I Spent $7,000 On A Rug For My L.A. Home | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

I Spent $7,000 On A Rug For My L.A. Home | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

Hey, you guys. I’m Catt Sadler and welcome to my Sweet Digs. Come on in. Actually, I was just about to order coffee
from Uber Eats. Can I get you anything from Starbucks? No. Okay, no worries. And hey, don’t forget to subscribe. You know what to do. Come on in. I live here in Central Los Angeles in a neighborhood called Hancock Park with my boyfriend, my two teenage sons, and our four very furry pets. We have been in this home for about eight years now. I love the neighborhood Hancock Park so much. I don’t know if I’ll ever be convinced to leave. It’s very family-friendly, very pet-friendly. It’s very central in Los Angeles. I like to describe this on this kind of Palm
Springs meets classic California ranch. And my absolute favorite thing about the house is all the natural light that comes in the windows. Want a tour? Follow me. So, this is my formal living room, it’s kind of the grown-up, more sophisticated space in the house. But it’s definitely synonymous with the holidays. We always have our Christmas tree right here in this space just behind the bay windows, which I love. These paintings are really special to me. My good friend Marco Lorenzetto painted those. The touch of gold, kind of again makes this room feel extra chic. And this lamp is another one of my favorite pieces because my love, Nick, had this custom made from overseas for one of our anniversaries. The very most sentimental piece probably in my entire home is my piano. It actually belonged to my grandmother, Frieda. She learned to play piano on it, my mother and both of her sisters learned to play piano on it, I convinced both of my children to take piano lessons on it as well. So it’s been around in the family a long time. I had it shipped here to California from my home state of Indiana after my grandmother passed and so it means a lot. Alright, the next stop is the dining room, and you’d be surprised we actually spend a lot more time in this room than you’d think. I insist that my kids and I have Sunday dinner in this room around this table. I love this table to harvest table that I actually picked up just around the corner here in our neighborhood at an estate sale. So pretty cool. Got it for a good deal. The one-room you won’t be seeing today, you guys, is my kitchen. It’s my least favorite room in the house. The cabinets need to be redone, the floors a little dingy. The lighting is fluorescent. Everything’s off in there. My goal is to get the whole thing renovated and invite you guys back. That must be my delivery. Hello? Hi, Uber Eats for Catt? That’s me. Thank you. Happy holidays. Yeah, you too. I know you guys said you didn’t want anything, but I got you some snacks for after the tour. Want to see the family room? Follow me. So now we move into the family room, which is definitely the most chill room in the house where we spend most of our time. The kids and I kick it on this couch here
along with the pets most times. A lot of people might think this couch is the biggest splurge in this room, but it’s actually this rug. It’s a handmade Turkish rug. I spent about almost $7,000 on this rug, but it’s been very good to us. We have so many other bright kind of primary colors in this room. I thought it balanced everything out quite
a bit. It also is very good at disguising stains
and spots, so it’s probably much dirtier than it actually appears. I love lighting a fire and just kind of getting everybody in one place. So I know for a lot of people it’s their kitchen. For us, it’s this room. We all pile on this couch, kind of connect, unwind at the end of the day. It is the family room, but it really does symbolize family for me. I think one of my other favorite things about this room, as I mentioned earlier, is the light because of all these sliding glass doors. Not only is the light really bright, it’s got a great energy, but I can see out in the back to the pool where the kids might be swimming or the dogs are running around. It’s a very open vibe right here in this space in particular. So that’s it for this room. Want to come to my master bedroom? You know, I don’t invite everyone in here. This is my bedroom. As you can tell, it’s definitely a different vibe than the rest of the house. I purposely designed it, so it’s a little bit darker, a little bit moodier, the charcoal walls, I’ve got the plush carpet and then, of course, this art deco wallpaper over there. I really love this space, it’s very tranquil. It’s kind of my sanctuary. So, it’s a lot different than the rest of
the house. I’ve got to be honest, I’m a little neurotic about my sleep. I protect it with my life. Part of my bedtime ritual includes spraying the bed with some lavender. I will often light a candle before I go to
sleep at night. I even have an app with sleep stories that puts me to bed. It’s like lullabies for grownups. Yeah, that’s a lot I know, but it helps. A lot of the furniture is more mid-century and kind of got that teak vibe. These chairs, in fact, are vintage and are actually where we sit, my guests and I, when we tape my Naked podcast. So, it’s pretty impossible to take my shoes
off when I walk in the front door because I’ll be super honest, I have two kids, we
have four pets. So, the floors, they get kind of gross pretty quick. So, I actually like to have shoes on throughout most of the house except for here in my bedroom. I try to keep it really cozy, really clean
and inviting. When I have my guests for my podcast Naked, they can kick off their shoes, be super connected to the space. It just kind of makes sense. I think that the aspect that influences my home and my design and my decor, my taste here in my house most is energy. It’s important to me that the house just feels good. So, everything I do as I design and decorate, I keep that in mind. I hope you liked it, too. I hope you enjoyed seeing my home. I’ve got a lot of packages still yet to wrap for the holidays, so I gotta get going. That means you need to leave but all the best. And happy holidays.

