I Spent $50,000 Renovating My NYC Apartment | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

I Spent $50,000 Renovating My NYC Apartment | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

Hi, my name is Christine, and this is Kai. Welcome to our renovated sweet digs. Before you come in, please take off your shoes
and subscribe below. Okay, come in. I live here with my husband Ben, my son Kai, and my dog Epic. And we’ve been living here for a year and
a half. We live in the border of Dumbo and Vinegar
Hill. Before the renovation this apartment was a
three-bedroom apartment. The renovation cost us fifty thousand dollars
and that included hiring a contractor, an architect, a sprinkler engineer. Also, decorating the entire apartment. So, this is our kitchen. My favorite part about the kitchen is the
sink facing the room. When we are washing dishes, we can watch TV
or watch by playing on the mat. I am Korean, so I like to cook lots of Korean
food, but also lots of Italian food. One of my favorite things to cook is Wild
Mushroom Pappardelle. I am an experiential event designer. I design spaces for pop ups and product launches. I took this renovation as one of my work projects. I created the floor plan, renderings, and
had a design deck which had a lot of options and inspiration images. This is our living room. The living room was half of this current size. There used to be a wall over there. That was our third bedroom. The dining room area and the living room area
was pretty small. So, we wanted to open it up to make a larger
common space. First was the demo of the walls. We had to relocate the sprinklers. In the beginning of the renovation, I was pregnant with Kai. I was in first trimester. We actually moved into the space while the
renovation was happening, that was very hard. When I was designing the space, I knew the
couch will be sitting in the middle of the room, so I wanted it to have a really pretty
back and sit low to the ground. The couch is from the Croft House, which is
only located in California. They didn’t have a showroom here, so we couldn’t
really do the comfort test. Luckily, Ben had a business trip out to L.A.,
so he was able to sit on it. It passed the comfort test and we were able
to bring it home. I love having plants in our home, it’s shape
and colors really bring life to our space. The most sentimental item in this space would
be my cello, my mom got it for me when I was eight. So that’s many, many, many years ago. This is my son, Kai’s bedroom. The only change we made was to relocate the
door location. It used to face where the living room is,
but we closed it off and made the door face the hallway. The theme of the room really started from
our babymoon in Morocco. The rug really set the tone for the rest of
the room with its colors and textures. For a baby room we didn’t really want to spend
too much money. So, we mix high and low-cost items. An investment pieces like the pullout bed,
we got it from Pottery Barn, but the rest of the items are from IKEA, H&M, Urban Outfitters
and Anthropologie Home Section. This room has the most expensive and valuable
art pieces and that would be these two, done by Kai. I framed them with the frames from West Elm. They look like a million bucks. This is our master bedroom. The only renovation we did to this room was
adding the bookshelf to the wall. There was a space right next to the entrance,
so I wanted to utilize its height and add more storage space. My favorite part of this room is the gallery
wall, it has all the photos from our trip that I took. Some of the photos of us were taken by the
local photographers that we hire when we travel. It’s a really great way to meet the locals,
but also see the local spots. We have two bathrooms; one is out in the hallway
and one is in our master bedroom. I like the bathrooms a lot because I didn’t
have to do a lot of work, it already came in pristine condition. In our first apartment together, the bathroom
was so tiny I could just spread my arms and touch the walls in the bathroom. So, our current bathrooms are a huge step
up. I would love our next apartment to have true
three bedrooms and an outdoor space for Kai and Epic to run around. At the beginning, we were really scared to
do a renovation since it’s our first renovation. But once we went through the process and once
it was all done, I feel like it’s totally worth it, worth all the hardships. This is Kai’s first home and it will always
have a special place in our hearts. Thanks for watching, my Sweet Digs. To watch more videos, click here, and to subscribe
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100 thoughts on “I Spent $50,000 Renovating My NYC Apartment | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

  1. She here talking about her next appartment while i'm talking to my screen saying I would live there for 10 to 20 (maybe even 30) years before I even THINK about finding another appartment if i had spent $50 000 for RENOVATION like that.

