How To Make Money In Real Estate With NO MONEY!

How To Make Money In Real Estate With NO MONEY!

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video I want to break down how to make money in real estate with absolutely zero money getting started and really quick guys I know what a lot of you are thinking but this is not one of those videos of going find an investment property put zero Down just start making money off the cash flow or the passive income. It’s not that ok Now this video is kind of like going back a couple of years of where I was and I’ve always wanted invest in real estate just because if you look at some of the wealthiest people in America They all invest in real estate. There’s so many tax advantages which obviously consult your CPA because I am NOT one But there’s a lot of tax advantages and it’s sometimes can be daunting where you want to get in real estate you see all these wealthy people in real estate, but you have absolutely no money to invest or you become a real estate agent, but You’re only as good as your last deal and if you don’t have those consistent deals coming through It’s actually pretty hard to make money in real estate. I remember my dad when he was in his 20s He got started in a real estate and it was 366 days Before he saw his first paycheck Guys, that is a long time they’d be able to go through and survive luckily He had some savings stashed up before he got into real estate But it can be difficult to get started in real estate as an agent or even as a real estate investor With absolutely no money So I wanted to kind of break down the strategy of what I’ve been doing the last couple of years with the goal to invest in real estate long-term and get that passive income that cash flow coming in because you know, I’ve been reading Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki’s books since I was a young kid, I’ve been playing his cash flow I mean, I’ve been doing all that stuff So I know the end goal real estate is a great source of passive income be able to create wealth tax advantages all that But you know a couple years ago. I had no experience. I had no money I just like I didn’t know how to get started So I want to break down the path of what I have done so far in just a quick note I still have not invested in real estate because I’m investing all my time all my money everything into what I know Best and my skillsets and then probably in a couple years all eventually invest in real estate but this is the Zach path that I’ve taken and that you can take if you’re even more serious you want to jump into the real estate game? Okay now Let’s say you are a brand new real estate agent Okay, and this still works, even if you’re not an agent, I’m not an agent and still work for me All real estate agents need leads, right? They need that consistent flow of new deals coming through be able to book new Appointments finding out who’s looking to buy homes in their area. Look who’s looking to sell homes? And so if you’re just starting out a brand new real estate agent Okay Go find other Realtors in your office that are on your team and your brokerage and say hey For a free 7-day trial not even gonna charge you. Okay. I will go through and I will market your listing I’ll market your open house. I’ll run a Facebook ad for you to get buyer leads or anything like that You don’t have to pay me whatsoever. And I’ll generate those leads for you All you have to do is come up with whatever the Facebook advertising spend is now I don’t know a realtor out there who wouldn’t take that 100% of the time because if you look at that There’s absolutely no risk to you Although like maybe you spend a little bit of time getting the Facebook Ads set up for them And there’s absolutely no risk to them because they’re not paying you anything All they’re doing is investing maybe 50 to 100 dollars into Facebook ads and even if they don’t get any leads They’re still getting their branding. They’re marking their exposure in their local community. Now the truth is you might be thinking Well, Jason, I have no idea how to set up Facebook Ads. I don’t know what I’m doing. I have no experience I have no tech skills. Nothing like that Well, the truth is guys I literally have so many videos on this YouTube channel 100% for free where I show you guys Step-by-step how to set up the Facebook ad the targeting the tracking literally everything I’ll actually link out to those videos and so all you got to do is say okay your brand new real estate agent you go find a realtor in your office say Hey, I’m gonna run a free 7-day trial for you. Don’t have to pay me If I get good results then we can talk after the seven days and see if this can be worth it for you to Actually pay me to continue to run your leads. And so you start out by that Go find one of my videos I’m gonna link out to watch that go through step by steps start generating them leads And then you can go and start building up some clients paying you $1,000 per month $1,500 per month $2,000 per month where you’re starting to make money and you’re learning an extremely valuable skill set as a brand new real estate agent because once you actually start Building up your network your clientele. You’re starting to close deals. You’re getting a real estate more full time You’re not doing it part-time anymore. Well, guess what? You’re gonna start needing your own leads. And if you already know how to generate leads then it’s just gonna be that much easier for you and you’re already got done all the trial and error you’ve already done all the Testing with other people’s leads other people’s ads and now you’re in the game We’re like, you’re just crushing it, you know exactly how much it costs you to buy a lead in your market You know exactly what the follow-up looks like, you know exactly what works what doesn’t work and so you’re able to go through and grow your business and that much more and the great thing is – You’re not only making money as a real estate agent of six months or a year two years down the road But you’re also making money with this real estate marketing agency. You’re stockpiling that cash. You’re still living on a budget That’s a big thing guys of all the real estate investors that I’ve studied in the beginning they lived on a tight budget Okay, because I’m doing this exact strategy. You’re gonna be making money off of your real estate deals You’re gonna be making money off your real estate clients And so you’re gonna start making money and you’re gonna want to go through and buy the big house You’re gonna want to buy all the cool cars. You’re gonna want to buy all that stuff But you’ve got to have the long-term plan in mind and know that you have bigger goals than a cool car that you’re gonna be driving around that’s gonna depreciate faster than anything else and You want to go through and stockpile that money? So then you can put ten or twenty percent down So you get out of PMI on your first real estate deal to start creating that cash flow Okay, so a quick rundown other strategy guys if you are real estate agent, you’re newbie You’re not really making money yet And then in just a second I’m gonna get to the whole strategy the whole plan If you’re not a real stage, and if you’re like, well Jason, I don’t have any Realtors in my office I can reach out to okay So if you are a real estate agent your new realtor, you don’t have any consistent deels coming through you’re working part-time Maybe all you got to do is find a real estate agent in your office Say hey, do you have a listing you on the market? Do you have an open house? Do you just want Byerly’s like what do you want and I will go through an aqua for seven days 100% for free you don’t have to pay me anything I’ll set up your Facebook ad and I’ll start generating you a consistent flow of leads now Remember if you don’t have any experience with Facebook Ads, you don’t know how to do all this You don’t feel like you’re technically savvy. Well, I’ve got video showing you guys step by step I give you the copy and paste Facebook Ads I give you guys the lane I give you guys Everything okay? So all you got to do find someone to go and get a 7-day trial where they’ll pay for the ads you do the setup Right you go watch my my videos here on YouTube Follow it step by step start generating them leads and then after the seven days you can say hey Look, we had success we got you leads now It’s gonna be you know thousand dollars per month fifteen hundred dollars per month and I can start running more campaigns for you Right. So that’s if you’re a real sage and then you start stockpiling the money You start getting the real estate you you know how to generate leads for your own business You start generating leads for your own business. You’re starting bringing more deals You’re running your market it like just things start to blow up guys. You’re stockpiling this money You’re gonna have plenty of money to go through and invest into your real estate deals Okay. Now let’s say you’re not a real sage it you’re like Jason. I don’t know any Realtors like I’m completely brand new How do I actually get into real estate investing because I hear that you know Grant Cardone Robert Kiyosaki, all these guys are talking about getting into real estate. Well, all you got to do The truth is everyone does know a realtor Okay, and if you think you don’t go and make this post on Facebook right now and say hey realtor friends I’m looking to learn Facebook ads and I want to help you generate leads Comment down below if you’re a real estate agent or tag a real estate agent below so we can check something like that Okay And then all you got to do is just wait for the likes and the comments to start coming in and you’ll see That you actually know a lot more real estate Agents than you may have thought and then once the comments and likes all that stuff start coming in have the same exact conversation You know connect with them go to Starbucks or something like that and say hey Look, I’m looking to learn from Facebook Ads. I want to help you generate leads. Let’s do this for seven days I’m gonna run this campaign 100% for free help. You generate leads for your listing your open house to get buyer leads Whatever they’re looking for, right? All you have to do is go through come up with the money the Facebook ad money So like they’d spend $10 a day. Okay, so over the course of seven days that’s seventy dollars it’s really not that much in advertising and that seventy dollars will get your real estate client your friend those leads and Then what you got to do is just watch my videos follow them step by step Set up the Facebook ad use the copy and paste templates Set up the tracking set up all that and then once you start generating them leads they’re gonna want to come on as a client And then also you can say hey who else do you know that is interested in generating leads and then you get referrals from that Person Kay and that’s with absolutely zero experience Zero money down and then after you know 12 months 24 months 36 months after you start growing this business you become Experienced in building your own real estate marketing agency You can have some leftover cash to start investing into real estate and the best part is even If you’re not real estate agent, and you don’t know really a lot about real estate well You just happen to learn a lot about real estate Which obviously you want to learn as much as you can if you’re gonna actually invest But you start to learn more and more about the industry. You can learn when it’s a good time to buy where’s the good hot areas all that from all of your real estate agent friends, so anyway, guys Hopefully this was helpful As far as how to actually make money in real estate with absolutely zero money down to build this long-term Gameplan, this is like a five 10 year plan Okay I’ve been doing this for a little over two years now, and I’ve got plenty of money to go and invest in real estate however I’m putting that back into my business right now to grow things more and more because this is my expertise is my skill set and So then I do want to go in five years or so start investing in real estate start getting those tax advantages start creating that passive income start building that wealth through real estate like so many other Wealthy people in America have done now if this video is helpful guys. Go ahead. Give it a thumbs up Do you guys have any cool Shinzon the strategy of how to go through and make it happen for you? Personally, go ahead drop a comment down below. I Respond to every single one of the comments right here on my youtube channel I want to be able to help you guys out And if you’re brand new here Make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell because we launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business whether that’s in real estate or another type of business. We want to help you guys Grow your business. So look forward to seeing you guys on the channel. And with that said, I will talk to you all later

