How To Get The Ultimate Physique From Home

How To Get The Ultimate Physique From Home

100 thoughts on “How To Get The Ultimate Physique From Home

  1. I am from India. I love your workouts. You are a good teacher for me. And I definitely do this workout at next morning. Thank you😊

  2. КРИС ты просто супер Я постоянно смотрю твои ролики и подписан на оба канала и мотивацию черпаю с твоих видео

  3. Hi Chris! Can you do a video telling your fans about yourself? Can you tell us a ethnicity? Are you half Filipino or Vietnamese?

  4. Your workouts are constantly breathing new life into me man. This is a bit too advanced for me at the moment but I love that this video has given me new goals to work towards. Everyday I'm getting stronger and feeling better about myself and I can't wait till I can level up to this workout too! Thanks a lot!

  5. I just wanna thank this channel and everyone behind it, it built my self confidence and made me feel better about myself after I actually got into shape with your help😀🤟

  6. Hi Chris . That session was insean bro .defently i love it and by thé way the l set and thé pistol scouts was crazy .thnks i will do them soon .2020 Man keep it up


  8. Just starting off very basic level torn ligaments in my knees before because of it my calves and thighs are really tight what's good exercises to help with that

  9. Thank u Chris!! I will get the app as soon as I get a job but if its free even better…hope u have alot of work this year and spent family time w. Your loved ones… I wish u nothing but the best this year and decade… May u continue on making ppl fit and posting great videos… I'm so glad I stumbled upon your channel… Best if luck and keep on doing yo thang homie!

  10. Do you or did you skateboard? Im really curious bceause i see a skateboard in your videos sometime as well in your challenges.

  11. Quick question Chris: can you tell me your workout schedule? How many days a week do you lift weights and how many days do you do calisthenics?
    I hope you see this message.
    Thank you in advance.

  12. Talvez voce é brasileiro e tem dificuldade para entender

    Este é um link para ajudar​

    É um curso de inglês para aprender rápido

  13. Yo this workout is intense af. I’m pretty fit and I had hard time just finishing the first set in time 😂 Chris is superhuman

  14. Hi Chris , ive been watching your stuff now cuz im starting to workout after 3 years of not doing anything sporty.
    i had a severe muscle rupture in my right leg some years ago and i was never the same at sports , many exercises you do include legs and squads that if i try to do i get a lot of pain from the rupture spot , is there any alternatives, that work the same regions, to pistol squats , leg raises and those type of exercises?

  15. Excellent routine of exercises for cardio training excellent I going included thanks chirss so much for your knowledge

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