How to Make Wine from Grapes at Home

How to Make Wine from Grapes at Home

Hello and welcome to how to make wine from grapes sponsored by the gift of Step 1: Remove the grapes from the stalks Step 2: Press the grapes to remove all the juice Step 3: Measure the specific gravity of the juice Pour some juice through a sieve Pour the juice into a testing jar test
to test the specific gravity using a hydrometer Twill tell you how much sugar is in
the juice and how much you will need to add to get the required alcohol content There’s more information on my website Step 4: Put the crushed grapes into a
brewing bucket Step 5: Add one crushed Campden tablet per gallon of wine Step 6: Add the Campden tablet to the brewing bucket. The Campden tablet will kill any
harmful bacteria that is on the grape skins Step 7: Cover the brewing bucket and leave for 24 hours for the bacteria to be killed Step 8: Make a yeast starter Pour some boiled water into a glass jar Place the jar into cool water and allow
the boiled water to cool Add a tablespoon of sugar and stir until it is fully dissolved Then take a wine yeast and add to the sugar solution Cover to prevent bacteria getting into the
yeast After about an hour or so the yeast will start reacting with the sugar producing alcohol Step 9: Dissolve sugar in boiling water The exact amount of sugar depends on the specific gravity measured earlier Stir the sugar until it is fully dissolved in the water. Allow to cool, then add to brewing bucket. Step 10: Add the yeast starter to the brewing bucket Step 11: Cover the brewing bucket and
leave at room temperature This is called primary fermentation where the yeast reacts with the sugar to produce alcohol Step 12: Stir the bucket daily The grapes have risen to the top of the bucket. They need to be pressed below the surface every day and the mixture stirred. Step 13: After six days sterilize a
second brewing bucket with a Campden tablet Step 14: Sterilize a piece of muslin
cloth The cloth needs to be about 1 meter square Step 15: Empty the bucket and place the
cloth over a sieve as shown Step 16: Pour the fermented wine from the first bucket through the cloth and through
the sieve The cloth will capture all the grapes but let the juice pass through Step 17: Gather the cloth together and
squeeze all the juice from the grapes try and get as much juice as you can Step 18: Measure the specific gravity a
second time This will tell you how much sugar you need to add to get the
required alcohol content Step 19: Dissolve the sugar in hot water and allow to cool before adding into the grape juice Step 20: Cleanse and sterilise
demijohns using a Campden tablet Step 21: Syphon from the fermenting wine into the demijohns This stage of fermentation is called secondary fermentation it’s less
vigorous than the first stage in the bucket Step 22: Fit the airlocks and leave
until fermentation has finished Airlocks prevent bacteria getting into
the wine Step 23: Sterilize and clean your bottles the wine must not the transferred from the demijohns until all the fermentation
is finished this could take up to several months step 24 siphon from the demijohns
into the bottles when siphoning place the tube low down
in the bottle below the level of the liquid this avoids getting bubbles and
air into the wine which could introduce bacteria and spoil it step 25 cork the bottles Finally, drink and enjoy! For more information on wine making visit my website.

11 thoughts on “How to Make Wine from Grapes at Home

  1. Excellent how-to video, I remember watching this back in 2012 when I made my first 5 bottles, now I am ready to make more, thanks for the great step-by-step method!

  2. Pretty cool tutorial, just not sure if it's explanatory enough for first timers…
    Especially, on how to use Hydrometer, and on proportions (water and sugar, etc).
    You can't just keep adding sugar… When taking specific gravity measurements for the first time you should take a note of it, and it's also important to know your yeast alcohol tolerance in order to control sweetness vs strength of your wine… There's a simple formula on how to do it…
    Just need to know, how many liters of wine you wanna make and know what's the yeast's alcohol tolerance.

  3. Thanks for the video, can I use normal bread yeast when making rice wine? Second question is can I extract the yeast from a bottle of wine and use it as a starter, for example. Can I use a commercially avalable wine and use the liquid in there as a starter for my (grape juice). My guess is that any bottled wine should contain yeast?

  4. Maaaaaan what da @&#$ ? Those neighbors down the street make the best wine I ever tasted and they can’t even spell their name ! I know they’re not measuring or doing what this dude is . Not saying he’s wrong , I just want a quick way to make good wine like them , but they won’t tell ….

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