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  1. If I get a Realtor willing to pay me for his/her FaceBook advertising, would I have to create a separate ArsenalMKG account to advertise for this Realtor? Or I can use my account for both of us?

  2. Selling leads @ price per lead, or run all their ads?
    I think it maybe be easier to charge $1000/mth for consistent leads rather than $1000/mth +$300 in adpend to manage the $300 in adspend? I've been trying to get this started for a while now, but I don't know what pricing structure/approach to take

  3. So, probably a really stupid question…(I am currently watching all your vids). So do I have to have access to the Real estate agencies facebook page? Or do they have to ad me to their page as admin? Sorry if thats a stupid question. Thanks, and thanks for the great videos.

  4. Wait until end of 2019 for another recession and buy property for low to create massive profits. Goal for 2019

  5. Hey Jason quick question. You said that for real estate agents that don't have any previous leads, that they should create a short 2 min video that you can then advertise to people in your area to get that data…Can the same principle be used for a dentist for example? So creating a short video about the dentist and the dental practice so they can get that data of people who you can then target. Thanks

  6. Jason I have arsenal mkg for myself. How would i create a lead page for them? also how would the leads get sent directly to them without having to forward each one?

  7. I wanted to get into real estate since I was 18 didn't know how to get into it I left school to pursue this dream and I failed I still live with my mom while only making a couple hundred a week so fast forward I'm 27

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