  2. She said for her next apartment, she would like three bedrooms and an outdoor space? Not in New York, unless your ready to be house poor. Either way she sounds like she's ready for the suburbs 🤭

  3. Where have you been sweet digs? Missed you!! Great video, simple reno done well with light touches. Thanks for sharing : – )

  4. Hello Refinery 29…
    Thank you for the wonderful content you post.. Christina's Apt. is an inspiration to me with the bright flowy space neutral tones and colors ..Such a breath of fresh space.. Sincerely Tanja 🌻

  5. I love what you guys do! The apartment is beautiful and as an architecture student I’m glad she hired one despite her knowledge with floor plans and design. Her job seems very cool I’m going to have to look into it haha

  6. This was foolishness. More money than sense… they aren’t even utilizing the space the gained moving the walls. Could have left the room with the hug closet and use the middle room as a playroom/ hangout space… removed the closet in the middle room to add space and relocated the door maybe widening it for reduced size modern French doors. Smaller dining table or different shape, and relocate furniture for a better flow. Could have also made a better master on-suite, w/ walk through closet to the bathroom. I would not hire her to design an event for me. They should have hired a design professional who knows how to maximize space. They will spend$$$ adding back the room. Hell honestly they could have just opened up the wall where the middle room faces the hallway and used it as a flex space. 🙈

  7. And this ladies and gentlemen are the people driving out native Brooklynites and driving up the rent in Brooklyn like the apartment doesn’t even look that nice anyway

  8. Can you please switch it up with the cities? This was a lovely video but a variety of locations would be nice.

  9. I was so happy to see a video pop up!! Doing a reno is so smart as you increase the value of your home, but don't have to house hunt this gives you exactly what you want. I think it was a brilliant idea to take away one bedroom and make a larger main living area. It will also be a great selling feature to be so spacious. I agree that I love the cello in the space too it really warms up the decor. I played the violin so I understand. Your son, Kai, I hope I spelled his name correctly, is so beautiful. <3 Thank you so much for sharing your home with us.

  10. Normally taking out a bedroom reduces its value but I think they did the right thing by taking it out. They created a better flow with the living room and dining room area. The added function to the the apartment It’s nyc, 2 bed and 2 bath( huge bath for nyc), fully renovated I think they would make a profit. But doesn’t look they like will move out soon

  11. I can't believe they spent $50,000 on a renovation and then said "in our next apartment". If I spent that much money I would live there forever and make it my dream home.

  12. People don't seem to understand that apartments are purchased homes in NYC…they renovated their home that they own. It's a $50k renovation on a $2M+ apt.probably…

  13. It's a gorgeous space, but she did take out the third bedroom then said at the end that she wants to move to a three bedroom. And yes, that's a new rich people thing I never heard of- hiring a photographer on your vacation. It's a strain to hire one in real life for professional purposes- ugh!

  14. Wait, so they spent $50,000 to renovate and they don't even own the place? My goodness there are some interesting financially successful people living in the city of New York.

  15. The whole comment section is a mess but I don't care because when it comes to house all things make sense or they don't, but look at the baby & the pup ❤️😭🥺🤩

  16. The apartment came out fabulous but I still can’t believe you got all those professionals and their services, plus decorating for that fee! How did you find these people and is there anything you didn’t include in the $50k? Amazing! Congratulations!

  17. Did anyone catch that she asked the humans to remove their shoes and right after that mentioned the family dog which is an animal living in the home. Did anyone else catch that?

  18. It's not really baby-proofed. Why would you have a cactus with a baby? The coffee table should have round edges. When my son was a baby, the coffee table was what he walked around for months before he was confident and had enough balance to walk on his own.

  19. U barely even showed the apartment just loads of close up detailed shots when we could hardly see the full picture

  20. I’ve recently learned you can buy apartments in NY. I thought the difference between an apartment and a condo is you can only rent an apartment and you can buy a condo…. so does anyone here know why you can buy an apartment in NY?

  21. Why do American coastal girls seriously talk like this now? Like they are asking a question and drag out the last vow of what they say. Its so irritating. And I'm an East Coast guy!

  22. I wasted 50k on an apartment that I'll eventually lose in a bitter divorce and will be living on the street as a drug addict in 15 years. There. Fixed the name of the video for you.

  23. Not sure why there are so many hateful comments on here. They probably spent YEARS savings up to buy a condo + renovate. Dropping $50k on a renovation is not much considering that people can spend $100k on a wedding for a single day event. The reno is beautiful and since open concept is all the rage these days I'm sure they'll sell easily when the time comes.

  24. I was looking for a low value old apartment that got transformed into a beautiful home with 50k but this looks like a good home to a personalized home.

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