How To Get Started In Property Investing | How To Invest In Property

How To Get Started In Property Investing | How To Invest In Property

– Today, I would like to talk about how to get started in property investing and give you those first
crucial seven steps that you need to take. (funky piano music) Hi, my name’s Tony Law from
Your First Four Houses, and I teach people how to build
a small property portfolio if it generates a great income for them so they can give up the
day job if they wish because they’re now financially free. If this is your first time here, be sure to subscribe to the channel and click that bell notification icon so that you don’t miss out
on any of the free content that I give you each and every week. So today I already talked about how to get started in property investing, and I’ve given this a lot of thought and I’ve come down to seven steps that I would like you to take in order to get started
in property investing. And you’re gonna be so
disappointed with step number one, but it’s probably the most
important step in this video, and it’s simply to make
a decision to do this. So many people talk about wanting to build a small property portfolio and generate a passive
property-based income, but they never do anything about it and I think that’s because
they haven’t made a decision to actually make this work. So the first thing you’ve got to do is you’ve gotta say to yourself, “I’m gonna make a decision. “I’m gonna do this. “I’m gonna put it above
watching two hours of TV, “going on Facebook, watching
loads of YouTube videos,” like mine, for example, make a decision you’re gonna do this. That’s step number one. Step number two is to surround yourself with positive people. Have you heard of the phrase, you’re the average of
your five closest friends? It is so true you need
to surround yourself with people that are gonna support you and encourage you and
pull you up to their level rather than the kind to sort
of asking you questions, like why are you doing that? Why are you going to that property event? Why are you speaking to those people? You need to surround yourself
with positive people, so go to property events,
go to business events. These could be fantastic. Google various different
events around you. Connect with successful business people. Take them out for coffees. maybe form your own group
of four or five people who are really want to improve, wanting to improve their circumstances. Get together with them
maybe on a weekly basis. Support each other, encourage each other, surround yourself with positive people. Step number three is to
calculate your expenses. This is the target that you
need to hit and when you do so, you’re financially free. And to help you do this,
you might want to check out my video on my financial
freedom fundraiser. It’s gonna really help
you achieve exactly this. Next you have got to plan in
time to take all of the action that you’re definitely gonna be taking now that you’ve made that decision. And to help you do this, you
might want to watch my video on using a productivity planner. This is something that I share as part of my online property
masterclass programme. It’s a really good video
that will really enable you to trim down all the
wasted time that you use and get really focused with your time so that, of course, you achieve more. By the way, if you’re liking this video, I would love it if you could just click on that thumbs up button down there. It really helps me if that’s okay. Step number five is to
invest in some education. Perhaps invest some money, yes, but also definitely invest some time. This is really important if you’re gonna want to
make some headway here. Check out some of the
books that are out there, some of the podcasts, you might want to check
out my free mini course that will teach you how
to invest in property without needing to put lots of money in. The more you learn about
property investing, the better decisions you’re gonna make. Step number six is to work
through my 10-step plan that will get you to your very
first investment property. Check out the video here. It will talk all about that and it will run you
through that detailed plan to get you to that first
investment property. Step number seven, lastly, you’ve gotta take massive
action. (chuckles) Is there a theme running
through this video? It’s true you’ve got
to take massive action and you’ve got to take
massive action this week, not put it off. Don’t put it off. Go and take massive action this week. Go to some networking events. Go and do some viewings,
speak to investors, make a plan, do it now, because time really is short. You need to make this
decision to do all this work, and then take a massive amount of action and if you do so, this coming year, it could be your best year yet. Have you checked out my completely free online property mini course? It’s going to teach you how to build a small property portfolio that generates a great income for you without needing to put big
deposits into each deal. Click the link here to find out more.

13 thoughts on “How To Get Started In Property Investing | How To Invest In Property

  1. Would love some more vids on renovating properties and adding value, real examples would be great too! How to estimate costs, organise workers, follow laws and regulations etc…
    Thanks for your channel, so useful and factual!

  2. Hey Tony! Quick question if you don't mind, for someone that doesn't have a family of their own yet, able to work remotely from anywhere, wouldn't a great way to get started and maximize the beginning of their portfolio, would be to buy a place in an area where they can get the most of their money using your last 2 years annual accounts (3-4 bed house for example), borrowing maximum amount from the bank with a consent to let residential mortgage? Lower interest rate, lower down payment, then "move out" a year or so later to rent out the previous place? A lot of people say to rent, not buy a place to live in, but wouldn't this be a fantastic way for someone with flexibility to legally work the system and supercharge their portfolio from the beginning? Cheers!

  3. Great video, just what I need. I really like step two, surround yourself with positive people or with people with common interest! Perhaps i should really get out into action, ask question etc.

  4. Thanks for this. Reminds me of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. You have to change the mindset and environment in order to change the income

  5. I'm 26 and just getting one house is hard enough! Mortgages are so difficult to get these days. I was born too late

  6. Tony, let's suppose I have over £200k cash. Property may be the best way to invest it. Should I:

    A – Buy a property outright, then rent it to people and save all the income (after expenses)?
    B – Buy two properties with a 50% mortgage, so that the rental income pays the mortgages?

    Also, with Brexit events to develop over the next 3 months; is it best to wait before buying property, as the prices may drop up to 30% (according to Mark Carney)?

    While I fully understand the answer depends entirely on personal situations; I'd really appreciate if you just give me an answer based average variables. I think this would be a great idea for a video of its own, if you haven't already done one.

  7. Hi Tony,many thanks for you videos, I'm looking through them to try and find a pointer to help to put my strategy together.i have 70k but no morgable income at present due to just going self employed, any pointers how to get started without waiting the 2 years to get accounts in place..
    Regards Shane

  8. Hey Tony! its good to see a Brit shedding light in a warm helpful way about investing in property in the UK! .. Im not active in property right now, but I know it gives lots of people financial freedom! Its just not my number one passion right now, but who knows your videos might make me thinking a little more about how to best utilise my options! thanks 🙂

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