Industrial Style Bonus Room Makeover | Interior Design

Industrial Style Bonus Room Makeover | Interior Design

Hello I’m Jennifer and in this video I’m
going to show you a bonus room makeover, so stay tuned. My client was ready for a bonus room
makeover. They have two boys and they have now hit their teens so we were
ready to remove all of the toys and kind of make this a guy room. I kept an
industrial theme and you’ll kind of see it throughout. Now if you haven’t
subscribed to my channel, I’m gonna stop right now and say be sure you do that
because we’re gonna have videos coming out every week and be sure you hit that
Bell because it’s gonna tell you when I have a new video out. Okay, let’s roll
into this design. In the bar area I added some accessories and then I
added these two shelves and because the ceiling is kind of slanted, I staggered
the shelves and then just put some cool sports memorabilia, photo of their son,
and really just kept it pretty simple. In this area, I just changed out the piece
that they had before and I put in this really cool black glass bookcase. It really
kind of pulled the whole thing together. Now the only thing that they really
required of me was to make sure we had a place for their lizard and I think he’s
pretty happy. I hung a beautiful map above it and then just some of their
photos of their family. Another request that the client had was that I use this
picture that they already have of Jesus Last Supper. So I hung it a little bit
higher and then I found these really cool vintage kind of looking crosses and
I hung the middle one just a little bit higher to give it a little bit of
character. So for the two chairs that I chose for this room I really love that
industrial look I love the look of leather but for up here since they have
kids I chose a microfiber that mimics the look of suede. Let me tell you
microfiber holds up fantastically. On each side of the window, I chose some
industrial looking shelves and then put some really unique accessories on. Love
the bears and of course added a little bit of greenery. Now for the window
treatments- I just love these. Blue with a
plaid, there’s hardly any color in this entire room except for wood and brown
tones. So this blue paired really well. Now my very very favorite thing in
this room- if you watched my other video of how we did the brick wall and if you
haven’t, I’ll link it but I came up with a way to use paneling and make it look
like old brick. It is super easy. It’s pennies on the dollar and look how
gorgeous that looks. I really love to have symmetry in my
designs so that’s why I have a bookshelf on each side and it really works. Up
above, we have a black New York subway clock and then again just some unique
accessories. Bookends do not have to be exactly the same. You can kind of use
something really different. Then what I really like, I found this metal calendar
and you can change it out for the date and day and month. Well, this room has taken on a huge
transformation and I especially love the brick wall. I’m going to put a link to it.
I’m telling you you can do it. It is super easy. Be sure to subscribe to my
channel because I’m going to have a video out next week and I hope you have
a wonderful day.

41 thoughts on “Industrial Style Bonus Room Makeover | Interior Design

  1. Love love your work, everything is absolutely perfect! I would have to say that my favorite part is how you hung the picture of the Last Supper with the 3 crosses underneath it. Love it! The curtains really do add a pop of color. Love the look of the"brick wall". Again, another great job!

  2. Number one! I love your hair. You did a great job especially for guys. The brick wall adds so much character. looking forward to the next one!!

  3. Yes Jennifer the brick wall is really nice, I am so inspired by this video as you have given me lots of great ideas, Thank you

  4. Great transformation. Love your style, classy without being stuffy, love love. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to your weekly videos.😊❀️

  5. Would love to know the wall color and where the furniture and accessories are from (example: local shop or online). Thanks, love your style

  6. Love how you did the bar area shelves, it draws your eye up. πŸ‘Œ The paneling that mimics weathered brick, brilliant idea. You did such a nice job. Thx for sharing. Xo 😘

  7. Perfectly styled bonus room. Not over the top masculine but a inviting space to hang out and relax. You thought of every detail and the curtains blend beautifully. Tfs!

  8. You already know I love all that you Decorate!!❀❀❀
    I plan to do a wall in my Bathrm with Brick Paneling!!

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