How to Treat Bleeding Gums at Home (2020)

Hi everybody out there, I’m Dr. Joe
Nemeth I’m a periodontist in Southfield Michigan I want to talk a little bit
about bleeding gums today. Bleeding gums are never normal. It’s never normal to
have bleeding gums. You think well everybody’s gums bleed when they floss
sometimes or when they brush sometimes, no, your gums shouldn’t bleed.
They only bleed if they’re not healthy that means you have an infection or
inflammation that’s causing those gums to bleed. So bleeding gums are never
normal sometimes you can improve them at home which we can tell you a little bit
more about. So gum disease of course is the number one cause, or periodontal
disease is the number one cause of bleeding gums. Now some people have
certain systemic diseases for instance leukemia
I’ve seen cases of leukemia where the gums do tend to bleed much more easily.
Certain kinds of cancers possibly might increase the tendency for bleeding gums
but the main cause ninety-nine point whatever percentage of the time is
infection in the gums that you don’t feel that you don’t see that you don’t
even know is there but causing a chronic inflammation, the bleeding, the infection
which then leads to bone loss and possibly eventually tooth loss as well
as compromising your general health. Bleeding gums have to be stopped.
Hello my name is a Amar Katranji. I’m a periodontist here in Southfield Michigan.
Today I want to talk a little bit about bleeding gums and what you can do at
home to help treat them. A lot of people ask you know I notice a lot more
bleeding when I’m brushing and flossing a lot of times what you’re seeing is
more plaque is creating swelling around the gum tissue. You really have to do a
good job of removing the plaque in between your teeth and especially the
stuff that’s between your gums the first thing that you have to do is you have to
do a really good job at home with your home care so brushing and flossing is
critical and doing it properly is critical to eliminating the inflammation
that causes the bleeding in your gums. So good brushing
habits, good flossing habits is the first place you can start. Now you can also use
stuff at home like salt and baking soda if you mix that up you can either put a
little bit of a concoction right on a toothbrush and brush it around your
teeth and your gums that can help reduce the swelling that you have around your
gums and that can also reduce the bleeding that you’ll see. Another thing
that you can use is hydrogen peroxide and rinses with hydrogen peroxide. What
that does is it increases the amount of oxygen in your mouth and helps reduce
the overall swelling that you have so that’s another option that you can do at
home and finally what we really like to see is if you continue to see these
things coming in and seeing a periodontist to help treat you
professionally if you continue to see the bleeding. So you may be able to treat
your bleeding gums at home, that’s possible but sometimes that can’t be
done or if you can’t do it we treat it here and how do we treat it well we take
a slide we take a sample from under your gum to see what organisms are there to
see the parasites to see the bacteria that are contributing or causing the
bleeding gums. We then eliminate those our treatment eliminates those bacteria
when we eliminate those organisms the gum bleeding the inflammation stops the
bleeding stops your mouth gets healthier and your body gets healthier because if
I told you all of the systemic diseases that general diseases that are increased
by having gum disease you would be amazed. I call it the other silent killer,
and the goal is to eliminate all bleeding if you can do it with your home
care great if not that’s what we do here. Our goal is to eliminate all infection
and never have any bleeding gums which is a cardinal sign of gum disease. So
have a healthy mouth, you’ll have a healthier body and have a great day!
Restore your smile and your health with the help of dr. Nemeth and his
associates visit to schedule your appointment today.

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