How to Grow& Propagate Ginger at Home|Ginger rhizome|Root to harvest Full Update Video//GREEN PLANTS

welcome today’s video I’m going to show about growing ginger and the ginger root first i’m going to plant ginger in a potting bag soil mixture sand , coco peat , garden soil and compost you can also use mulch and sand now i just pour some water to keep soil moisture and this will help to sprout fast the ginger rhizome it’s a ginger rhizome there’s no need to start from seeds the roots already ready to grow i’m just going to put it into the soil just dig the soil then place the ginger rhizome and cover it completely with the soil ginger actually prefers partial shade to full shade so place it in a partially shaded or if you want to grow in indoor place it next to a window after 15 days i didn’t use any special fertilizer to grow ginger if you want you can use vegetable fertilizer so that your plants get some nutrition after 35 days ginger plant is growing healthier in this stage do not over water over watering will affect ginger plant bacterial soft rot which is caused by over watering after two months reach a height of 2 feet ginger grows with narrow bladed reed like leaves that are mostly vertical after five months ginger is completely grown and it’s a harvesting stage we can actually start harvesting ginger at four months this ginger plant height is 3 feet yellowing of leaf and the leaves die so it’s time to harvest now i’m going to harvest my ginger now you can see this ginger here lots of ginger from a small ginger rhizome now i’m going to break it into small pieces now i just replant the gingers thanks for watching

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