can all get that. Number 2,
you get an either track record. Now, in the beginning, you don’t have a track
record. After I bought my first 3 homes, all of a sudden people started
coming out of the woodwork saying, “Hey, you started doing this real estate
investing thing and you didn’t die. You didn’t fall on your face. You didn’t go
bankrupt.” And so, I now have a track record of 4,000 homes. It’s a pretty
substantial track record. In fact, I’ve got another document here that a lot of
people, you got access to get for free. This document right here if you go
through it, it shows my results on thousands of properties and the exact
strategy that I use to get that. Now, this is really important because right now,
this looks like my track record but it’s not. It actually could be yours if you
become a partner with me. I’ll explain that in a second. Once you have a track
record in a plan or you’re partnered with someone who has a track record in a
plan, the last thing you need is deals. You need really hot deals and I had to
find a really good deal. And something that is producing around 25% plus ROI.
That means that your money is doubling every 4 to 5 years. Most people
would say, “My stock market portfolio can’t do that. My 401k can’t do that. The
equity in my house won’t do that.” None of these things will do that but we can do
that here. And then you think “We need a team to do all the work?” So, I don’t have
to like wear hats and learn how to do things that I’ve never done before. And
if you were to have all 3 of these things, guess what? Then all the money
that you’re looking for shows up. So, let me kind of put this all together for
just a moment so you can kind of see it. In this video, I promised I would show
you how you can access the best deals, access the best team
and do all of it. And basically do real estate with no money down. And I said it
would be the easiest way. I created a program called maverick. I had a
life-changing event happened to me. I got to the point where I’ve done so much
real estate. And I’ve created so much wealth that I’ve decided to do something
that I’ve been searching for for 15 years that I’ve never seen happen. Which
is, I’m about to say you can’t find anywhere else on the planet because I
invented it. I created I had to make sure that it was legal and appropriate. But I
basically said, “What if I went into partnership with you?”
Here’s what it looks like. How I built my wealth is when I partner with people
someone is doing all the work and someone is putting up money. 2 partners.
Generally, in nearly every case of my past with all of my partners that’s been
a 50-50 partnership. That means that doing all the work means finding the
deals, the team, running and managing doing everything. This represents 342
hours per property. Work that most people don’t want to do. The person putting up
the money, they didn’t have to put in time. They had to put up the downpayment
to be able to buy real estate. Usually it is a 20% down payment that can range
from 30 to $50,000. And of course people will find me on YouTube, if they like me
or they subscribe. If you’re a subscriber, you might get the point where like, “Wow,
if I partner with Kris and could tap into his team to put in the 342 hours
per deal and start making some crazy money and good ROI, I would love to
partner with Kris and let’s double our money every 5 years.” I did something
I’ve never done before. I actually made the decision to launch a program called
Maverick, right? Took my 50% and I essentially cut it in half. And I said if
you were to refer someone that becomes a partner of mine, I will give you 25%. Half.
This 50% I cut it in half and say half for me half for you. And I just started
the program recently and I have people lining up and doing it like crazy. And
we’re now buying homes and we’re picking up momentum. And it’s wonderous for me to
see how people that were starting like I did with no money no credit, that are
actually out there now getting out in the game doing real estate and crushing
it when they never have before. It’s super, super wild. So, what does this mean
for you? Well, I promised you in this video, I would give you a plan a
track record and access to the deal in teams. If you talk to a member of my team
after you for example getting this book for free, it comes with a free game plan.
When my team calls you or there’s a number even on the page call us and say,
“I want my free game plan”, how would Kris in my situation make money… The cool
thing is they now have a way of saying, “If you’re one of Kris’s Mavericks, just
like he was in the beginning of his game plan, you now can actually partner and be
an equal partner with me.” It sounds even just like kind of crazy letting that run
off of my lips and actually share that. That’s the reality of what I’ve created
here is helping my friends family some of my great YouTube followers. How can I
help you crush it in real estate? And this part is going to wig you out. If you
can find a way to find 5 partners and they each buy 5 homes that’s 25 homes,
right? Over a 10-year period of time, that can equal well over 1 million dollars. So,
literally just by knowing 5 people in this that actually decide to do
something with me and start buying real estate… Just by knowing them I make you
an equal partner with me, you have a chance to create a million dollars. his
program was invented because I had some of my YouTube fans and friends
complaining. They’re like, “Give me more. Take me faster. How can I do more.” And
this is probably the coolest strategy that I’ve ever come out. I don’t think
actually in my entire life, I don’t think I’ll ever come up with something cooler
than what I’m talking about right now. So, listen. Today, I wanted to show you the
easiest way to do real estate no money no credit. There are many ways of doing
it. This is just one of them. And so, right now, if you’re saying to yourself, “Wow, I
would love to get some more help on this.” 2 things: There’s a link below for a
video that’s about to come up. And that video is going to show you exactly how I
got my first 25 homes and made my first million dollars. And the second thing is
there’s a link for this book. Fill the information. The book is free cover the
shipping. And my team will contact you along with the book give that to you
physical copy. They’ll also do a custom game plan and help you figure out the
easiest way for you to get into real estate with no money and no credit.
Take care. Subscribe. See on tomorrow’s video.

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