100 thoughts on “I Spent $7,000 On A Rug For My L.A. Home | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

  1. I don’t understand how people can keep their shoes on in their house. They’re uncomfortable, get your floors dirty and damages them!! Like what’s the point

  2. You have to respect people’s boundaries… but by not showing rooms that aren’t perfect you are promoting a toxic idea that everyone has to live in perfection. We are suppose to be combatting these unrealistic standards especially in the age of instagram. Maybe you should have picked someone else that aligns more with refinery 29’s more healthy and flexibility ideals?

  3. Hancock Park is beautiful and 🤑🤑🤑🤑! It’s a very affluent area. I love her home and her decorating style. The built-ins in the dining room are stunning. The home looks very comfortable and welcoming.

  4. Sorry I meant to say could you guys do another spill it video? If you saw the comment that I said I use the microphone so I messed up.

  5. will be unsubscribing. WOW!! but seriously could have donated$7,000 to people who literally have no place to lay their heads!!❣️Good job! On showing burglars you complete house lay-out. Why would you do that?? Just to show off a $7,000 rug???🤔🤔

  6. catt…your rug doesn’t bother me because your energy is great…your spot is nice and that lamp caught my attention.

  7. beautiful space and furniture. however, i miss the more relatable NYC apartment videos from early on. the recent videos (dorm decor, the woman who remodeled a rented luxury apartment, this one) are not as fun to watch. i love seeing what "normal" people do with their city space and honestly dorm living is not interesting to the majority of your audience. it feels as though you are trying to attract new viewership demographics while sacrificing your existing audience.

  8. I know people are really hung up on $7000 for a rug, but in defence of that – handmade, high quality rugs are the types of items that get handed down for generations. My mom was gifted a Persian rug from an art collector she knew, and I know that’s something I’ll pass down to my kids one day. Today we live in a world where we think of everything as disposable, but if you have the money and appreciate the artistry in something traditional and timeless, then why not invest in something that you’ll use your whole life, rather than buying a new ikea rug every 10 years? I got to visit a rug factory in Turkey, and it’s incredible how much detail and artistry goes into these items, not to mention supports the economy in a traditional and sustainable way.

  9. I like most of her stuff, but it really bothers me that her mantle paintings are larger than the width of her fireplace. I think she should find a better spot for them or extend her mantle

  10. Meh, it looks more like a show house, there are no photos or other more personal items that you’d find in the average house.

  11. Now people ORDER coffee?? To be delivered to their house? When they could make a damn good cup of coffee in their kitchen in 5-10 minutes?? But you guys want to save the turtles, and Greta is so inspiring to you, right right…Also: eat the rich.

  12. I’ve never had 7K in my bank account. Would love to be able to buy, idk, a car whose check engine light isn’t constantly blinking. But hey, maybe if I had that much money I’d instead buy a 7K rug while having two kids and four pets. Where’s the logic, JFC.

  13. Honestly, maybe cause it’s LA, but the house isn’t that nice and it’s very small. And the backyard is so plain. Maybe she just doesn’t decorate well?

  14. Everyone hating on the comments..lol
    I love the house I understand the shoe thing. Sometimes it’s not the last thing you think about. Or you come home and it’s like go straight to the kitchen eat some food go straight to the couch and sit down and relax like after a long day of work or school it’s like I’m just happy to be home to sit or to eat. And at the end of the day if you want to splurge on a rug a couch if you have it you have it just because for you that’s three months salary for you that chump for her go get you some chump change

  15. Beautiful! Love this house. There are rugs that have been passed around my family for 30 years. I have two rugs that were over 50 years old when I bought them and will easily outlive me. I'm all about buying less, but buying the best. Her best is just more expensive than ours!

  16. It really bugs me that people can be so judgmental. She's supporting Turkish artists and people right away want to criticize her for buying something that will be in her home for generations.

  17. That woman had to walk around with an empty cup of coffee because sponsorship. Couldn't they just have her order something more relatable or is the coffee place also paying for this?

  18. How come Sweet Digs only features living spaces in LA & NY? I know they've shown some in other locations, but it's only a few. Of course I know these two cities are the most sought-after, and therefore people want to know more about them, but still I think it'd be beneficial to see apartments in Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, even other cities in countries such as India, China, Canada, etc.

  19. I dont know her…but she seems so cool and yes her house is goals ♡ very much my style BUT i think this series should be some different than architect digest…if so u should have name it differently…imho

  20. This gets less relatable every time you post one. I feel like you should show more affordable homes for your lower income viewers to get design ideas as well.

    I mean, a custom-made overseas lamp? Whomst

  21. I would have liked to see the kitchen as Catt talked about the changes she'd like to make to it. I love before and afters!

  22. Refinery 29 don’t you get it? Your audience likes relatable material that gives some measure of how your average person might get on in certain places. This wasn’t anything but Cribs or lifestyle of the rich and famous. What would have been more helpful is knowing the general cost of living in Hancock Park. I’m assuming she doesn’t say because she wanted some measure of privacy. But then why tell us about a $7,000 rug? Shows just how removed she is to think of that as something to share. Nice lady though.

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